Billie Eilish, Saweetie And Swedish House Mafia Are Selling Out

Published on September 30, 2021

Stars are always looking for new ways to cash in on their celebrity. But the question is: who does it best? Stephen aims to find out in his newest segment, Stephen Colbert: Selling Out. #Colbert #BillieEilish #SellingOut

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  • John Hobson 2 years ago

    In ancient Rome, the most popular sport was chariot racing. Star chariot drivers gave product endorsements, for which they were well paid.

    BTW, the X-15 wasn’t a fighter jet.

  • SurgicalGlitch 2 years ago

    I’m so sick of these celebrities that say “NO! The money I have isn’t enough! The acting or songs I make isn’t good enough! I need to make more money and prostitute myself more!”. So they turn to design shoes and shirts that frankly look like they belong on Target’s 5$ shelf. Making shit and calling it art, the rich get richer because people are following each other like sheep and don’t know how to spend their money. Draining the market of wealth while the rest of the world suffers to put a few together to pay the fucking bills.

    I mean what Billie is doing really does sorta make me sick, critiquing Lady Gaga and her meat dress which had a massive impact. Yet she is top to toe in fucking designer branding. Classy.

  • Rafael Black 2 years ago

    They really relaunching the least successful version of the Air Jordans?

  • Alan Smith 2 years ago

    Poor John he just wanted to talk about kanye being ahead of his time and you just ignored him Steven shame on you

  • Dr C 2 years ago

    Putty is the color

  • Dr C 2 years ago


  • Kevin Riddell 2 years ago

    Jeez. That Saweetie looks like she’s made of plastic

  • Denise Higgins 2 years ago

    When is crocs going to come out with the orgazmic turtle attachment?

  • Sc4r4byte 2 years ago

    Was totally expecting,

    “Stars, they’re just like us… who needs em!”

  • elaine allen 2 years ago

    She shoes are taupe.

  • britzwickit 2 years ago

    x15 is neither a fighter or jet

  • jf Viramontes 2 years ago

    Ikea is the real Swedish house mafia!

  • Talyzara 2 years ago

    if only SHM released some new songs …..

  • madjock 2112 2 years ago

    What? I mean WHAT????
    IKEA decide to partner with a band, officially partner with a music group and they didn’t choose Nanowar Of Steel? What in the name of Lucifer are they thinking? After all the work Nanowar Of Steel put in showing the world the glorious fact that the whole company is run by Thor and they ask some other band? I think the people running the company need lightning sent down on them (even if Thor is now a “gentle God” surely he can still get pissed off?).
    I call for a boycott of IKEA.
    I call for more fan meetings in IKEA.
    Can we actually do both at the same time?
    I don’t know. I am just disgusted by them for this diabolical decision.
    Screw them, I am heading off to my local Ironmonger instead.

  • Zippy Thekid 2 years ago

    I always thought Stephen worked for the squirrels.


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