Bill O’Reilly Explains Why Trump & Sanders Are The Same

Published on February 9, 2016

Fox News heavyweight Bill O’Reilly explains the good and bad — as he sees it — of Donald Trump’s and Bernie Sanders’ campaigns, and why he thinks they’re so similar.

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  • Everette M 4 years ago

    I love how bill says if bernie gave everyone free college education it
    would double their debt and they CAN’T do that. but republicans are more
    than willing to tack on more debt to fight more wars and build some stupid
    wall or deport people. What a sight that would be, a giant wall on their
    southern border, rounding up millions of people and hauling them out and
    more war. Can trump grow a mustache?

  • David Kingsbury 4 years ago

    Bill O’Reilly is a good entertainer.

  • MarklenIngyer 4 years ago

    O’Riley. There being a lower population in Denmark doesn’t make the point
    invalid, because the costs are relative to population size. Scale is
    You’re just throwing out a red herring.
    Government incentives to lower college tuition can work. I don’t believe in
    a free ride, but if you could cut tuition by half, you’d have less student
    debt, and more educated workers.

  • CoolsBreeze 4 years ago

    Once again Colbert is being courteous while O’Reilly acts like a pompous

  • Jack Jammen 4 years ago

    I really hope this sack of flamen dog excrement goes to Ireland.

  • Jack Jammen 4 years ago

    O’really don’t try to be funny. You’re far better at being a dick smudge on
    a window.

  • silat13 4 years ago

    Loofahboy does not even know why the tides go in and out.

  • Captain Canada 4 years ago

    Truly troubling that someone like O’Reilly has a following.

  • PapstPauli 4 years ago

    since i have watched V for Vendetta i can’t take People like O’Reilly

  • ProbablySpecial 4 years ago

    what a fucking retard

  • kenny 4 years ago

    if the words “Slay” “Yaass” “Queen” “Fleek” “Bae” are apart of what you say
    on twitter, please do not talk about politics.

  • shawnzee102 4 years ago

    Bernie is a nutcase, with one argument. He can not be president. If he won
    the nomination by some miracle the right would easily paint him as a crazy
    old socialist who wants to raise your taxes. It would not be hard either
    because Bernie does crazy old man things and is on record of saying he
    wants to raise taxes and that he considers himself a democratic socialist.

  • Blitzingtakin 4 years ago

    Anyone else noticing that Bill is becoming more tolerable as the years go
    on. Still don’t agree with him a lot, but he isn’t being as much of a
    talking head.

  • trufbetold 4 years ago

    Campaigning on promises that you know you can’t fulfill is the same as

  • from Barcelona 4 years ago

    They really have to stop with this nonsense of comparing Trump with Sanders
    (meaning Colbert, Oliver, Noah….all great comedians/news deliverers, but
    so clearly Clinton partisans). Beside the fact that one is a Berlusconian
    populist clown appealing to the gut-rage of Americans with no real racional
    solution and the other makes all the sense in the world in his 2 strong
    points: US has THE worst wealth distribution between the OCDE countries and
    this situation has an historical tendency to go in this direction (so worst
    and worst). Additionally Sanders is not an outsiders, he is in politics
    since 1971, been mayor, US congressman, US senator, the fact that is an
    independent doesn t mean he is an outsiders from politics, he is an
    outsider from mayor political parties (political monopolies going on in
    US), and that is very different (and refreshing, as these political
    monopolies represent economical powers and status quo). He is an anti
    establishment (economical and political) and his vision is getting US back
    to the right path, a path which the rest civilized world is traversing
    since many years. A vote for Sanders is screaming laud to this
    establishment that things have to change, and thinking that is to hard to
    change things in the right direction is an excuse for voting Clinton it is
    a lame nonsense: with this logic just stop voting and let the rich powerful
    people to do what they want. Every step toward a purpose, brings you a step
    closer to that purpose, and electing a president is pretty big step.

