Billionaires Freak Out About Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders: A Closer Look

Published on November 11, 2019

Seth takes a closer look at billionaire Mike Bloomberg reportedly being on the brink of joining the Democratic primary as Wall Street panics about the current crop of candidates.

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  • Charles Mitchell 3 years ago

    I’m not egotistical. I see massive problems from government including funding educational institutions for book money when I don’t have to have copies of books. I don’t need copies of tapes. I don’t need copies of dvds or cds anymore either. I don’t need plastic singular use bottles because people are too lazy to hire a dishwasher in a fucking hotel. I don’t need pollution and I don’t need you not charging centers for not recycling including putting that into their houses and making them learn what they’re doing to the earth because they’re too lazy to use the resources available to them. I understand the difference between a senator from Vermont and from Maine and from KY ok and I also understand that a party in NYC shouldn’t be able to spread out candidate picks and judges for a party to rule the nation. The president is an independent branch of government although he is attached to the senators. What’s hilarious is the senators AREN’T DOING THEIR JOB THEY’RE GATHERING MONEY IN OTHER STATES IM GOING TO HURT YOU LITERALLY IM GOING TO HURT YOU FOR DOING THAT. I’m going to tax you and show you what you’ve implemented in my life conquering my dreams IMMA SHOW YOU A WEAPON AND YOU’RE GONNA GET TO STEPPIN FORWARD MARCH PREPARE THE STARCH HERE COMES THE LION AND I’M NOT LYIN AS I PREPARE TO MAKE YOU AND YOUR KIDS DO MORE THAN JUST CRY IN TO THIS BOWL AS I BEGIN TO BOIL AND FOIL YOUR PLOT AND SUCK IN YOUR SOUL THEN PASS THAT TO INTO THE COAL

  • javi del 3 years ago


  • TT Gang 3 years ago

    How to get billions??

  • Wonderful Wino 3 years ago


  • Darrell May 3 years ago

    Dimon is a Liar and a Conman!,,

  • Old Bull Lee 3 years ago

    Let’s not pretend they are the same though. Clinton’s backers are behind Warren and remember Warren supported Hillary. Bernie is who they should be scared of.

  • Lorna P 3 years ago

    Would love to hear your thoughts on the Don Cherry news today

  • aBig foot 3 years ago

    Don’t hate on Elon for taking a hit of weed

  • fosho monroe 3 years ago

    Also endorsed by judge Judy. This all sounds preconceived. Shady.

  • Matthew Davis Buehrer 3 years ago

    More proof that centrist or moderate dems are just diet republicans.

  • Timothy Ford 3 years ago

    If all billionaires were like Musk, we’d have a better world.

  • Rob Li 3 years ago

    Mike Bloomberg is worth $53 billion. Our FAKE billionair President Trump is not even close to that.

  • Kelly Kurt 3 years ago

    I want him to suffer. Does that make me evil? K. I’m evil.

  • Jee Jee 3 years ago

    The billionaires can stand to lose a couple of millions it will not hurt them. Tax the hell out of them.

  • Misael Cifuentes 3 years ago

    Bernie has a higher tax proportional to how rich, warren is a flat 3% regardless on how rich. Sanders is far more progressive than warren. Sanders is the OG of us progressive movement, warren is sanders-lite.

  • Endless Phantasmagoria 3 years ago

    The real hero of this story is the man at 5:49.

  • 12Medbe Network 3 years ago

    Gasp! A Closer Look that isn’t about Trump?! What year is this?!

  • Ken Roberts 3 years ago

    the painting looks like trumps face with seths hair

  • Tyler Newman 3 years ago

    I would absolutely throw a $20 in to buy Trump out.


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