Biden Sworn In as President After Trump Leaves the White House: A Closer Look

Published on January 20, 2021

Seth takes a closer look at Joe Biden being inaugurated as the 46th president of the United States, officially ending the Trump presidency.

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  • Charlie Kelly 2 years ago

    Alot of college dudes comparison

  • Joy Marcus 2 years ago

    Bernie statue plaque: “Come, don’t come, it’s a statue, who cares?” LOL! Priceless.

  • Kathy Kaylor 2 years ago

    I’m shocked that Ted crews was there. The gaul.

  • NeedOfRelaxation 2 years ago

    Seth’s Bernie is scary good!

  • Poo poo Pichu 2 years ago

    That was Seth taking a selfie with Ted Cruz!!

  • Dan H 2 years ago

    “Trying to get ketchup off of the Constitution.” Seth
    This might sound like a joke, but most definitely true.

  • Mr. Yuk 2 years ago

    MEL… MEL… She’s out today.

    I love it, going to miss Don yelling for Mel, I’m not going to miss them.

  • sam gonzalez 2 years ago

    Scarf Man Insurrection Rated PG13

  • Fuad Al Sakkaf 2 years ago


  • Ian Armstrong 2 years ago

    “Love is going to be a problem Jimmy.” 😂😂

  • TooBlessed ToBeStressed! 2 years ago

    I’m glad that foolishness is OVER!!🙅🏽‍♂️

  • Sonyaliloquy 2 years ago

    That’s just how big Catholic bibles are. We have our own massive one in our home.

  • shadowdragon007 2 years ago

    the future former president club meet ups will be awkward

  • mix .mp3 2 years ago


  • JJ Metrejhon 2 years ago

    A Closer Look – ‘smilling’ the tea on politcs. LBR the only thing I’m going to miss about 45’s administration is the ME-E-EL? jokes

  • Cheri Moore 2 years ago

    Scarf man is Steve Bannon hiding in plain sight.

  • Comic Jim Bruce 2 years ago

    There’s a great episode of the Simpsons where George Bush Sr. is writing his memoirs, and he says that after doing everything he wanted in the first term, there was no need for a second. That’s a joke, of course, President Bush was gracious in defeat. It’s funny to see a guy lacking such grace that he has literally brought that out to see if it works.

  • Cat NotmyLastname 2 years ago

    Oh, lmao. Bless the Village People for providing the perfect departure music for that silly old fool.

  • Jenna James 2 years ago

    so wonderful that millions were spent on a welcome party while people starve waiting for a stim check

  • Corn Pone Flicks 2 years ago

    “The military is thrilled.” You mean the suckers and losers? I expect they are thrilled…now.


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