Biden Threatens a Tax on Oil and Gas Companies

Published on November 2, 2022

Seth Meyers’ monologue from Tuesday, November 1.

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  • C L 7 months ago

    First 5 mins were super ???? Lame or wrong or something ugggg

  • Space Force Commander 7 months ago

    Scollins would have failed another Surprise Inspection.

  • C L 7 months ago

    I just read all the earlier posts. Lol. U should hire ur fans Seth. Lol.

  • Catherine Rosengren 7 months ago

    I haven’t watched seth for a while now and now I remember why. Too many jokes only the crew and wally get. (In house) jokes. Frustrating, because I like seth.

  • John Huxley 7 months ago

    hahahahahaha oooo we will make you pay you fair share of tax ooooo revolution!!!!!

  • Paul Astle 7 months ago

    Biden is correct to TAX these greedy and socially dysfunctional companies but,
    is Biden risking assassination in the process?

  • Andy Shick 7 months ago

    Dad-supported Netflix won’t be free in 2023

  • OriginalPiMan 7 months ago

    I’d correct this and say Mario is a _former_ plumber, as revealed by Nintendo in 2017, but Romney wouldn’t know that and so the joke still fits.

  • James Jones 7 months ago

    I guess Seth thought that was all funny!

  • alexander williams 7 months ago

    Hello from New Zealand. Sending love to Seth and the crew.

  • PopeLando 7 months ago

    Well, that would make it the funniest joke Mike Scollins ever wrote. Whole monologue was a disaster btw.

  • Josh Bou' 7 months ago

    Netflix is trippin’ if they think people are gonna jump at a chance to PAY TO WATCH COMMERCIALS… the whole point of commercial plans is the money they make from commercials covers the plan cost… wacadoos.

  • Phillip Arthur 7 months ago

    Listening to Seth talk about is his dad made me think about my dear old dad, “What the hell are you doing in the bathroom all day and night? Get out of there and get someone else a chance!” LoL Do you know what movie this came from?

  • Napalm Holocaust 7 months ago

    Just start with regular, normal property taxes. That would directly benefit those they’ve been sucking money from by not paying any. The local schools and hospitals.

  • Burnettski9292 7 months ago

    Classic Scollins


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