Bill O’Reilly Weighs In On Orlando

Published on June 14, 2016

Bill O’Reilly offers his perspective on what happened in Orlando, and does not believe the solution involves gun control.

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  • PleaseSayYesTV 4 years ago

    The media love their own

  • Barack Obama 4 years ago


  • MrDoomBuddy 4 years ago

    so war deaths aren’t tragedy?

  • AMONAVIS! 4 years ago

    Oh finally a straight voice on the subject. I love the focus on the
    homophobia in this tragedy.

  • Peter Taste 4 years ago

    Western wars (mostly US Wars) have killed four million Muslims since 1990
    but thats none of my business

  • Pemphro 4 years ago

    Mandatory minimums can get extremely bad. Locking someone away for 10 years
    being caught with a bit of weed is ridiculous. AND the US ALONE makes up
    25% of ALL prisoners in the FUCKING WORLD.

    EDIT: I know this isn’t about weed but this is why many people are against
    mandatory minimums. The amount of prisoners the US has is INSANE also.

  • Flagellum Dei 4 years ago

    The NRA arms radical islamic terrorists!!!

  • thickheart28 4 years ago

    Yes, guns and pressure cookers are to blame for radical Islamic terrorists
    attacking civilians. If these devices were banned, the Boston bombing and
    Orlando massacre could’ve been avoided. Those terrorists would’ve said
    “fuck it” and went to Wendy’s.

  • Orlando Ford 4 years ago

    good lord did bill o’riely flip flop there hehe (I’m a Brit by the way)

  • Shawn A86 4 years ago

    Never thought I’d say this, but I agreed with Bill on so many points he

  • ssshhhonja 4 years ago

    Bill O’reilly is an ass.

  • Back Upp 4 years ago

    surprised by the unreflective applause in this audience to O’Reilly’s
    bluster, one of the most shameful displays I have seen in the late show

  • Nomadic In The Philippines 4 years ago

    Just so everyone is aware, In canada, if your crazy or schizo n you pass
    the gun test you can still buy guns, doent matter how many times you have
    been in the crazy house…..

  • JayDub 4 years ago

    This is the most level headed I”ve seen O’Reilly. Good to see.

  • Hubert Applebaum 4 years ago

    Let the man finish talking. You want his opinion you invited him for it but
    you keep interrupting him and steering the conversation away from him
    explaining things.
    Where I come from that isn’t respectful.

  • Manraj Saini 4 years ago

    Why do Americans not understand that sure making guns illegal wouldn’t stop
    criminals from getting them but would make it both super inaccessible and
    super expensive by default reducing the likeliness of the wrong people
    getting them
    More guns is not the answer
    Sincerely an Australian

  • Robert Maxson 4 years ago

    I thought Bill’s proposal was the most reasonable thing I’ve ever heard
    from the right on the issue of gun control. Still not enough, but at least
    there is talk about it.

  • Ian Dutton 4 years ago

    I’m not generally a fan of Bill oreilly but I think he is bringing to the
    table a sensible right winged approach to the issue. While I don’t like
    everything he said I do think it’s a well thought out appreciable
    suggestion. Certainly better that the black and white approach from Donald

  • Taylan Ertan 4 years ago

    ”Forged the west with weapons” …Yea, how did that turned out…Oh wait,
    it was called WILD WEST as in any idiot with a gun tend to shoot anyone he
    wanted and somehow Indians were the criminals in the end… Also, the
    people who does the shootings doesn’t expect to survive. Once they commit
    the crime, it doesn’t matter if it is a federal crime or something like
    that. They killed their fill of people and mostly they commit suicide. That
    ‘mandatory’ stuff doesn’t prevent those suicidal murderers when they can
    get their hands on a gun…do the deed and die. What are you gonna do ? Put
    his corpse on prison ? Will that stop the shootings ?

    Also, what about the ”solutions” your RIGHT presents and your
    presidential candidate, going ” Lets ban all Muslims…that will solve the
    problem”. It sounds like an idea that came out from a 5 year-old. Just
    think about that…Fix your own SHIT then TRY TO BE LOGICAL about solutions
    before spouting them.