  • Hector Mendoza 4 years ago

    The only possible people that can like this guy, are old white people like

  • Not Totally Unfunny 4 years ago

    Love it when they interact with each other because The Colbert Report was
    essentially an impersonation and mockery of The O’Reilly Factor for all the
    years it was on.

  • Irving Ceron 4 years ago

    Stephen is actually funny, o’reilly sucks at humor

  • sprd2thin 4 years ago

    OLiely beat the drums each day to send our men and women to war in Iraq
    based on lies.

  • Info Illness 4 years ago


  • jokyejoker 4 years ago

    They dont write their own stuff, yeah cause they dont need to make shit up.

  • jokyejoker 4 years ago

    Well cut the military by like 5 percent and you got yourself free

  • ellnino 4 years ago

    I miss Jon Stewart, he would crush O Reilly right there on the stage…

  • ellnino 4 years ago

    I miss Jon Stewart, he would crush O Reilly right there on the stage…

  • Dale Ross 4 years ago

    this guys a cunt

  • Justin Baerg 4 years ago

    I’m impressed with this interview! When did O’ Reilly start making sense?
    What effect would offering free college educations to people have on the
    American military? I’m under the impression that a fair amount of young
    people join the military to get an education afterward.

  • Tony DiMeo 4 years ago

    The man is a jackass. Sanders and trump aren’t the same. It is a false

  • MrPhiltri 4 years ago

    Wow….I feel the need to agree (partially) with Bill…thats a strange

  • Jinclops 4 years ago

    Bill O’Reilly actually has a well rounded view of politics? Huh. :/

  • Matthew Snell 4 years ago

    Not American so someone explain who bill o’reilly is

  • Trevor Smith 4 years ago

    I am a full time student with two jobs, I have zero debt, it seems to me
    you people are just lazy, you want someone else to pay for YOUR education.
    life isn’t fair! Go earn it yourself or live a life of obscurity. We are
    trillions of dollars in debt already, quit asking for a hand out and start
    helping. “Ask not what your country can so for you, ask what you can do for
    your country.”

  • gabrielx95 4 years ago

    While ideals like the ones of sanders sound impossible, every good thing
    started with an ideal and people who are willing to act upon it. we have no
    problem putting all our money on defense, why not put our money on
    forwarding our education.

  • The Lone Hunt 4 years ago

    We have more people, but guess wha? We also have more money and

  • Ryan R 4 years ago

    So now the Late Show has become Fox after hours?
    Stephen: “Other countries have fewer people paying taxes and still manage
    to cover social programs”
    Bill: “Conservative talking point based on hyperbole that looks like a
    counter point”
    ~~~~~go to commercial break~~~~~
    “This program brought to you by the Comittee to Elect Shillary Clinton!”

  • Joe Weis 4 years ago


  • BillyBowlster 4 years ago

    Education isn’t an expense it’s an investment, a lot of countries subsidies
    their education system because it’s a guaranteed boost to GDP. Universal
    healthcare boosts production because the country would be a lot healthier
    and wouldn’t have people dying in the street from curable illness’s, or
    going bankrupt because you got sick and got a medical bill in the
    thousands. Dismantling the parasites in the private sector draining your
    sick arse for a profit will save you thousands a year, you’ll make a profit
    off that alone AND save lives, as well as increase production from a
    healthier populace. This all can be done because Australia has done this,
    vale Gough Whitlam.

  • TheAdultChild101 4 years ago

    Screw Bill. The guy is a jerk. Haven’t listened to him in 15 years,

  • Ante Lauc 4 years ago

    Bill O’Reilly does know what is good and bad and play with these words much
    better than others, even Colbert.

  • Michael Skelton 4 years ago

    Bill O’Reilly is a dumb ass!

  • Michael Li 4 years ago

    I wish bill would just die in a fire.

  • Kobra Locke 4 years ago

    Bill O’Riley was charged with sexual harassment when he called a women
    while masturbating with a vibrator over the phone. This is a matter of
    public record. Look it up. The top-rated cable news host has said he was
    humiliated by the suit, which charged that he spoke to Mackris about sexual
    fantasies, masturbation and vibrators while sometimes seeming to pleasure
    himself. But for O’Reilly to strike a settlement without an expression of
    regret, which is often demanded in litigation against high-profile figures,
    is a partial victory that spares him further embarrassment.

