Biden & Trump Make Drastically Different Final Pitches To Voters | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Published on November 2, 2020

Trump and Biden make their closing arguments to voters, cities around the country prepare for election unrest, both candidates are ready to throw down, and the President argues that the race should be called on election night. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #Election2020

To help World Central Kitchen serve food to people in voting lines, especially in underserved Black and Brown communities where voting lines are historically longer, go to



  • Kirt Williams Williams 1 year ago

    I cant believe this is America …am i dreaming…is Mexico paying for the barricade around the white house

  • Seguindocomaboleia 1 year ago

    Still time to register online to vote 🗳
    Let it do it !
    don’t wait till 2024 do it today

  • Poemi10304 1 year ago

    The election results are under audit! 😂

  • maxamed yasin sicid 1 year ago

    Is like the movie Purge in USA, I may pronouce the movie wrong. but it’s crazy and it’s all because trump, he create 4 years of American death and hate between people

  • derick dods 1 year ago

    I’m not in America but Americans are acting like they are about to host ‘The First Purge’ damn!

  • Julie Rautenbach 1 year ago

    Vote America. Ignore the polls. Get out and vote no matter how long the queues might be. This election is the difference between a Dictatorship and your Democracy and believe me it is VERY close. Vote for your family livelihoods, your healthcare, social security and a President who is decent, truthful and who will REALLY fight for ALL Americans and make America GREAT AGAIN. I am not American but we are watching from afar and rooting for you in the hope that Americans will do the right thing and vote country over party. Praying you have a wonderful, memorable, peaceful election with Biden as the outcome. #BidenHarris2020

  • maymakvm 1 year ago

    I think the boards are for some BLM looters and Antifa if Trump wins… that’s my thought

  • NW Emerson 1 year ago

    Thank God I live in a small village, I sure as shit want not violence anywhere following nov. 3

  • Junior Summer 1 year ago

    I still have not recovered from the shock that Trump was elected 4 years ago, if he is elected again I am going to bury myself

  • Alma Coles 1 year ago

    I voted for Trump. *Go Trump 2020!!* Biden enjoys touching little girls and sniffing their hair on public camera…yuck!

  • HannibalOrJustRex 1 year ago

    The guy’s most effective move is encouraging contention and hatred and making those people who hate feel justified and important. A lot of them don’t seem to care about whether or not he’s good at his job. I recently watched a crowd of Trump supporters cheer for covid because he called it “the China virus”. They seriously cheered for a deadly pandemic because he called it something that they understand rubs people that they hate the wrong way. That’s what’s been important to so many people these past years. Not policy or performance, it’s that they love a guy who is willing to be a big loud asshole even if his performance drags everything to shit.

  • GT Nismo 1 year ago

    Here we are. Crunch Time. VOTE.

  • B A 1 year ago

    I’d be biting my nails if my hands didnt taste like hand sanitizer

  • just me 1 year ago

    I automatically vote against any party that blocks traffic

  • Kevin R 1 year ago

    Your videos have very low volume, please better volume

  • Jeshaun Campbell 1 year ago

    You did the Jamaican voice so good I understand everything u said

  • Evil Corp 1 year ago

    It’s a cult.

  • Doctor 095 1 year ago

    THE PURGE is coming 🔥

  • Itadori Gojo 1 year ago

    I thought that blood was real.

  • MultiLaughs88 1 year ago

    this ish isnt even funny. never in my life has an election been a physical threat to anyone in america. we have got to defeat trumpism or america will no longer be sovereign


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