Billy Bob Thornton is Best Friends with Unlikely Group

Published on September 25, 2019

Billy Bob talks about a trip to Austin, Texas where he hung out with Jimmy and met a group of women he has become lifelong friends with, the type of questions he gets asked back home, his show “Goliath,” his love of Hoosiers, and his hatred of the Chicago Cubs.

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  • Pepper Jenkins 11 months ago

    Total creep

  • Rita Daniels 11 months ago

    BBT had a small credited part in an early episode of Matlock! Hadn’t seen it in YEARS & I was watching my DVD & had to rewind it to make sure what I thought I saw was correct?!?!! He had his Arkansas accent & less hair than this interview….

  • wnerk o 11 months ago

    billy bob was great in
    U-TURN.Youre just losin control!!!lol.i use that line at work when operators start getting pissed at the printing press

  • Old School Muscle 11 months ago

    Sling Blade Carl had Angelina Jolie? If she expressed interest in me I’d have to say no thank you. That’s an image I’d never be able to get past.

  • fortysevenpercentburnt 11 months ago

    I new this guy was cool when I saw him hanging out with Lemmy in that lemmy documentary a while back

  • Hank Acuff 11 months ago

    Billy Bob is a cool m. f.

  • Sooleman 11 months ago

    He looks exactly like my boss.. exactly!

  • Adamov Bagdanov 11 months ago

    this guy made angelina wear his dirty undies

  • Paddy 11 months ago

    He still rubs me as a condescending prick. BUT was a sweet story kinda.

  • million billion 11 months ago

    The video thumbnail looks like a weird version of ellen degeneres

  • Carr Rexx 11 months ago

    His hair is soooo fagish

  • Mario Lee 11 months ago

    my dude

  • suzanne schulz 11 months ago

    Darn Billy ? Me

  • Mistylou P 11 months ago

    In the south, since he was born in South, “girl” means a young woman. Since he’s 64, women that are younger then him are girls. No disrespect. Just a southern thing.

  • Steve Butler 11 months ago

    My sister works in movies. She said Arnold is always very kind. Will Farrel is always funny & talkative. And Stallone is always rude & an ass$@!×.

  • Karen cooper 11 months ago

    Great story, l love Billy Bob Thornton, he ages like a fine bottle of wine??

  • Mary Lee-Anderson 11 months ago

  • daanestad 11 months ago

    Hey.. Billy Bob is aging quite nicely

  • Thelma and Louise 11 months ago

    Omg – Billy Bob you’ve aged beautifully – like me, though I am just a regular no one knows me!! Ha-ha! What a cute and refreshing interview and kudos to all the gyno ladies. What a fun topic — a gorgeous Billy Bob – to add to their annual reunion remembrances!

  • Bald Barber 11 months ago

    What a great actor. And story teller. And most acceptable hair piece


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