  • Kerry Schmerry 4 years ago

    That was the most civil conversation I’ve ever seen these two have.

  • Jen B 4 years ago

    god bill is irritating id like to slap him upside the head

  • Mantis Toboggan 4 years ago

    This audience is fucking braindead.

  • jagenmount 4 years ago

    I may be a libtard, but most of what Bill O’Reilly said, 1: made sense, and
    2: was mostly right. The only thing I disagree with (post-2:00) is that I
    think, while Bernie making community college expense free is highly
    unlikely, he very well could do most of the things he brings up. He could
    DEFINITELY raise minimum wage, maybe not to 15 dollars, but very close
    (inflation being the only real concern). He could DEFINITELY break up the
    trusts in our financial industry. He may be very much like a revolutionary,
    promising people things that they want to hear, even if they aren’t always
    best, but he’s what the people want. Bernie is also the ONLY candidate who
    speaks the truth (most of the time, still a politician) and provides plans
    for how he’ll accomplish the things he wants done (all the time).

    The people want democratic socialism, and if they VOTE for it, the govt.
    can’t deny them that power (to put democratic socialists in power) because,
    in the end, we do live in a democratic republic! Of course… by that same
    token… Trump would be a legitimate president…

    You can impeach somebody for hatespeech… right… right?

  • Bernard El 4 years ago

    Bill seems so smart on his program. He presents his topics well and his
    supporting arguments are organized. I don’t know what happens when he comes
    on late night programs… he just does not interview well.

  • MarmaladeJacket 4 years ago

    I start to respect Bill more as I see him outside of his show. It forces
    him to adapt to the show instead of cutting off his guests incessantly
    (which he does less here). He makes valid points as well.

  • Airah WSA 4 years ago

    every time bill o’really starts talking, I’m like wtf

  • Legacy of Free domain 4 years ago

    Not everyone will be going to college…

  • yAroslav k 4 years ago

    one of the biggest bullshiters on tv. but he is sort of entertaining in
    that he is absurd, i understand why stupid people like him

  • Sebastian Bachee 4 years ago

    Germany 82mil people, 1/30 the size of America, free University.

  • Chris Still 4 years ago

    Sorry hate O’Reilly …such an idiot!

  • James D. Wheeler 4 years ago

    I rarely agree with that moron, but they are similar. They both fill
    arena’s with first rodeo followers and make outlandish promises that they
    could never keep! But being moved emotionally beats out boring substance
    and reality!

  • jeff powell 4 years ago

    I look forward to the day I can forget Bill O’Reilly exists, much like
    Morton Downey Jr.

  • Osca Carrillo 4 years ago

    Not only are they the same but their supporters are the same as well

  • Exploring Markets 4 years ago

    Stephen Colbert and Bill O’Reilly have mutual respect for each other. That
    says everything about the situation. While they may disagree, they are
    friends. It’s difficult to read some of the comments here with that in
    mind. Take it easy, people. You can be who you want in this country.

  • Bobby Manhas 4 years ago

    Free Education> Birthing more scientists, mathematicians, engineers and
    technologists> new industries> new economies> jobs> money> debt solved.


    A Canadian.

  • Robert S 4 years ago

    Bill O Reilly completely took over this show.

  • Gman S 4 years ago

    Theres a lot of people here, so we cant pay for them to go to college i
    dont think.
    Great point nice evidence.

  • Roy Merritt 4 years ago

    Gerald Friedman who teaches economics as U-Mass. Amherst would disagree
    with O’Reilly and says Sanders can accomplish all he wants and would
    greatly improve the economy as it presently stands, and does so by simply
    using the same perimeters that the federal government itself uses to
    determine what shape the economy is in. Not only that 170 others do as
    well not only economist, but other experts in the field of business, so, so
    much for O’Reilly’s opinion. Since when does being a blowhard pundit makes
    someone an expert on what is possible and or improbable?