    NRA doesn’t care who buys the guns they sell as long as they get the money
    from it and none of the blame. And no , the ”good gun with a gun” theory
    doesn’t work since we don’t live in FUCKING ACTION MOVIES where the ‘hero’
    is an expert markman and can hold his cool under fire or something like
    that. If anything, they would be frozen in terror or worse, while trying to
    shoot the gunman , they would hit innocent bystanders as well. Even
    soldiers suffer those conditions in BATTLE , how do you think a normal
    person would react in a shooting ? Why do they ignore these possibilities ?
    Because they grew up on Action movies and Wild Westerns where the ”good
    guy” always hits the mark, bad guys always miss and no consiquences
    They should wake up from that dream and face the REALITY of the situation.
    And driving more hatred and giving gun-nuts more justification, doesn’t

  • WSG Man 4 years ago

    woo australia.

  • Sahar H 4 years ago

    Can anyone find stats to support what O’Reilly said RE: the amount of
    gun-related crimes in the US decreasing by 30% or whatever?
    Also, so proud to be an Australian right now.

  • melanieenmats 4 years ago

    Wut? Did Bill just propose indefinite martial law? Alex Jones is on to him!

  • Arun Sridharan 4 years ago

    declaring war on ISIS is a very slippery slope. Why O’Reilly was implying
    on the Factor bit was that the US should declare war on ISIS, in effect
    beginning a war on both in the middle east and on US soil, the latter of
    which hasn’t happened since the civil war 150 years ago. He then says to
    use the pretense of war to allow the military to detain people, including
    US citizens (the orlando shooter was a US citizen), without charging them
    of a crime. Where is due process in that?

  • Big Money Industries 4 years ago

    bill really needs to leave fox news to find a better media outlet to voice
    his political opinions.

  • MoreAmerican 4 years ago

    Omg Stephen, don’t tempt me to agree with Bill. Why blame the tool when
    messed up people are the problem?!

  • Ian Dawson 4 years ago

    Stephen and Seth undoubtedly *need* our guns.

  • T. Gregory Kelly 4 years ago

    Looks like O’Reilly didn’t catch the John Oliver segment on mandatory

  • Animar 4 years ago

    While I disagree with Bill on a lot of things, he seemed very grounded and
    logical in this interview. It may not be exactly what I want done, but at
    least it’s a start. Hearing a republican say he’s okay with some sort of
    gun regulation and reform gives me some hope.

  • hpgal88 4 years ago

    yup the problem can be both

  • KindlyChill 4 years ago

    “Not a tragedy” Go Fuck Yourself Bill O’Reilly.

  • Herman Falck How 4 years ago

    I can’t stand his network, and he has some ABSURD ideas. But a lot of what
    he is saying is true, and should be discussed.

  • 許錦文 4 years ago

    I kinda agree with him..

  • Neifert Cornejo 4 years ago

    I applaud Stephen for being such a great host and having a decent and
    common sense conversation with O’Reilly on this issue, and also for telling
    the audience to actually listen to his opinion instead of booing him.

  • MrWotsItoya 4 years ago

    not being able to move on from their past and hold on to this nonsensical
    right to carry guns is an inside threat to the u.s.

  • Delia Alvarez 4 years ago

    He wants congress to declare war? Is he insane?

  • L Lo 4 years ago

    a literal interpretation of the Quran justifies the shooters acts, so
    Islamist’s are also the problem

  • Jeff Pride 4 years ago

    BULLSHIT! They across state lines to Indiana, a short drive, where it’s
    easy as hell to get the guns, then come back to Chicago, in the city you
    can’t just get guns anywhere, it’s hard as hell, they not coming from the
    city itself but people always try to push this propaganda bs to make a
    point, fuck bill o reily

  • Brick Tamland 4 years ago

    Billy boy is a fucking faggot.

