Bill Murray Turns 70 & Gives Us Life Advice

Published on October 6, 2020

Bill talks about turning 70 years old, his socially-distanced birthday in NYC, spending his 20th birthday in Jail, his life advice for all of us, the NBA Finals, his new Sofia Coppola film On the Rocks, singing in the movie, the last time he went to a drive-in theatre, and he does some show and tell with items from his house. #Kimmel #GameNight #NBAFinals

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  • Audio Beat — No Copyright Music 1 year ago

    Tip: If you chew gum when you study a subject and then chew the same flavour when you take the test it can help you remember.

    I am very close to my first 200 a little help will do❤️✅❤️🥺❤️🥺🥺❤️❤️

  • napping koala 1 year ago

    It just doesn’t matter- mac miller

  • jonathan babcock 1 year ago

    Dozens of hours of laughing with this guy.

    Except groundhog day. That was a creepy harassment rewatch.

  • Mark Mayer 1 year ago

    4:50 … 😳🤢

  • david white 1 year ago

    Bill Murray Thinks he’s a lot Funnier than he actually is

  • Samarth Khare 1 year ago

    119th comment

  • LKNANML 1 year ago

    There was that time when my shoelace got hung up on a wheelchair while dumping random ladies into a pool but I think the closest I have come to not making it was Passion Play….

  • General JellyRoll 1 year ago

    Stupid evil people manage to grow old.

  • Clara Raimundi 1 year ago

    Is anyone distracted by the insect on his hat???? 😱

  • T B 1 year ago

    Bill, you are looking great for 70 “just keep on going” Remembering the drive-inn movies “lets all go to the movies”

  • Adam Lopez 1 year ago

    GOAT Murray

  • downhilltwofour00 1 year ago

    Happy Birthday Bill. I can still remember my 70th birthday with fondness! LOL

  • damian lynch 1 year ago

    When they do the movie about Trump, I want Bill Murray to play Trump!

  • randy barrientes 1 year ago

    happy birthday bill murray legendary the greatest god bless bill murray and jimmy kimmel the best

  • brandon a 1 year ago

    Trump cant take his mask off when he’s alone and no one near him, but Bill Murray can put his face in a cake meant for an event?🤣🤣🤣

  • Leon Kennedy 1 year ago

    He does look good!
    70 is the new 50.
    Good health.
    Franny P.

  • Ryan McNeill 1 year ago

    Bill is slowly morphing into Wes Anderson

  • Michelle Hawco 1 year ago

    Bill Murray is amazing! Long live Ground Hog Day!!

  • Students International 1 year ago

    🤭🔥🔥🔥 Love it. LoVe it.. LOVE IT!!! been a fan since day 1 and You’ve inspired us to begin our own YouTube channel. Please if you have a second check it out and support 😊

  • NevadaBoss 1 year ago

    Greatest Living American. No? Name one greater. Go ahead….I’ll wait…you knucklehead…


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