Bill Maher, Full Interview Part 2



  • manicoco18 4 years ago

    I think everyone criticizing Colbert should watch his other interviews too,
    he doesn’t interrupt as much and he didn’t in the first part. But from the
    beginning Bill was making personal snide remarks which aren’t needed if
    you’re having a intellectual conversation. I’m sort of glad Stephen stuck
    up for himself in the 2nd half. Either way, I liked the interview–it was
    actually really funny.

  • Matt Mooshian 4 years ago

    Stephen all of my love BUT don’t ever say Trump will win in Iowa & New
    Hampshire again.

  • Vanessa Araujo 4 years ago

    Seriously, Stephen was a terrible interviewer in this whole thing.
    Interrupting ALL THE TIME. Terrible to watch.

  • Lori Schwartzkopf 4 years ago

    That was some good TV right there.

  • Alex Grimal 4 years ago

    it seems Bill believed him when he said they cut the feed 5 minutes ago.
    and that was what lastly annoyed him. no mention with “who da fuck is
    steve” that was rude..that was pretty much a sucker punch.

  • Javed Islam 4 years ago

    “Bill & Steve” on network television, HBO, podcast or something guys!

  • Ever Burning 4 years ago

    Thanks Bill Maher for reminding me that in 2015 we still don’t know if
    microwaves are bad for us.

  • Jacob Kalin (Jkparty) 4 years ago

    A lot of people in the comments are taking a side on either Maher or
    Colbert, but honestly this whole interview was fantastic! I love a nice
    heated discussion by two rivaling talk show hosts. They’re both so
    different, but it leads to good television.

  • AdroitxAssassin 4 years ago

    I love watching two of my favorite liberals have a fun time and throw
    sarcastic punches at each other.

  • nothingclever99 4 years ago

    How and why is dim-witted Bill Maher still a thing? All I hear when he
    speaks are the crashing of IQ points everywhere. Nobody mind you, can spew
    the obvious like Bill ‘Common Knowledge Is My Thing” Maher.

  • Pranshu S Raghuvansh 4 years ago

    Bill Maher is like the Democrat’s Bill Oriley, has an ego the size of a
    ship, likes bashing other people that don’t concur and is never open to new
    thoughts (“I don’t use microwaves they are bad for you” is a very stupid
    thing to say to TRUMP an argument especially since the assertion is

  • PhilosBias2000 4 years ago

    love ehm both and respect both points of view..y’all keep making it do what
    it do Yo!

  • nothingclever99 4 years ago

    Thank you, Steve!

  • the_Ish54 4 years ago

    I love Bill’s response to ‘Pascal’s Wager’… both tongue-in-cheek and
    logical, I love that.

  • Henry Hill 4 years ago

    The weird thing about censoring both ‘shit’ and ‘fuck’ the same way is that
    it makes people hear ‘fuck’ regardless. In Australia for example they can
    say ‘shit’ on the 6pm news, so if you hear a bleep it’s most likely ‘fuck’.
    Censoring a late-night show so heavily is a strange thing…

  • Eagles Fan 1978 4 years ago

    Anyone notice Bill said “Thank you Steve” at the end?

  • I Am The Bucket 4 years ago

    That’s pretty fun.

  • Fort Meade 4 years ago

    This is the Beatles VS The Rolling Stones. All You Need Is Love VS Sympathy
    For The Devil

    Both are great.

  • LoquaciousApe 4 years ago

    *”I don’t use microwaves, those are bad for you.”* – Bill Maher, Master of
    Reason and Rationality.

  • utkarsh sankrityayan 4 years ago

    BEST.INTERVIEW.EVERR (or on Late Show atleast)

  • Brian DeSoto 4 years ago

    You can’t deny that the crowd was loving the interview.

  • Ashley Madison 4 years ago

    This isn’t because of his views, which i feel are ‘mostly’ correct, but I
    find Bill Maher an obnoxious, arrogant, self absorbed arsehole.

  • Cris NumberTwo 4 years ago

    I love Maher, but he was being a real douche in this interview. It doesn’t
    seem like he knows the Report was satire.

  • starlinguk 4 years ago

    I like Bill because he’s not a nice guy. If that makes sense at all.

  • eddy m 4 years ago

    you know, I’m not a fan of maher but colbert is being a twat here.

