Biden Signs COVID Relief Bill on One-Year Anniversary of the Pandemic: A Closer Look

Published on March 11, 2021

Seth takes a closer look at President Biden signing his $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill on the one-year anniversary of the pandemic while Republicans try to both lie about the bill and claim credit for it.

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  • robert caldwell 3 years ago

    Maybe they all would have died,and I wouldn’t have to listen to the sound bites anymore???? SETH !!!!

  • El Jefe Sinnaman 3 years ago

    Will Cain….I am convinced he is a tv villain with a day job.

  • Joshua Flask 3 years ago

    Well there is a fictional demon that has sex with men for there sperm until they die usually and that would be a succubus

  • vospecv 3 years ago

    “Spending porn” for the GoP is money going to the people and workers rather than the corporations and wealthy…

  • MrSandman127 3 years ago

    Kennedy has some serious issues with strippers and pron… nobody, not even the most perverted people I’ve ever met, ever made comparisons like that.
    Seems like the closer you are to becoming a skeleton is the right time you let your buddies out of the closet.
    edit: yes, I see the typo, and no, I won’t fix it.

  • Lisa B 3 years ago

    People doing the right thing is a laugh. They don’t even listen to doctors trying to tell us how to safely live with a highly contagious airborne disease.

  • Devlin Burgess 3 years ago

    Seth’s Kennedy impersonation is actually pretty on point.

  • Amanda Galvan 3 years ago

    So we the people are pet projects then?

  • mjc 427 3 years ago

    Now lets give the .1% another huge tax cut, the Republicans: Yes!!!

  • Mary Fletcher 3 years ago

    I really miss the attic shows!

  • Angie Flores 3 years ago

    you look 10 years younger now compared to last year Seth! whatever you guys are doin to him, keep it up!

  • nini z 3 years ago

    Seth you are horrible at jokes. Please stop. Just do the news

  • Asa Towne 3 years ago

    When your party spends so much time lying, blaming others, deflecting, projecting, and having pity parties, that nobody can even remember what your organization actually believed in. FFS, the Republicans should change their name to the National Enquirer Party. “Signing a Covid bill was all well and good, BUT WHY AREN’T THE SCUMMY DEMO-RATS TALKING ABOUT BAT BOY?! SUSPICIOUS!!!!”

  • FesterWerks 3 years ago

    I love “Mel! Mel!”


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