Bill O’Reilly Gets the Boot: The Daily Show

Published on April 20, 2017

Trevor celebrates Bill O’Reilly’s ouster at Fox News by looking back at some of “The O’Reilly Factor” host’s most racist moments.

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  • Jay T 3 years ago

    Bill didn’t get fire because of the sexual harassment it was because the advertisement boycott….

  • Queen Queen 3 years ago

    O’Reilly was very rude to many human beings. Time to go and payout to all the women you have wronged including your ex- wife.

  • Drew Ciccotelli 3 years ago

    Jon Stewart would be so proud of you Trevor.

  • JesusPulledMeThrough 3 years ago

    I was truly left a bit speechless. I knew Bill O’Reilly was racist. I couldn’t have crafted in my wildest dreams, though, the extent of his racism.

  • Nicole Davalos 3 years ago

    He didn’t tell that guy he looked like a dealer. Please tell me that was a lie. Please tell me that was fake news. That can’t be true, that was so racist it wasn’t even funny.

  • Erik Roos 3 years ago

    How does Billy know what a coke dealer looks like?!

  • Chris Harris 3 years ago

    Watching all of O’Reilly’s clips makes it clear Fox News never cared about anything but ad revenue. Open season on white males, indeed. Die off, dinosaur.

  • Bria Penn 3 years ago

    Trevor Noah is so damn funny my weave fell off laughing so hard ???

  • ziljin 3 years ago

    Why is Trevor Noah so good at doing impressions?

  • eljoel89 3 years ago

    So if Jon Stewart is Yoda, does that make Stephen Colbert Obi-Wan?

  • Oliver McErlean 3 years ago

    He’s done his damage, so this is a bit late I think.

  • Merchant Ivory 3 years ago

    No one can find a “Debate” with Bill that was intelligent. Not a single one…what a legacy lol

  • elsa Grace 3 years ago

    I am overjoyed that O’Reilly is gone! Such a racist POS.

  • Ian Miles 3 years ago

    Milo sacked from breitbart and fails at Glasgow Uni. Bannon off the NSC, No Reilly off Fox. UKIP with no MP’s. Been a great 90 days.

  • Goodcat007 3 years ago

    Good riddance. I still remember his Richard Dawkins interview vividly. Painful to watch.

  • Vanessa Santa Cruz 3 years ago

    He seriously called a black professor a Cocaine Dealer. . . wtf???

  • Ken Baker 3 years ago

    10 years of racism was fine but sexual harassment was too much.

  • Vickie V 3 years ago

    Kiss both my black cheeks Bill No-more Riley…

  • Champsr0ck2247 3 years ago

    “If white people dont have it good in the US, then which race does?”

    Never thought of it like that

  • Paul Collison 3 years ago

    He wasn’t fired because of the 22 counts of attempted rape, he was fired because his sponsors backed out.


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