  • r2c123 4 years ago

    Wait, why are microwaves bad O_o

  • hfwilkesjr 4 years ago

    Great job gentlemen! “Steve, you have to go on “William’s” show! Thanks!

  • flintmakesmusic 4 years ago

    To all those who say “Stephen should treat his guest right”: 1) The guest
    got the name of his host wrong, what the hell? and 2) Maher is making a
    living offending and criticising people. To be honest I’m disappointed in
    Maher, because no matter how goofy or stupid his counterpart is, he should
    be able to stay calm and talk rationally to him. I like Maher because he’s
    thinking in an academic way, I like his criticism of religion, but he seems
    to forget that emotions are not something to hate, but something to
    integrate in our life. Colbert showed what it’s like to be offended, to be
    flustered – as an expert in that regard, Maher should be able to deal with

  • Spock 4 years ago

    This was pretty intense

  • Tekin Beyoglu 4 years ago

    I love Bill until he starts to talk about Israel.

  • Ringo Brat 4 years ago

    this is enjoyable. I wished I was being sarcastic but I am not. the heated
    arguments? superb

  • xXPuNkRoCkRulesXx 4 years ago

    this needs to be longer. There’s a bit of a frenemy situation here but I
    liked it. The chemistry was still there.

  • john downer 4 years ago

    Colbert late night is shit!!! Not funny at all. i used to love the Colbert
    Report, but now Colbert is embarrassing. Plus Colbert obviously being a
    dick with Maher.

  • MrRmozart 4 years ago

    This was freaken hilarious! Love these guys!

  • Eric Sondrol 4 years ago

    Bill….the first rule of what to do when u are digging yourself into a
    hole is to stop digging

  • Troll Dude666 4 years ago

    Bill nails Steve!

  • donneRak 1080p 4 years ago

    highly entertaining. best interview i’ve seen in a while

  • moiraine_damodred 4 years ago

    love how Stephen handled this cunt face

  • not2stupidguitar 4 years ago

    i could watch hours of this

  • c garb 4 years ago

    Finally someone in popular mainstream media actually stands up to Bill
    Maher. And Colbert does it with humor and sensibility.

  • Ivory Oasis 4 years ago

    Woa, Colbert is a crazy christian? haha. Too funny.

  • Wayne Baird 4 years ago

    Glad to see the whole interview. Bummer that CBS only aired a sliver of it.

  • Stellar Cellar 4 years ago

    Yikes, this interview was akward from the start. Colbert didn’t seem
    prepared for Maher’s answers and the interview kept loosing momentum.

  • Kaushik Prasad 4 years ago

    This is a classic clash between the two comic styles, Bill Maher, who is
    kind of pissed off at the world, is cynical, and gets his laugh from
    insults and jokes poking fun at others (“Look at how stupid the Americans
    are”)and Stephen Colbert, who represents the classic American Comic style,
    self depreciating, Jovial, Inclusive, and applauds ambition and celebratory
    (“Look how stupid we are”)’ That is why Colbert and Maher can’t get along,
    they’re opposites in terms of their comedy and life outlook.But the end of
    the day, both are comics, making fun of things and trying to get a laugh.
    You really can’t choose who is right . But one thing is for sure, Colbert
    is just plain funny.

  • Felz Naptha 4 years ago

    I think Bill means well, but he always seems very bitter. I’m a faithful
    viewer of his show realtime, but he’s had some very tense, hostile moments
    with guests just because he didn’t like their point of view. he has said
    before that he had a very sexless, lonely youth being 5’7 and awkward so
    maybe this is like his natural defense mechanism that he’s developed

  • Sean Mugan 4 years ago

    This was tough. Stephen is the man, but he wouldn’t let his serious guest
    finish any serious sentences. It’s a comedy show I guess, but this could
    have been more productive I think if the host had handled it better.

  • Aaron Horrell 4 years ago

    “You’re not wrong, Walter. You’re just an asshole”.

    -The Dude explains Bill Maher

  • Paul Blake 4 years ago

    Hilarious interview. Two great comics that feed on a little conflict and
    who are both quick witted. I don’t think either of them hate each other nor
    do I think this interview went badly because it didn’t. It was funny and
    that is probably what they both wanted as comics. YouTube comments and
    judgement probably aren’t considered by either of them. Bill is a less
    tolerant person but that’s part of his shtick. Well played by both. It was
    like watching a great tennis match.

