Biden’s Plans for 2024, Putin’s $700 Million Superyacht: This Week’s News | The Tonight Show



  • 🦋𝕝𝕖QUEEN 9 months ago

    biden is the best guy in the world

  • Евгений Андреевич 9 months ago

    Дедушка Альцгеймер против спортивного Путина😂 У нас даже патриарх Кирилл здоровее🎉

  • xalex doucette 9 months ago

    Joe Biden he’s a cool guy

  • Oll D 9 months ago

    t’s funny to call Biden president, he’s a ciliate slipper in the body of an old man🤣

  • vyatskiy1973 9 months ago

    they themselves came up with a laugh.fake news

  • carliena 9 months ago

    The legend of kISSLOVe.Uno snowquen’s is my idol.
    Hes the person I aspire to be,
    hes my light of day.

  • Witness101 9 months ago

    Jimmy is on drugs

  • ceci mak 9 months ago

    Putin – king of the world ! all ppl lVZ him! thank god!

  • PalinsDaughter 9 months ago

    Wow a picture with a yacht and a bogus story, now I believe everything the psycho thieves are selling.

  • mario Seib 9 months ago

    I’ve been havin some issues with Youtube. Does anybody know something around here?

  • Ziggy Ustar 9 months ago

    Sorry JOE you haven’t kicked enough ass to get the job twice You would have to follow today with Executive orders everyday for the rest of his term starting with legalizing pot/ Not paying off student loans Trudeau gave free money and they hate enough to try to stop him at every turn/ Joe the people want what they want & so far no deliveries for the little guys in the middle of the country pass them over they will deliver a win to the worlds biggest loser winning another 4 year term/and will try to lie his way in/ Oh America you are close to be in the hands of those who take everything for themselves and let the courts see them go free for crimes against the nation/ you choice


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