Bill Maher, Full Interview Part 1



  • george sotiriou 4 years ago

    I wish more interviews were like that. This is how real people talk.

  • lilvipa1 4 years ago

    Wow, Colbert actually showed some discomfort. I guess it was easier to
    interview people when you weren’t playing pretend republican.

  • Harold Davidson 4 years ago

    I’ve watched these two for years, but never seen them the same room
    together. It was incredible to see how their personalities mesh. This was
    such a hilarious and just purely entertaining video. I’m glad they released
    the full one.

  • John Smith 4 years ago

    I remember when Bill Maher supported Vietnam as recently at 1999 or
    something, when he talked about it on his previous show “Politically
    Incorrect,” with Whoopi Goldberg and Christopher Hitchens. Did Maher ever
    call out Obama on Libya and Syria? I used to watch “Real Time” when there
    was a lot of material on Bush, but then realized Maher was being
    hypocritical on Obama.

  • AsFewFalseThingsAsPossible 4 years ago

    Please put part 2 link in the header !!!

  • Will R 4 years ago

    It is so sad to see Colbert go from amazing guests like Malala to ducks
    that squawk islamaphophia. Like that’s going to solve anything…

  • AA BB 4 years ago

    This was my favourite moment on the show so far, not surprised they
    uploaded the whole thing due to popular demand

  • kuwait85 4 years ago

    I really liked this interview. Two of my favourite hosts

  • Johnny Sahn 4 years ago

    I don’t think it’s our responsibility to CHANGE the ideas of OTHER cultures
    and conform their ideas/beliefs into our own. If another culture tried that
    to our culture I’m sure we’d object but yet we see not one bit of objection
    in the comments since we are the ones wanting to change another culture. We
    are a generation/culture of hypocrites that don’t know how to put ourselves
    in others shoes cause all we think about is ourselves. Changing ideas will
    require much propaganda and brainwashing from many sources but if the
    masses you want to condition don’t have access to those sources it would be
    very difficult…unless our tax money was used to put a cable box in every
    home, although we still couldn’t kill the idea as it has been quoted from
    many places.

    “You can kill a man, but you can’t kill an idea.” -Medgar Evers

  • InnerLight 4 years ago

    Wow, why does anyone like or watch Maher at all? Im entertained by
    Colbert’s interminable patience.

  • Myke Scribbls 4 years ago

    Great job Bill standing up against the regressive left here.

  • InnerLight 4 years ago

    If Donald Trump were a democrat, Maher would be the result.

  • Victor Kong 4 years ago

    I’ve never understood the evolution from stand-up comedian to political

  • jake roosenbloom 4 years ago

    It didn’t make it.

  • MrEroc50 4 years ago

    Maher didn’t even have a chance… “Steve” ran circles around him!!!

  • Shkotay D 4 years ago

    Under the guise of comedy, this WHOLE discussion was needed :D

  • Little Star (Zvyozdochka) 4 years ago

    Was Maher ever on Colbert Report, or Colbert on Realtime?

  • kendokaaa 4 years ago

    I dislike Bill’s general attitude normally but he’s pretty spot on right

  • Orisha1990 4 years ago

    This interview was great.

  • jeff4justice 4 years ago

    Marher disrespected Nader in 2004 then got Obama and spent his term
    bitching about Republican-like Obama is. Two party system fail.

  • wcm5150 4 years ago

    Hey cbs, my generation doesn’t like censorship OK? Now get rid of that

  • phoenixnair 4 years ago

    you two should get married !

  • greenghost2008 4 years ago

    Dude I’m an atheist and I’m liking Colbert more in this.

  • greenghost2008 4 years ago

    Also, ancient Greeks knew about germs, atoms, and where the sun went down
    at night.

  • Dustin O'Daffer 4 years ago

    *tension intensifies*

  • SupaEMT134 4 years ago

    This scum has his own show (soon to be canceled to give us more John
    Oliver). He doesn’t deserve anything from CBS.

  • Truvak T 4 years ago

    I see so many youtubers that do not blip anything they say, just because
    they do not feel the need to sensor themselves here, if you blip the
    network signal, it is ok, but maybe, just maybe, if you want to stay in
    touch with this thing called “freedom of speech” just do not sensor
    yourself here, fuck the fellows from the freaking FCC. BTW I really love
    your show and it is a shame that it is not available in Mexico.

  • handymate 48 4 years ago

    It feels like there’s some resentment that Maher harbors towards Colbert

  • David Coxen 4 years ago

    What the *BEEP* is with these *BEEP*ing beeps?

  • tinytanks 4 years ago

    shit just got REAL

  • Cody David 4 years ago

    you can’t pick a side, here… you might as well pick a side. have fun with

  • John Smith 4 years ago

    I love this interview

  • justmemadison 4 years ago

    Not sure why Maher had to come to this interview being condescending and
    dismissive from the start. They could have had a great back and forth if he
    wasn’t so arrogant. Stephen reaches his limit in the next segment and
    starts kind of mocking him. Bill calls him Steve and Colbert goes on a
    little rant basically calling him out for being a prick. Bill Maher pouts
    and then stops talking…he looked petty. I like Bill Maher a lot, but if
    he has such disdain for Colbert he should never have accepted the

  • Cody David 4 years ago

    Bill was a little out of his element here, yknow. I think it was great how
    he got challenged there. good for them both.