  • Michel Bengochea 4 years ago

    the favorite weapons used by jihadists are explosives no ak because
    explosives are cheaper to build and buy. so islam is not the problem

  • THE GREATEST 4 years ago

    less than 2% of annual firearm deaths are from rifles

  • Stat1cV01D 4 years ago

    “[O’Reilly team is] busy over the real news”
    – Colbert 2016

  • Slamz Dunk 4 years ago

    The problem is that small, concealable, easy-to-use killing machines is
    available, everywhere. 2nd Amendment? 18th Century, slave
    owning hypocrites wrote the Constitution many, many solar years ago.
    Time has changed, but technology grows exponentially. At some point, as
    Obama pointed out, we have to make a decision, as a society, what we are
    willing to live with. Guns are getting more effective, so is the
    killings. We have to draw a red line, somewhere. Where do you think it
    should be? Personally, as a hunter, I believe simple guns like
    muzzle-loaders, small caliber rifles, and some shotguns would be okay.
    To ask for more is totally unnecessary, dangerous(obviously), and selfish.
    Islam isn’t the problem, religion is. They’re all the same.

  • MoreAmerican 4 years ago

    I generally dislike bill, but he making Stephen look like a fool.

  • Selangor Maju 4 years ago

    Mateen frequently Pulse gay club for years, he is gay. You old fart should
    talk about media control and biased, its killed more human than guns

  • Brad Lamb 4 years ago

    When i saw “Bill O’Riley” i knew it was gonna be stupid

  • Anthony El 4 years ago

    Bill got lost when Stephen brought out facts towards the end

  • Murtzs Burts 4 years ago

    Stephen is doing a great job here, regulating his audience and showing Bill
    O’Reilly respect aswell as pointing out inconsistencies in his reasoning. I
    feel like people of this caliber are dying out… when my generation is in
    it’s 50ies there won’t be many with the knowledge and integrity of a
    Stephen Colbert and (even If I don’T agree with him) Bill O’Reilly. I think
    it is important that there are conversations like this on regular TV to
    interest younger audiences in politics…. so there may be hope that some
    grow up to be… you know… grown ups.

  • Edgedable 4 years ago

    Lets the cringefest start… now!!

  • SentinelPrimek 4 years ago

    Neil degrasse tyson put it best. He said we’re quick to bring up our 2nd
    amendment but don’t question if it’s a good idea or not.

  • Audi Freq 4 years ago

    For the first time ever, I kinda agree with O’Reily, Not on mandatory
    minimums, but with the severity.

  • Jordan Hackney 4 years ago

    guns g g guns g u
    u u u u u g
    nguns n n n nu
    s sguns sguns s ns! (And the people behind them.)

  • Antonio Lewis 4 years ago

    This was the worst possible time for O’Reilly to come on.
    And yes, I know it was scheduled before anyone could do anything about it.

  • Prakersh 4 years ago

    WTF He makes sense…..!!!!

  • MisterGuitarItalia 4 years ago

    One man, alone, kills and wounds 100 people using only firearms… this
    could only happen in a country where WAR firearms are readily available to
    the public. Enough of the bullshit rhetoric.

  • ScreenFunFacts 4 years ago

    ISIS: Proudly sponsored by the NRA and gun lobbyist Republicans since…

  • cortster12 4 years ago

    2:27 While they are both the problem, it’s undeniable that radical Islam is
    the root of it. Like Bill said, we are at war. A war of values and
    conflicting cultures.

  • Sky Daddy 4 years ago

    Wow, I agree with Bill over Stephen – the main problem is ideology, not

  • Jesper Hedenqvist 4 years ago

    All you need to do is remove mandatory minumun for NON-VIOLENT crimes..

  • Wong Ben YB 4 years ago

    Really? The first line he spoke has me like what?
    Bringing politics in this immediately.

  • gigi stoner 4 years ago

    Bill O’Reilly is a complete moron.