  • GetKorNED 4 years ago

    that swag line at 3:08 made me cringe so hard
    zero crowd reaction

  • Danny 1997 4 years ago

    Sanders is an old muppet with parkinson’s disease. Trump is God Emperor.
    Very different

  • Chris Fox 4 years ago

    Bill makes my skin crawl.

  • Leonidas Jr. 4 years ago

    You all are dipshits. Not all 300 million people can fucking afford
    increased taxes to pay for college.

  • TheBadSpoon 4 years ago

    I wonder if Bill will ever explain to his audience that he’s made a career
    out of being a pathological asshole.

  • Samuel Weinstein 4 years ago

    I’m ashamed to admit that I like Bill O’Reilly – hate his politics, but he
    seems like he’d be an OK guy.

  • K4inan 4 years ago

    Bill O’Reilly should kill himself as soon as possible. What a fucking
    disgusting piece of shit.

  • Johnny Redcorn 4 years ago

    first 2 minutes of this video shows that this guy is clearly a lying,
    unfunny, scumbag who hands out unfair comments of others. no wonder
    cuckservatives love this guy.

  • nin6246 4 years ago

    If the public truly knew how screwed up our govt and politicians are, they
    would be begging for ANY third party!

  • Marle Simms 4 years ago

    I wish Stephen would call O’Reilly more on his bullshit. I’m sick of him
    getting away with nonsense and lies just because he’s loud and aggressive

  • Levi 4 years ago

    Theres a “BIG” debt because our retarded congress loves to allocate every
    cent we have towards developing fighters that can destroy entire

  • Mike Gonzales 4 years ago

    the good the bad and the ugly lol

  • LanIost 4 years ago

    I can’t believe I’m saying it but… Bill is right about our debt. Whoever
    we get we CAN NOT increase our debt like we are. I happen to be a democrat
    but am fiscally conservative BECAUSE none of the shit we want to do is
    going to matter, civil rights, college education, etc.

    Seriously, our debt is a very recent thing that we’ve never really dealt
    with before. Bush raised our debt more than ALL OTHER presidents, COMBINED,
    when he was president and then Obama came along and increased our debt more
    than all other presidents INCLUDING Bush. If you look at a chart it SKY
    ROCKETED upward in the last 10 years.

    if our country collapses which it VERY WELL COULD if we increase the debt
    way more. It’s happened to nearly every large country in history AND it’s
    happening to 4-5 semi large countries right now. Venezuela is on the brink
    of actual collapse right now. What I mean by collapse too is not just a
    great depression but far far worse. We’re talking the sort of hyper
    inflation where in Germany they burned money because it was better for heat
    than spending. We’ve … barely got it under control now and the problem is
    if something major happens, like the collapse of China’s economy, or
    something, it will stir up shit and there is only so much shit we can
    handle before crisis happens. … Even worse, the entire world relies on
    our country’s currency so it’s going to devastate the world if something
    we’re to happen.

    We NEED to move forward and have health care, college under control, civil
    rights, etc.. But we HAVE to do it by being smart about it. The Government
    spends money we already don’t have in a way that would send any normal
    citizen TO JAIL. We’re absolutely screwed if we don’t get it under control.

  • ‫ديلان بوب‬‎ 4 years ago

    cmon dont be a populist, think more, the politicas aret pefrekt i know. dot
    vote for trump. godbye

  • Blayde Keel 4 years ago

    So it comes down, the good bad and the ugly. Idiots. I’ll go left and end
    tax evaders. The end of tax evasion is at hand.

  • dabidoe 4 years ago

    6:30 republican bringing up the debt… give me a fucking break you
    blowhardy irish cunt hair stuck on the drain growing mold

  • Ma Stif 4 years ago

    Again with the DEBT!!! Sanders already promised to have drastic cuts in
    military spending. He also wants to close taxation loopholes that allow
    large corps. to avoid paying most of their taxes in the U.S.
    If all of that actually happens, it should be WELL enough money to fund,
    pretty much, every other damn program we could fucking fathom

  • Khalil Gamble 4 years ago

    that crowd was straight instigatin’

  • eg05170 4 years ago

    So I really am seeing the same 14 other people all the time… the more you
    know xD

  • tomalcolm 4 years ago

    Colbert’s Bernie sounds like Bernie.
    O’reilly’s Bernie sounds like Trump.

