Bill Maher Responds to Whoopi Goldberg | Real Time (HBO)

Published on February 4, 2022

Bill defends Whoopi Goldberg’s right to be wrong – without being cancelled or given a time-out from The View.

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  • Sara V. 12 months ago

    DL & DV for the algorithm.
    Maher is a leftist shill. He is not a man of the people. He is a professional clown. Everything he does is a joke.
    Bill Maher’s entire life is a joke.

  • Shri Pendakur 12 months ago

    Why is America still watching traditional TV? Assuming that no one is downloading an app to watch ‘The View’ .. like how 2005 is this shit

  • Suebethian Texas 12 months ago

    I wish someone would have stood up for Roseanne Barr!!!@ Perhaps if Whoopi got the same it would end the apparent hypocrisy at least

  • Chomp Normski 12 months ago

    Whoopi, like most black people AND democrats cover up and marginalize bad actions of black people. Sorry that’s what it looks like to me.

  • Gregory Winchester 12 months ago

    Boy! The damn double standard in this country! Politicians and so called leader say things much worst and get away with it! Whoopi says something out of context and she murder for it! She meant on harm! ABC needs to learn something themselves!

  • Noneya Ratman 12 months ago

    The thing that bothers me is that proposing alternative explanations for the motivations of historical actors is often done in fairly mainstream historical discussions.

    Was the protestant reformation about freeing Christendom from the tyranny of Rome, or did an English king want a divorce?
    At no point did Whoopie say that the Jews deserved the holocaust, or that the holocaust was not terrible, do where was the antisemitism?

  • Bill T Marchi 12 months ago

    Whoop has always been a disgusting POS

  • glutemaster 12 months ago

    And Bill is the biggest hypocrite when he says “The View”. If you don’t share his view he calls you an idiot.

  • Marie Belle 12 months ago

    After all the 💩 Meghan McCain have said over the years!! It goes to show who is running the whole network! Jewish!!

  • Steven Kalavity 12 months ago

    I have not come across too many established right wing podcasters who want Whoopi cancelled, lest for the fact that many right wingers are being cancelled for their opinions. The cancel culture is so destructive and counter-productive. We need dialogue to continue and search for common ground of understanding. World War 2 was a conflict of European powers principally. However, these powers colonized and dominated peoples in Asia, Africa, and Asia-Pacific. The US had a segregated military in WW 2. Ghandi paused his fight against the British control because he saw the Nazis as much more threatening. Whites fight whites all the time and not all support the subordination on non-whites. This is an important point. I hope Whoopi watches tapes of the 1936 Olympics in Munich and the Nazi reaction to Jesse Owens and his fellow black US Olympians.

  • Sheen Sheen 12 months ago

    Bill’s just saving his ass with all the hateful $h1t he has said.

  • Sheen Sheen 12 months ago

    Now Bill is going to to teach me about culture. Ass!

  • Rose K. 12 months ago

    I don’t think she should be canceled it either. But this isn’t a case of not everything is for everybody. What she said was completely inaccurate and dangerous. She should though come on the show and explain how she was wrong. It’s not up for debate. The Holocaust was 100% about race and Jews are not white. It’s dangerous rhetoric.

  • Mary Ann M 12 months ago

    Well she defended Mel Gibson too or was it just Bill Cosby.

  • arik Cagan 12 months ago

    Excuse me Mr Bill but Woopi Is not a Pilar of some advanced civilisation. The comment was racist like daylight. And racism comes in many a colour. If black people in America stoped living in hoods they will be e relevant as far as elections go, but they’ll definitely be better off.

  • Nick Nomski 12 months ago

    “THE View” … Spot on Bill 👏👏👏

  • Mike Ratty 12 months ago

    The Democrats came up with the cancel culture. Fuckin wear it, bitches.

  • Flora Sulit 12 months ago

    I agree Whoopi shouldn’t be cancelled. What she said could be a conversation starter regarding the definition of “race”. The whole race thing makes no sense. It’s an artificially created categorization for certain purpose. It has changed throughout history depending on the needs of those in charge. For example, in the case of the Holocaust, some Jews didn’t fit the stereotype description. So much so that some were able to fake their papers and survive, while Hitler himself could pass for a “Jew” with his dark hair. He also targeted homosexuals, handicaps, and political enemies. In that sense, yes, you can argue that it wasn’t about “race”. That doesn’t make the Holocaust less terrible. It rather makes you rethink how easy it is to use such division of people for gaining power.

  • John James 12 months ago

    Oh yeah, but what the affect of climate change on trans people of color.


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