Biden’s 1st Year as POTUS: The Yays and Mehs



  • Michael Green 2 years ago

    He is the best President in the WORLD … Congress let him down

  • xįrx 2 years ago

    Ah , here’s my Bee fix!

  • Marvin T P Android 2 years ago

    Good to his word, Nothing has fundamentally changed

  • SuperLady 2 years ago

    At least we’re still crawling? Feels like none of us can catch enough of a break.

  • Rosemarie Bredahl 2 years ago

    “Safe Space
    Save Face”
    Re: Senate votes for election security (&/or filibuster change), please have voting
    by secret ballots.
    Hi, & Thanks.
    Saving Democracy FIRST needs what works, and I believe Republican Senators are at greater risk of loosing their senate seats by voting with Democrats to protect elections (&/or change the filibuster).
    Therefore, Schumer (et. al.) need to get their emotions out of the way, and stop believing that threats of shaming (now &/or in history books) will either appeal to Republican Senators’ morality or “blackmail” them via swaying their constituents away from re-electing them, thus either recruiting their votes to do “the right thing” or feeling gratifyingly like Democrats have at least punished them for their anti-democratic choices.
    If election integrity isn’t protected, publicly voting against democracy won’t prevent Republican Senators from being re-elected!
    Secret ballots for Senate votes on divisive issues hold greater promise, because they’ll all vote “no” when Mitch & “Trump-media” is watching. Therefore, I believe passionately that Schumer should give them a
    “safe space
    save face”

    Dr Rosemarie Bredahl

  • Kevin B Willson 2 years ago

    We Missed you Samantha Bee

  • keen 2 years ago

    Why is this show not on HBO Max?!?!?

  • ChoosyHereticsChoose CarnationRevolutionNow 2 years ago

    Hopefully General milley recovers from his cough speedily and with a profound epiphany… As Noam Chomsky stated on a popular online news program two Octobers ago… It may be time for the military to decide whose side they’re on… which is the last Wahoo moment I can recall… which seemed to have been ignored and the ball dropped, by supposedly good people

  • ChoosyHereticsChoose CarnationRevolutionNow 2 years ago

    Chalk it all up to the Prancing Knights of Malta

  • Osiris Malkovich 2 years ago

    Does America not have Party Whips? Why have Manchin and Sinema been allowed to break ranks and hold the country hostage?

  • DavidB75311 2 years ago

    Where is this man in a lifted truck you keep promising?

  • wiz9496 2 years ago

    Let’s go Brandon! God bless Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema!

  • blk hemi392 2 years ago

    Only The Biden administration can call dismal job numbers during record inflation progress. Nothing good or positive has come from the Biden administration. Nothing positive has happened to this country. The American People are worse off today, than they were pre-Biden. Nothing is being done to change what is currently happening to the U.S. The Biden administration is a complete failure.

  • Bleh 2 years ago

    I’m honestly convinced those two dems are either actually republican or are in republican pockets.


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