  • Erik Nyberg 4 years ago

    ISIS was founded before 9/11 (three years prior) and started claiming
    territory first when Obama started pulling out troops. Exactly what
    everyone said would happen before his election.

  • Gone 4 years ago

    great interview from both sides, when I saw Maher was the guest I knew I
    had to watch this. It did not disappoint. I could have predicted the
    display of raw brain power and uncomfortable ideological tensions that you
    could cut with a piece of newspaper

  • Distracted Observer 4 years ago

    Maher wants to say “kill off islam” but he can’t so he has to walk around
    it to “ideas” & “idealism”.
    We know what you mean Bill, not saying you’re wrong… There’s plenty of
    millennial liberals who already attack you for that…

  • Indiegaze 4 years ago

    Oh come on CBS, enough with the stupid censoring. Most kids hear much worse
    language in all their favorite songs and tv shows everyday. And we know
    what they are saying anyways. And if you’re an adult and you can’t handle a
    couple of dirty words, but you’re fine with a conversation joking about
    genocide and terrorism, with an audience laughing their ass off to it; you
    need to pull you panties out of your butt crack, and put on some big boy
    pants. This is 2015…for fucks sake…

  • Jonathan B Lerner 4 years ago

    Jesus, how awkward and adversarial what this?? I don’t really get why,
    though, they’re both such huge, important figures in the progressive

  • TheBmw4545 4 years ago

    I hate bill cunt face

  • Muhis Yare 4 years ago

    I don’t think they hate each other they just don’t agree with each other

  • prabasha thilakaratne 4 years ago


  • Gonzalo Castaneda 4 years ago

    it would be nice if Colbert could take things more seriously. he’s too much
    as goof.
    John Stewart, where you at?

  • Poison Toad 4 years ago

    How come we can’t see full episodes?

  • gutteruth 4 years ago

    I agree with Bill Maher here… Yes ISIS would not even exist if we had not
    gone into Iraq because if You did your homework, Kiddies, ISIS started as a
    very radicalized faction of terrorists in the POW camps operated by the

  • BenSomething 4 years ago

    To those questioning the source of the animosity between these two- it’s
    because one is a Repubwican and one is a Democwat.

  • Elke Ve 4 years ago

    The islamophobia is strong with this one.

  • Triple Tee 4 years ago

    Bill Maher being interviewed by Colbert!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nike013 4 years ago

    Damn Stephen I love you but let him speak

  • dash.galaxy 4 years ago

    Bill was on point but Stephen honestly was a bit of a dick here. I still
    love him, though. But seriously, not very respectful.

  • DarkAnimeAngel2006 4 years ago

    He’s such a ham he pauses before every applause then laughs like “yes, I
    know I’m funny”.

  • G HDW 4 years ago

    Hope I’m alive when the censorship of North American media dies.

  • shima shahadifar 4 years ago

    I wanna say that i think Maher is right about deciding with Brain not
    emotions and heart but he is such an asshole that I prefer to say nothing

  • Clueless Wisdom 4 years ago

    Alot of Passive aggressive’s between these two.

  • Holly 4 years ago

    bill maher … if ur a logical democrat u have to love him xD

  • jomay78 4 years ago

    Two of my favourites but they don’t mesh well. Their personalities are too
    different. And even though I just love Bill he was a bit of a dick to
    Stephen. No need to be snippy…

  • Impeccable Petrichor 4 years ago

    Why censored? I was hoping to watch this uncensored. could you upload
    uncensored now. thank you

  • Darian Logan 4 years ago

    Hilarious. Great battle of wits.

  • Brandon Spears 4 years ago

    Nobody wants to fill us in on the Dinosaur reference? Probably a jab at
    religion? no?

  • Iftheysayagame'sname They'llplaythatgame 4 years ago

    They Barely talk about anything.

  • Franz Brinsa 4 years ago

    it’s pretty racist to say that 20-40 percent of muslims have that believes
    its obviously his personal estimation wtf

  • 2206lauretta 4 years ago

    Did that fucktard just say 30% of the Muslims want to kill people, who
    leave their religion? Where did he get that numbers? Let me guess he pulled
    it out of his ass..

  • Comfort Break 4 years ago

    I wish all late night interviews has this kind of spark

  • Bimini Road 4 years ago


  • John Kim 4 years ago

    Thank you for finally delivering the full interview… that we never asked
    for. Seriously though, no one watches his show for a reason.

  • Babak Jameei 4 years ago

    Did anybody noticed that Colbert sat down first? He always let the guest
    sit down before he does, out of respect. So why not now?