  • chasemebaby 4 years ago

    “Intellectually embarrassing myths from the Bronze age!” Burn!

  • Randall Schoverling 4 years ago

    Could you please let the person you’re interviewing get a word in edge

  • Simon Winbro 4 years ago

    So fuckin hilarious ??

  • ObservableFiction 4 years ago

    It seemed way more tense when it aired, this was much more laid back.
    Perhaps that’s why ‘Steve’ recommended we watch the full interview the show

  • payableondeath7 4 years ago

    Please bring him back ever 3 or 4 months, especially during election

  • Erwin Gabat 4 years ago

    They’re actually good friends.

  • Mikee Holl Martz 4 years ago

    They should do this every week! Great chat!!! :)

  • Roberto Llanto 4 years ago

    To me Bill Maher is an old-fashioned satirist. A guy who deals with serious
    subjects and masks his material as comedy. So, naturally, he’s trying to
    make his point across during the interview, which it’s impossible to do
    with Stephen interrupting him every two sentences. I liked the Colbert
    Report, but this new gig of his has become excruciatingly trivial and
    politically correct, just what Bill Maher hates.

  • Kathrine Wilbanks 4 years ago

    Never really heard of Bill Maher, but he doesnt look very fun.

    I think its nice that Stephen isn’t so shy about being a Catholic.

  • Naryan Robinson 4 years ago

    Bill just wants to rant, he really isn’t OK with anyone else talking.
    He wanted to get all the laughs himself while shouting about how stupid
    everyone is
    but wasn’t OK with Stephen telling any.
    I don’t think Bill is a particularly smart guy. He’s honest, which I
    appreciate, but all he ever does is pick flaws with other people, and he’s
    not familiar with the concept of he himself being wrong.
    It’s certainly very easy to imagine him as a smart guy, because he’s into
    political observation,
    but like he admitted himself, he simply doesn’t know how to be funny unless
    it’s dealing with republicans, who don’t really leave much joke left to
    tell by the time they’re done. Parodies of parodies never work.
    He doesn’t know how to empathise, can’t understand how other people are
    feeling, needs to be alpha male or gets uncomfortable, doesn’t have a
    strong vocabulary, and he doesn’t know how to handle himself when angry,
    which is often.

  • ChoskarChulian 4 years ago

    Wtf? Dude friends talk to eachother like this all the time.
    What kind of friendships do you guys have?
    “Hey Thomas, this is Michael. I really like you, man, wanna snuggle? Do you
    have my tampon?””

  • sssssssev 4 years ago

    This whole interview was hilarious. I mean, I’m sure there might be some
    real tension between them as you all are saying, but the way they handle it
    is too funny for me to care.

  • SRMR93 4 years ago

    Maher destroyed Colbert

  • Lintlikr1 4 years ago

    best interview ive seen in a long time!

  • Elizabeth Trainer 4 years ago

    For an arrogant, self serving prick, I really like ya Bill, but man, don’t
    EVER go bashing on my Steve! (Not cool.)

  • Brenda R 4 years ago

    Maher seems to be seething with jealousy. He is so pointed, seemingly
    demanding “respect” for what he perceives he started and Stewart and
    Colbert ran with and became superstars. Maybe Maher just wasn’t as good.
    That doesn’t mean he wasn’t good, but the vibe he puts off makes it feel
    like he’s feeling a failure by comparison and it is hitting a raw nerve.

  • Paul Ramos 4 years ago

    I am completely LOL on naive comments that they are “really hated each
    other”! They are still GOOD FRIENDS! They are just have different and
    polarizing POVs! Just because they don’t agree with one another, and
    bantering violently (almost) with each other constitute “hating one
    another”. Such non sequitur nonsense/rubbish.

  • Lip22Gloss 4 years ago

    Go Stephen! Stick it to him!

  • Alan García 4 years ago

    I’m loving this

  • metalshredmetal1 4 years ago

    the “silly stories” and “myths” are not literal. they are allegorical and
    metaphorical and describe the ****history of thought and the faculties of
    the human mind****. Greek mythology makes that pretty obvious.
    Anti-religious people are too materially oriented and thus are ignoring a
    plethora of NON-RELIGIOUS wisdom in those “silly stories”.