  • BITS 4 years ago

    so weird…. I never saw an Oreilly interview I didnt hate before. I mean I
    didnt love what he had to say, but some of it makes some sense for once

  • Dave Riley 4 years ago

    it’s annoying that liberals debate by name calling. hope Trump deports all
    these hippies.

  • wadeo1980 4 years ago

    A stoke… If only

  • Luke Francis 4 years ago

    Why is Bill such a dick?

  • BRUCE WAYNE 4 years ago

    Bill, your a DUMBASS!!!! FEEL THE BERN!!!!!!!

  • Finnbarrt 4 years ago

    I am an a 1 per-centcenter. No, I am a Daddy’s 0.15 percenter.Too much.
    This system is real, f**ked up, and gone ‘club crazy’. I know. Burn Bernie
    Burn! WE need a country… for everyone….. Bernie!!!!

  • Harris 4 years ago

    No one flips O’Reilly’s insults into jokes like Colbert, he knows how to
    handle him

  • UnordinaryLife 4 years ago

    Bernie is NOTHING LIKE TRUMP…. #Bernie is actual CHANGE!!!!

  • LegendSlayer79 4 years ago

    That clown saying that Bernie would double the national debt is totally
    bogus. 170 of the Top economist say that Bernie’s plans will have the
    biggest POSITIVE impact to the US’s economy including people like Robert

    If you need proof, google “usuncut top economist bernie sanders”.

  • Samuel Robles 4 years ago

    That’s why I’m glad this asshole isn’t in politics. I mean, lets not even
    talk about how Fox is a crazy media outlet. Lets just focus on the fact
    that he says that whatever Bernie says, we just “can’t” do it. Yeah, the
    reason it will be hard to do any of that cool shit is because of assholes
    like Bill O’Reilly. When you put the world in a rut with oil, natural gas,
    and fracking, you get the world addicted to something that is harmful. Now
    that we have everything in place in a system, it would wreck the damn
    system to go on full solar power. It would wreck the system to also go off
    all oil and coal. It would also wreck the system to cut off all the power
    of the FED. Funny thing is, maybe it NEEDS to get wrecked!!!
    We could see such an era of enlightenment, but look at these wonderful
    people like O’reilly saying we just can’t do it. I believe we can have free
    public university educations but….I thought it might happen after 7 or 8
    years. If Bill O’reilly thinks it would happen two months after Sanders
    was elected president….which one of us is the immature asshole, me or
    O’Reilly? lmao

  • Caboose Blue 4 years ago

    man that audience fucking hated him

  • MikesGamingNetwork 4 years ago

    “America is in debt, we can’t do free education” (paraphrased). In other
    news in 2015 America spent nearly $600 billion (54% of the budget) on the

    Simple fact: If the government were to actually tax to wealthy based on
    earning (or at all) America WOULDN’T be in debt, they would be able to
    provide basic collage learning for free. Taxing the wealthy is honestly the
    perfect solution, even better if they cut the military budget by 15% saving
    an extra $166.5 billion that doesn’t need to go to the military, as it is
    America’s spending on the military more than quadruples the country that is
    in second place in terms on military budget (China at $129 billion). Even
    halving the military budget would still double that of China’s military

  • Dan Williams 4 years ago

    It makes me pretty mad when I see conservatives complain about debt. The
    Republican party has never had a president try to balance the budget. The
    economy was great in the 80’s and they didn’t even make an effort to
    control their spending.

  • Alex Bradley 4 years ago

    He made some very valid points, don’t just dislike the video without even
    hearing him out


    I think Bill makes some really great points that people are choosing to
    ignore because he’s Bill.


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