Big News reacts to Tucker Carlson’s anti-mask madness

Published on April 28, 2021

Big News breaks down Tucker Carlson’s anti-mask madness, the results of the 2020 census, and the latest Gov. Cuomo scandal denial. Plus, can guest Gov. Ned Lamont make Connecticut sexy again?

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Clip air date 4/27/2021

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  • Luxo Deluxo 3 years ago

    Karen’s gonna start calling the police on kids with masks, not like that hasn’t prevented them before omegalul

  • Uriah Heep 3 years ago

    2nd here!

  • John Ree 3 years ago

    Why would you wear a mask outside

  • ONE DAY 3 years ago

    They should ask Carlson to be the next Joker’s actor in the next movie. He will win the Oscar for sure. The Joker in Tucker’s City

  • Abbie Alverez 3 years ago

    Tucker is really a psychopath

  • badfoody 3 years ago

    Imagine you’re a cop

    You’re an honest one

    The job is draining

    Your girlfriend has left you

    Your racist colleague still hasnt been fired

    Everyone assumes you’re a racist

    You just wanna solve some crimes

    Then dispatch freaking tells you that a kid is being abused

    You rush to the site

    And see a MAGA person screaming at the so called perp

  • mary jones 3 years ago

    lol, ty gov lamont and lssc fam!

  • Kate McBride 3 years ago

    Send the vaccines to India and other countries suffering for lack of them. If told they can’t have the vaccine maybe they’ll wake up

  • Glazer tv 3 years ago

    Loved this

  • Edward Pincus 3 years ago

    Tucker is noticeably losing it bit by bit, starting with his first spontaneous, unprovoked maniacal giggle a couple of days ago. So long Tucker…

  • Unknown Variable 3 years ago

    Tucker: …I attended a segregated college where I belonged two social clubs. One named after the assassin of a gay politician, the other named after a notorious racist. Buy swanson, keep me rich…

  • Claudio Fransson 3 years ago

    Prettiest girls in america, sure.

  • Christopher Bocquee 3 years ago

    Tucker is an idiot as masks protect you and your kids!!!

  • Edric Aldones 3 years ago

    “Is it child abuse to keep your child alive in a world with Tucker Carlson? ”
    Good question.

  • Stephen Cold Bear 3 years ago

    Don’t trick-or-treat in a Republican neighborhood on Halloween; they’ll call the cops and child services when they see your kids in masks.

  • Louise Daniels 3 years ago

    Tucker should be applying this logic to seeing police brutality, not masks on children.

  • Kathleen hammett 3 years ago

    Is Carlson back in the studio with 30 tech guys & guests milling around him, or is he still on his own & doing interviews by zoom. If the virus isn’t a problem & we don’t need vaccines or masks then Carlson should be back in a packed studio.


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