  • Travis Hill 4 years ago

    bill sounds normal and levelheaded. this is really wild to watch

  • Norbz Rodri 4 years ago

    that audience is full of Democrats lol they are so anti gun. they haven’t
    hit puberty yet. hahahaha

  • cortster12 4 years ago

    Being in the center is weird. I agree with some of what Stephen says, but
    also some of what Bill says. I’m leaning more towards Bill’s side, though.

  • The Rock 4 years ago

    Ban Guns in America!!!

  • crcoghill 4 years ago

    the thing i don’t get is: how are these people buying guns? maybe Omar was
    alot older than i saw, but still! no track history on them. no mental
    issues, abuse, trauma, anger issues, phobias? anything that would make them
    snap like Omar did? hell! there have been kids, younger than me (25) who
    had guns! did they have a licence? a parent who own one? stealing? i don’t
    mind the amendment myself, of course people need ways to defend themselves,
    but we don’t need fire arms at the hip ALL THE TIME! most people just want
    to live, have families and go on with normal life! i think the only people
    allowed with guns are true hunters and the US Army! and even then hunters
    should only be using small pistols or Sniper Rifles.

    i’m sorry, it’s just annoying when guns are brought up and people point to
    the people or group who fired them. if we remove the guns, then we remove
    violence! we need better laws added, more registrations to allow people
    fire arms and more security to protect people from harm! i know there’s
    always gonna be that one crazy person who gets a gun somehow, but if we put
    everything on the table and try to piece it together, we can make a safe
    country. nah! world!

  • nenafan1 4 years ago

    I LOVE Stephen. He was respectful, made important points when needed, etc.
    Simply one of the best hosts of all time.

    That being said, Bill continues to disappoint. He can be intelligent, but
    he almost always chooses to just tow the line.
    Further, mandatory minimums are not the end all be all solution.
    Further still, it is NOT the job of the news to propose a solution to
    anything. It is their job to report the facts, period. And Bill O is not a
    news personality, but an entertainer.

  • Sam Geee 4 years ago

    Bill o’reilly is the same guy who said Birmingham in the u.k is a no go
    zone for non muslims. As for the gun crime going down, we still have
    shootings every day and loads of mass shootings every year.

  • Donald Drumpf 4 years ago

    Bill is a fucking homophobe. What a hypocrite.

  • aTROLLwithBlades 4 years ago

    that dude was going to attack with or without a gun. and he probably
    would’ve illegally got his hands on a gun sorta how he illegally
    slaughtered so many people

  • nenafan1 4 years ago

    One last thing to point out…
    No mention of the homophobia?
    Just barely touched on the mental health aspect, too.

    That’s kinda lax.

    …. Bill, no. It’s the federal no fly list. It’s not the private airlines.

  • Bloempje 4 years ago

    For once I agree more with Bill than with Colbert.

  • nenafan1 4 years ago

    Bill…. NO!!

    He’s an American citizen. Even if you declare war, he IS innocent until
    proven guilty of a crime. If you start rounding up American citizens, you
    trample on the 1st Amendment!

  • Danielle Thornberry 4 years ago

    stop the hate. can’t we all just get along.
    ONE LOVE !! ✌❤?? be a shining⭐ .make happy..❤

  • Benjamin Dzalto 4 years ago

    ah american gun law discussions ?? maybe chicagos problem is that people
    simply drive to a place where the gunlaws are not as hard buy a gun and
    drive than back ?

  • Laffter 4 years ago

    mad props to bill for coming and talking. i dont like his show but i love
    debate and he was absolutely in a hostile situation.

