Biden’s Surge, Afghan Election Dispute & Rubio’s Rant | The Daily Show

Published on March 10, 2020

Kamala Harris endorses Joe Biden in a weird hostage-like video, two men both claim they’ve been elected president of Afghanistan, and Senator Marco Rubio sounds off about daylight saving time. #TheDailyShow



  • Zakaria Ouirar 4 months ago

    Its really sad that people are voting for a useless guy who mentions Obama whenever he gets stuck rather a guy who wants to revolutionize the USA to become like Norway and maybe better with socialist values

  • Mihir Patel 4 months ago

    Biden 2020!!!

  • Jennyoy 4 months ago

    Why Harris endorsed Bien? It’s because of DNC

  • Fainoor Gooner 4 months ago

    U know what Trevor the policies have to be revisited and changed and these guys sitting on top are shit scared now with Corona and the economy coz they can’t make money.. money is people and people run for the money the is flawed in so many ways

  • Berries 20 4 months ago

    I wish Warren would look into her heart and endorse Bernie, someone she’s always been friendly with before the primaries and the one she knows can help us.

  • Janus 4 months ago

    It for the uninformed voter who undecided because they don’t know anything. If they told the truth their endorsement will be weaker. Evenyone know try are doing it not because they believe in Joe but they might get something out of it.

  • Jason Bean 4 months ago

    Time to remember that the office of the Presidency was created around the singular personality of George Washington.
    Many people wanted him crowned king. He refused. Can you imagine Trump doing that?
    Now to our current predicament. The House impeached him, the Senate acquitted him. Our only recourse is the ballot box. Who would be more effective?
    Don’t get me wrong, I agree with almost everything Bernie says. But he can’t put all his policies forward without support. Can you imagine our current Congress accomplishing Universal Health Care?
    We barely got Affordable Health Care.
    And who managed to massage that through Congress?
    Joe Biden.

  • kloggmonkey 4 months ago

    what’s biden’s fucking appeal anyway!? i don’t get it. obama’s workmate won’t bring back obama.

  • kevin mccrae 4 months ago

    Thanks Trevor that’s what he is Marco Rubio full of crap

  • Berries 20 4 months ago

    It’s 2020, and people are somehow WILLINGLY voting for Biden who opposed white kids and coloured kids going into the same schools together?? Excuse me??

  • Sophia Bohigian 4 months ago

    The first time I ever agree with Marco Rubio lmao

  • 020ctmarie 4 months ago

    Biden is surging because he’s completely exploited the fact that older black people like him and the media has been gassing him ever since he won one state after Bernie won 3. This is complete BS. He does not deserve this nomination over Bernie. Please vote for Bernie y’all! Our future is at stake and we don’t have time for incrementalism anymore. We are facing multiple crises.

  • Sophia H 4 months ago

    I hate daylight savings time ..

  • maxamuud cabdi jaamac 4 months ago

    Hey coronavirus it is your time to take advantage of these crowds
    Visit every single person who came here to watch a useless dispute
    Let me make this clear, if you have affected by coronavirus while you are watching these disputes it is your own don’t blame BIDEN and his opponent coz they did not forced you to come here
    Blame your self and your dirty mind that gave you a permission to go somewhere that you don’t know if it is save place or a dangerous place

  • Carrie Ann LaShelle 4 months ago

    They don’t know how to instagram.

  • Dale Thomas 4 months ago


  • Luis Trujillo 4 months ago

    “Bitch you work there tell them yourself” 🤣🤣😭

  • Michel Dees 4 months ago

    Where is the conscience of these so called Democrats? Bernie stands for everything they spoke about in their speeches. The country needs changes. Bernie stands for change. Biden exonerates status quo, but so many Senators are standing behind him. That means they can’t be trusted.

  • Michael Longoria 4 months ago

    Onset dementia 2020!

  • TheEvolver311 4 months ago

    Who’s ready for another 4 years of cable news pondering how the “centrist” lost to Trump? I’m actually curious as to what they will blame this time.


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