  • Cinemaniac Jean 4 years ago

    wipe’em out is of course irrational, but is it really difficult for all the
    other nations who despise ISIS behavior simply organize a MERCILESS attack,
    they are planning to die, all they want is to take innocent people with
    i’m a pacifist (which is why my google images search for “ISIS” was very
    traumatic) but even i can’t stand this kind of behavior… I understand the
    US made it uglier after 9/11, but they had committed 9/11…
    just don’t take innocent victims unfortunate to live in the same place…

  • MrKingKong007 4 years ago

    This interview turned a little into Craig Ferguson style :D

  • 4hpook 4 years ago

    It is pretty obvious that these two men despise each other. Plus what’s
    with all the digs saying that Colbert used to be a Republican? Why is that
    somehow worth bringing up? Maher acts like someone pissed in his soup.

  • Jesus Christ 4 years ago

    bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep

  • Haha Haha 4 years ago

    maher is an idiot

  • Zeal lewis 4 years ago

    This is why this show rocks all other tv host shows. They post the entire

  • r2c123 4 years ago

    7:22 that’s where Bill’s ideology is wrong. Not even 40% Muslims think you
    should be dead if you leave the religion

  • SuperKillerpickle 4 years ago

    Wow the full interview is so much better than what aired. What aired made
    them seem to hate each other, but this shows that they actually like each

  • Eric Sondrol 4 years ago

    Colbert kicks his ass 6 ways to Sunday…Maher is soooooooo angry….he
    reminds me of angry old white guys…….I guess AOWG’s are not just

  • chaosXP3RT 4 years ago

    FDR said “Let Italy, France and the Pacific be evidence that air power
    alone will not stop a determined enemy.” Bombing ISIS is not stopping them.

  • chasemebaby 4 years ago

    FML Bill Maher is the man!

  • Long Distance 4 years ago

    a racist douche bag exchanging propoganda with another total ‘bleeping’
    douche bag.

  • SaucyMcSaucer 4 years ago

    This was cringy as fuck and I hate to say it, but I think Maher came out
    the victor (if you can even call it that)

  • FreaperFTW 4 years ago

    7:35 I don’t think the audience realized what they were clapping for.

  • avrillovugne 4 years ago

    Would love to see Bill Maher on Jon Stewart.

  • Lintlikr1 4 years ago

    this interview is intense asf

  • Billy Bowden 4 years ago

    C’mon Nixon was a better president than all those guys after Reagan
    (including Democrats).

  • Paul Ramos 4 years ago

    This is EPIC! I hope Bill invites Stephen in Real Time sooner than later
    (with Jon Stewart and John Oliver)! The clash of TITANS!

  • loosestringsholdyou 4 years ago

    Big fan of Colbert but his interview skills need work. This is not Colbert
    report anymore, Stephen needs to stop interrupting his guests it’s getting
    ridiculous. His interview with a Supreme Court justice few weeks ago was
    also full of interruptions. When you have a guest on its about them not you

  • David Kingsbury 4 years ago

    Maher is unfunny. I don’t think Stephen cares for him.

  • Crimsonphilosophy 4 years ago

    They are so competitive with each other.

  • sems1193 4 years ago

    “Omg they hate each other!” Jesus, guys, they’re just entertaining your
    asses. To take their “stabs” seriously it would be like falling for
    everything The Onion posts. Gullible mothereffers.

  • TheSandwichlord 4 years ago

    Such a sassy interview so fucking hilarious

  • CamiloSanchez1979 4 years ago

    Well, the idea that the emperor was a God in Japan kind of changed when
    they got nuked. Just saying

  • Liam Donovan 4 years ago

    It’s funny how easily this crowd laughs

  • Volvican 4 years ago

    Colbert throws bones to the ‘other’ side better than anyone in this job.
    Probably because he genuinely seems to be a guy that attempts to understand
    rather than polarize.

  • William971 4 years ago

    colbert had a ego tantrum from the sounds of it, can’t stand the fact
    theres one dog bigger than him out there

  • William971 4 years ago

    why does colbert bother to have guests if he just cuts them off, just let
    your guest fucking speak, its the whole point. Someone remind colbert it is
    his job to ask the questions, bill can happily do the answering without
    colbert jumping in everytime

  • William971 4 years ago

    is colbert that dumb in real life? He didnt politics for the last 10 years
    and he didnt understand the ISIS Jurassic park analogy? Jeez man he means
    that during the last jurassic park movie the dinosaurs took over the theme
    park after too much involvement in middle east, like i barely follow news
    and I get this and hes suppose to be payed millions do this ? time for a
    new host.

  • William971 4 years ago

    is colbert that dumb in real life? He did politics for the last 10 years
    and he didnt understand the ISIS Jurassic park analogy? Jeez man bill means
    that during the last jurassic park movie the dinosaurs took over the theme
    park after too much involvement. Same in in middle east, like i barely
    follow news and I get this and hes suppose to be payed millions do this ?
    time for a new host.

  • NeverDelete 4 years ago

    The comments only seem to be pointing out Maher’s dickishness; I love
    Colbert, but make no mistake, he is being a dick here too; “So Bill, you
    were about to solve the Middle East”

  • john wright 4 years ago

    women as second class citizens that is there culture bill stop messing with
    there culture

  • greatgatsb9o921o 4 years ago

    Only a filthy liberal like Colbert would bring on anti-moral,
    anti-religion, anti-god, bigot like Bill Maher… AFTER THE TRAGEDY IN

    Colbert should be suspended!!


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