Bill de Blasio – Campaigning on Progressive Change in the 2020 White House | The Daily Show

Published on August 21, 2019

Democratic presidential candidate and New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio discusses creating equal educational opportunities for children and reforming the U.S.’s police system.



  • George Sosinsky 1 year ago

    Fifteen dollars an hour will not help. Especially when you raise the price of everything else. Y’all still plain stupid.

  • J Trotter 1 year ago

    I think he’s a dingleberry!

  • Jipsy Noriega 1 year ago

    You could tell Trevor was not impressed by any of these answers lol

  • ipressedabutton 1 year ago

    bill de bla·sé

  • Matthew Coke 1 year ago

    People are people no matter what job we do

    We need to have compassion for each other

  • Danny Aikin 1 year ago

    won me over. best interview i’ve ever seen with him.

  • Senura Rajapathirana 1 year ago

    Bills team I know you guys are looking at comments, tell him to go talk to Joe Rogan on JRE.

  • Marcella Daniels 1 year ago

    Great interview Trevor asked some very good questions and this guy had it all together. I hope that he’s not all talk. I would vote for him.

  • Jamiel Dabbas 1 year ago

    Minute 2:35 – Bill says on Child Education: “Imagine a COUNTRY where every child got to start at the same starting line, and could reach their God given potential”.
    Haha / LOL – I say, welcome to Germany, France, Sweden and almost all West European Countries 🙂
    And this since before World War II… 🙂

    But ya, I guess for you Money and Wealth driven Americans, this would sound Utopian!

  • T. Baugh 1 year ago

    These interviews help me to agree with the fact that which ever candidate wins. We can expect better results than Donald Trump.

  • Paul Coman 1 year ago

    He’s got my vote!

  • Prince Cobra 1 year ago

    I don‘t care about anybody else. Bernie is the guy! no question

  • J Witherspoon 1 year ago

    I think an interview like this after he won his second term would have boosted his approval ratings in New York.

  • RSJ 1 year ago

    Trevor was a little off his interview game , a bit biased . He kept firing missiles on bill but he fired back nukes . That was good . Great achievement of bill and great ideology

  • Yancuic Rodriguez 1 year ago

    For a long time I have been thinking that it should be mandatory for police officers to get weekly psychological evaluations. Let’s be realistic, that is a high stress job and as it does not matter how much training they receive, they’re still human and it’s still going to affect them

  • Desi Manus 1 year ago

    One new yorker is fucking shit up, and the last thing we need is another new yorker. I will try my luck with mariann, she is bit more calm, and wild. Just because why the hell not. That way, trump would be distracted, and she might actually win.

  • PNG Daddy 1 year ago

    Anyone else binge watching The Daily Show with TN?

  • Gemel Walters 1 year ago

    Learning more about these candidates here than anywhere else. Bring back #PeteButtigieg

  • Afro Beater 1 year ago

    He killed a groundhog… remember that

  • Yapah Yasharahla 1 year ago

    All lies. With the non tax breaks for the brown it’ll be less than minimum. Brown wake up. I’d rather live amongst my people trying to make it until TMH rips them up, than die in my iniquities a poor Israelite slave.


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