Biden’s Grim Meeting With Putin | The Daily Show

Published on June 16, 2021

President Biden and Vladimir Putin have the most emo summit ever, and Biden takes Putin to task for Russian cyberattacks on U.S. infrastructure. #DailyShow #Biden #Putin

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  • Linden 2 years ago

    Is Trevor going to go back to live shows with an audience. (I’m happy if he doesn’t, loved his show from home the most).

  • sebastian sebastian 2 years ago

    the thumbnail is amazing

  • Henry Africa Dawoh 2 years ago

    Are we going to ignore the fact that Trevor is still doing the Trump impression?

  • Galagar Rocket 2 years ago

    Biden didn’t mention the hacks or the human rights problems, or killing political opponents. Putin is free to continue those because if Biden mentions political opponents, putin can say January 6th and Biden and the rest of the media will never bring it up. Hacks on the pipeline will not come up because Putin can simply say the Nordstream pipeline was built because of Biden. And Human rights will never come up because Putin can say BLM exists in the US. Basically, Putin has the right to commit whatever atrocities he wants because Biden thinks the US committed the same crimes and therefore is alright for anyone to do it. BLM calls cops shooting black people like the Holocaust so when Putin kills 10 million Ukrainians for real, he can simply say BLM and Biden won’t do anything.

  • Bodhisattva 2 years ago

    60% what ship?

  • Quick Change 2 years ago

    The worst part is Trevor’s last joke could be an actual talking point from right leaning news networks.

  • KittyNice 98 2 years ago

    Putin as a former KGB officer is a Real Monster… A Killer and a Thief…((((((((

  • JACOB HARMON 2 years ago

    Maybe if Ameren gets hacked they can figure out how to keep the lights on when it thunders in St Louis.

  • Alexander Baranski 2 years ago

    President: please don’t attack these critical 16 sites
    Newsman: these critical 16 sites have been attacked

  • ? Nigma 2 years ago

    Maybe you should quit your ‘ joking’ about Biden’s age.. It’s getting as old as he is, and it’s not really funny..

  • SPEEDYB 2 years ago

    You need to accept BTC for donations just saying….

  • cris dlcruz 2 years ago

    Trump: treason is in style
    Biden: treason is the new black

  • Terrible - One 2 years ago

    Tervor’s old white man voice is pretty on point.

  • Dana Martinez 2 years ago

    Giving the a list of 16 things Is like giving a candy to a kid and ask it not to touch it

  • Azmil Shahrom 2 years ago

    There were no. 17. Hahaha. Nice.


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