Big Game Review: Are You Ready For Some Locker Room Talk?

Published on February 7, 2017

Stephen looks back at the shocking win by the Patriots, Lady GaGa’s spot-on halftime performance, and the party attended by President Trump.

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  • KingOfMadCows 3 years ago

    America has a lot of killers. We have the best killers. The Zodiac Killer.
    Killer Croc. Killer Mike. Ghostface Killah. So many great killers.

  • SamKay212 3 years ago

    Can you please stop splitting these clips into multiple parts – gone from 2
    videos to 4/5 :/

  • TheSilverstamp 3 years ago

    Tbh i agree with Trump on this, US should realize more that they are not

  • WilliamWallace0597 3 years ago

    Honestly, Trump has a point there. The USA could accept the fact that they
    did a lot of bad stuff. Russia is a dick. USA is a dick with guilt

  • Erick Chicas 3 years ago

    Come on Stephen! The US has destroyed other countries over and over and
    over and over… Your country is NOT innocent. And YOU ARE kilers!

  • Aditya Mahat 3 years ago

    Maybe for once Tump was being honest and now every American is like “How
    can he say that!”

  • Ali Almugoter 3 years ago

    As much as I hate trump what he said was true…

  • MusicSprint1080p 3 years ago

    I hate Trump but I agree with his statement. America is not innocent
    compared to Russia. Or any nation. Obama tortured innocent people, they
    admitted to it. His drone program kill wrong targets, 90% of targeted by
    drones were the wrong target. Guantanamo bay is unconstitutional.

    I am really disappointed on the late show for being this partisan.

  • Chris Rad 3 years ago

    No we are not innocent Stephen… and to say we are innocent by comparing
    us to Russia is a pretty weak argument. Maybe instead note the fact that
    comparing a Killer to a Killer is a terrible argument in general..?

  • Ragnar sanriver 3 years ago

    America is not inoccent and Trump does not hate America, i dont even like
    the guy but that was bs

  • EB, the Composer & GFA 3 years ago

    Let me ask you philosophers in the comment section: Does the US poison
    journalists, lock up billionaires and allow the government to steal their
    businesses, legalize domestic abuse, and gun down political opposition in
    broad daylight? No? Then SHUT THE FUCK UP.

  • bobothecreepyclown 3 years ago

    ‘Murrica has the best killers! ‘Murrica nummer one in da kill’n bidness.
    USA. USA. USA!

  • Whyntir 3 years ago

    Guardians of the Galaxy was the highlight for me.

  • Alex Landherr 3 years ago

    The drones behind Lady Gaga was very impressive too me.

  • Walastika 3 years ago

    Why does the segment end so abruptly?!

  • dj sona 3 years ago

    Our first lady is such a gold digger.

  • Left Anti PC 3 years ago

    A morally very very compromised guy, the US president is.

  • Manuel 3 years ago

    Admitting that you’ve done terrible things doesn’t mean that you hate

  • Grail Gal 3 years ago

    f*** the Patriots talk about something else

  • j en 3 years ago

    do you people realize the common name for you is AmeriKKKan ?


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