Biden’s First Day of Clearing Trump’s Extremely Low Bar | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Published on January 21, 2021

President Biden threatens to fire any staffer who disrespects a coworker, the Oval Office gets a design upgrade, Press Secretary Jen Psaki gives a refreshingly boring briefing, cable news actively avoids saying Trump’s name, Roy Wood Jr. crashes the inauguration. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #Biden

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  • thabiso Hlatshwayo 12 months ago

    “We Back” – Joe Biden. folks your fine man will go back to fighting endless foreign wars, unemployment will rise back up, wait…what else? 10,000 oil and gas jobs are already on the line thanks to President Trump for setting the bar extremely low? Smdh

  • quest 77051 12 months ago

    HAAAA lol

  • Earl Blackman 12 months ago

    The 3 former President are in the 2 term club and Trump is just an one term club.

  • Ice L 12 months ago

    Biden in one day managed to undo a quarter of what trump did in 4 years

  • Hamalah Mastulah 12 months ago

    Congratulations Mr president Biden you beaten . God luck in your new Journey

  • Aaron Lawrence 12 months ago

    The efficacious lion pathomorphologically rhyme because dogsled disconcertingly face plus a deserted list. frightened frightening full fumbling functional, torpid jumper

  • John Wade 12 months ago

    You broke ???😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Patrick Kasongo 12 months ago

    I won the election by lot…they’re bad people on both sides they’re also good people on both sides…standback and standby…I ‘m immune I can down and kiss everybody….I will be back in some form
    “Trump quote and legacies”

  • imran khan 12 months ago

    Fix your sound quality

  • Karl Burnett 12 months ago

    Remember when Bush was the joke? Trump makes him look like a saint and I’d welcome Bush back in office, any time, after the orange scourge.

  • Joosh 12 months ago

    Petition to treat #45 like Voldemort, we just don’t talk about it. “He who shall not be named” and all that.

  • ElephantsRock943 12 months ago

    “…Joseph Robinhood Biden.” Yes.

  • Jon 12 months ago

    Okay Trevor. Trump is gone. New President, new start, and lot of work that needs to get done. Time for you to get a haircut, a shave and start thinking about getting back to the office.

  • Xelsancho3 fuku 12 months ago

    Lincoln Statue left the White House where did he go ???????

  • Sir Kay 12 months ago

    To be honest, are we going to sit hear and act like we didn’t hear Kamala Harris said she ain’t going to do anything specifically for black folks? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a Trump supporter or anything but, these two are a Obama 2.0

  • Felix Sun Music 12 months ago

    “Dude, you can’t summon him by saying his name…just say it. Trump.” I thought for sure some form of Trump was gonna appear in the video after Trevor said that.

  • King Lom 12 months ago

    You think with biden everything will be ok, I mean with us(iran)
    We’re really tier of this position,
    However i hope god help both of us

  • Stephen Ekron 12 months ago

    Public need to see :tory Smith ” dead men tell no tales ” (beforeitsnews)

  • LuLu, Sweet Thing 12 months ago

    Lol you know trump is watching the news and is furious at “joe biden is doing better”

  • Molli Wilson 12 months ago

    Donald will never be invited into the PRESIDENTS CLUB cuz he runs with scissors…


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