Bill Burr Is Really Into Vaccines | Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend

Published on November 11, 2022

Bill got really into vaccines during the pandemic. Plus, Conan tells Bill about the time he got shingles on his eye.

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  • Diego Yerse 3 months ago

    Conan and Bill together is like if i was an orphan and lived in one of those old timey orphanages where you eat gruel for breakfast and dinner (no lunch for the orphys) and the rest of the day you scrub floors and get bullied and such but saturdays the Baker and the tailor come in with basketfuls of sweets and bread and clothes and happyness. thats what they’re like!
    but then they leave and sunday comes and you get touched by the priest……………. but Saturdays are cool!

  • Travis Mester 3 months ago

    “Please, never existed.” 😂😂😂

  • Hooyahfish 3 months ago

    Yeah I love vaccines. I don’t know why people are scared of them.
    If you drink alcohol, then you are already poisoning your body.

  • hotdamndan 3 months ago

    These two can literally talk about anything and they can make it funny AF. 🤣

  • Dov Kushnir 3 months ago

    I love how Sona has the best job in the world: just sitting on stage with a couple legends while they roast each other (okay, mostly Bill, but whatever)

  • Matthew Casella 3 months ago

    Call back humor at 4:54 from when Bill Burr was talking about shooting at a car (that someone burned to get the insurance money).

  • JpaniK 3 months ago

    Bill Burr said Conan O’Brien could be two face … But, I think Conan O’Brien has a perfect joker laugh.

  • Mike K 3 months ago

    Ole Liberal Hollywood Billy

  • Sourav Datta 3 months ago

    i would pay to watch a weekly podcast or rant between Conan & Bill….they make me laugh like crazyyy

  • Carter Frye 3 months ago

    was the pee hand guy Richard Christy?

  • Tony Crenshaw 3 months ago

    “I went to Harvard! I went to Harvard!” 🤣🤣🤣

  • Germán Camilo Martinez Cifuentes 3 months ago

    Conan does have kind of a joker laugh though 😂

  • Fattiger 3 months ago

    There was lady in my city who was really into vaccines. She dropped dead 15 min after her fourth.

  • Rey Marnier 3 months ago

    Where can i watch the full video podcast

  • Not Sure 3 months ago

    Goes to show who the real “snowflakes” are. Remember now, snowflakes are white like h’wyte peepol. The “I just peed” guy is real winner. 🙄. Don’t be that momo in a comedy club. There’s always one.

  • AF 3 months ago

    Those mics are bothersome.. I wonder who made that decision. Send them back to the 1950s.

  • Peter Newton 3 months ago

    Conan needs to wear longer socks. Just sayin. 😄

  • SgtKaneGunlock 3 months ago

    I think what makes Burr good or the thing he does better than any of his contemporary is figuring out where the line is and have fun walking right up to it with our ever really punching down its kind of like watching a tight rope act

  • Rahul 3 months ago

    Damn.. they did a whole comedy special by just talking with each other. Comic geniuses

  • Sarah Hughes 3 months ago

    I love seeing idiot right wingers get pissed at Bill for being liberal and/or listening to science. He’s always been liberal, he just leans into the right wing stuff for COMEDY. Go back to your world of misinformation. Im glad covid killed more of you than us (and no, the vaccine didn’t, no matter how much you believe it did)


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