  • aliensarerealancient 4 years ago

    Looking at things in a completely neutral sense I think two things need to

    1) We need to introduce mandatory checks for guns, if you want a gun i’m
    100% fine with that but if you’re a mentally unstable person you should not
    be in position of easily acquiring a firearm. I believe there are some bad
    people out there who may want to harm you and/or your family and you have
    the right to be protected, but we should not just turn a blind eye to the
    fact that getting a gun is much easier than it should be. Owning a gun is a
    huge responsibility and those gun owners who are responsible should not be
    punished but rather we should have ways to try and determine to the best of
    our ability who wants to do harm with weapons and who wants to protect

    2) We need to stop putting our hands in the sand, this was an Islamic
    Terrorist who inspired through readings in the Qaran (their holy book)
    committed disgusting and atrocious acts. I am not saying that every Islamic
    person is a terrorist which I know some of you might be thinking but what I
    am saying is we need to take a critical view of the religion which seems to
    be a common factor among these terror attacks. Obviously there is a problem
    that needs to be looked at closer with that religion, all religions should
    be critiqued and closely looked at but right now this is the religion that
    needs the most critique and analyse to figure out and stop those who are
    becoming inspired by it to commit terrible crimes.

    Of course no solution is perfect but burring your heads in the sand and
    sprouting hateful speech towards gun owners or Islamic people is not the
    way forward. We need to accept there is a problem with guns being so
    accessible and we need to accept there are those who take the Qaran
    literally and wish death upon gay people.

    There are good gun owners out there just like there are good Muslims out
    there, you can’t accept one and not the other, you are not a hipster
    liberal if you want tighter gun controls the same as you are not a racist
    because you critique Islam.

  • danthman51 4 years ago

    I don’t like Bill o Reilly but he actually makes sense. wow. I’m very

  • SupernaturalDR 4 years ago

    This wasn’t a tragedy …. nope fuck off Bill.

  • 8w9hf89hw 4 years ago

    This is how you save your show, Colbert.

  • cycleforwardtime 4 years ago

    That nut should have been barred from buying ANY weapon!

  • Wes 4 years ago

    Opens with Australian gun control. Forgets how effective it’s been at
    minimizing mass shootings by the end. Bill is a cherry picker

  • Zac Martin 4 years ago

    This cunts a clown

  • Daniel Robles 4 years ago

    Declaring war and abandoning state rights? No thanks. Bill O’Reilly is a
    statist and a nationalist, not healthy.

  • Ross Radtke 4 years ago

    “my job is to find solutions”
    …how about just report the news/facts?

  • Arpy Sevantine 4 years ago

    This Second Amendment argument is not watertight. “A well-regulated
    militia” – what is well-regulated or militia-like about the current
    arrangement of gun laws? It’s clearly not well-regulated enough to save
    lives when required, and it’s certainly not a militia if there is no
    designated body of citizens who can access heavy weaponry. The Second
    Amendment and public safety need not be mutually exclusive.

  • Luis Mendez 4 years ago

    Bill is a deplorable snake

  • Siry Auto Group - 619 691 1000 4 years ago


  • Blackcrame 4 years ago

    Locking up gun criminals for longer time is a reactionary measure. Banning
    assault rifles and making it harder to get a gun is a proactive measure.

  • Paelorian 4 years ago

    Colbert here argues for Constitutional rights to become privileges subject
    to the whims of the government, with no criminal evidence needed to deny a
    citizen their rights. Tyrant! Take my liberty from my cold dead hands, you
    freedom haters! I will never be your slave!

  • bestrader 4 years ago

    Criminalizing people who own guns is a big problem with all these people
    who are trying to push stricter gun laws. People are not just going to give
    up their guns. That means you have potentially hundreds of thousands of
    people who are going to be criminalized and possibly imprisoned, or simply
    gunned down in their own homes for “resisting”

  • Walter u. 4 years ago

    If Stephen or pretty much anybody else wasn’t there, O’reilly would still
    be blaming it on Jihadists. Its pretty much anyone with a gun can kill
    another person at any time. I’m glad Stephen corrected him.

  • Just gimme my $200 4 years ago

    4:51 Did people really just clap over getting jail time for concealed
    carrying? I get that it’s a outlawed in Australia but geez, the anti-gun
    culture here in the US is getting ridiculous.

  • MynameisBrianZX 4 years ago

    Sure, because domestic abusers and violent radicals deserve to be able to
    buy semiautomatic rifles. That just makes all the sense.


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