  • Cyberphobe 4 years ago

    For as awkward and tense as this interview was it was surprisingly very
    good. The tension had me laughing so hard.

  • Jonathan Alexander 4 years ago

    This was the best!!

  • MrMerajjio 4 years ago

    Wow Colbert is a terrible interviewer. Maybe he’s butthurt about the
    religious stuff?

  • Peter C 4 years ago

    Why is Steve arguing with him, couple weeks ago, Colbert said Trump will
    not win and now, when Maher is saying the same thing, he is disagreeing
    with him?

  • wabisabi wabisabi 4 years ago

    Well this did not go smoothly

  • Miguel Espinoza 4 years ago

    I like what Bill was saying but felt he was a bit of an ass to Stephen.

  • boondoggler325 4 years ago

    I like both of these guys, and loved this interview. A little tension makes
    for good TV.

  • Clem Son 4 years ago

    Wow! Steve one up’d Bill this time

  • Ma St 4 years ago

    Bill was making a solid point here and Stephen interrupted him…

  • Volvican 4 years ago

    I love how ‘Steve’ owned this interview. Maher does like to dominate the
    tone when he goes on his rants – but Colbert was like, ‘Nope – this is my
    show. It’s a funny show. It’s staying funny.’/

  • Stan F 4 years ago

    Umm …. the way I seen it Bill was trying to have an adult conversation
    and Stephen acted like a child. He kept interupting Bill to the point that
    Bill was pissed and rightfully so.

  • Mauro Pereira 4 years ago

    I could’ve had another hour of this interview. That was fucking hilarious!

  • ffsf739 4 years ago

    I love Bill. But I got to admit: he was a bit of an asshole throughout this

  • Olya KarLott 4 years ago

    Oh snap.

  • vash elray 4 years ago

    Two great minds and two great comedians having a great conversation

  • Fernando Lopez 4 years ago

    I think Maher thinks it’s his show where he has to have all the talking
    points. He couldn’t see that Stephen was just wrapping up the interview and
    had to wrap up his lame joke at the end that was going nowhere. His face at
    the end after they shook hands…priceless !

  • AckAck 4 years ago

    Oh man I have never laughed this hard over an interview ever, let alone on
    a talk show.
    The people saying they hate each other don’t seem to get that an
    intellectually challenging conversation between two comedians is guaranteed
    to be full of disses, jabs and the two poking fun at each other.
    I thought this was absolutely wonderful, and I’m so glad they uploaded the
    whole thing!

  • Addison Phillips 4 years ago

    This is the first time I couldn’t stand Colbert. Maher had interesting
    things to say and Colbert kept interrupting with stupid jokes. What the
    hell Colbert?

  • NeverDelete 4 years ago

    Why does Colbert always provide a caveat with his faith? You either have or
    have not.

  • ChillChannel 4 years ago

    well that was interesting :D

  • William971 4 years ago

    for anyone who thinks they like eachother is dead wrong. Bill has taken
    shots at Colbert for comedic affect and you can tell Colbert finally got
    rattled over it.

  • William971 4 years ago

    i think steve thought his crowd would be booing this not applauding. I
    think thats when he got a little pissed off.

  • William971 4 years ago

    there is no hell stephen. show me proof.

  • greatgatsb9o921o 4 years ago

    Only a filthy liberal like Colbert would bring on anti-moral,
    anti-religion, anti-god, bigot like Bill Maher… AFTER THE TRAGEDY IN

    Colbert should be suspended!!

  • William971 4 years ago

    this is the funniest i’ve ever seen Bill, and the least funniest i’ve seen
    Colbert !

  • Sleepydog 4 years ago

    How i wish there was a Part 3!!! lolz…!

  • alwaysasn 4 years ago

    I hate Bill Maher. He’s such a condescending douche that holds his opinion
    so high that he doesn’t let others argue with him. He shuts people down
    before they can speak.

  • sirchaox1224 4 years ago

    Both Maher and Colbert have difficulties letting their guests speak on
    their respective shows because their so opinionated. This interview is no
    surprise; constantly stepping on each others toes. Love ’em both, though.

  • S Oportar 4 years ago

    Ah. Bill is a convert. That’s why he’s so bitchy about his atheism.

  • Raymond C 4 years ago



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