Biden Says Slight Recession Is Possible but Not Expected

Published on October 13, 2022

Seth Meyers’ monologue from Wednesday, October 12.

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  • Ted Perez 5 months ago

    potus probably meant “short-lived” recession?

  • Michael Lindell 5 months ago


    The Dahmer Netflix series is actually called:

    “Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story”.

    I guess they wanted to be extra sure everyone knew it was about Dahmer.

  • Coffee Zombie 5 months ago

    Do you think it’s because no one knows who Walter Cronkite is anymore?

  • Penney Sound 5 months ago

    “Now, it is true that there may be a recession… a slight recession. But most of our economy… it’s just fine. Our industries are booming and increasing GDP… free to pursue a life of religious fulfillment.”

  • Space Force Commander 5 months ago

    Bipartisan Luncheon & barbequed meat. Must be difficult to chew with all those false teeth.

  • Kady gatland 5 months ago

    I’m very sad that no one on your team of writers took the time to make a “Colbert” joke, seeing as that was the name of the bear that won.

    I mean come on, In other news; The winner of Fat bear week Bear: 747 “Colbert” says “it’s just COVID weight.”


    In other news; The winner of Fat bear week Bear: 747 “Colbert” was named today. But I’m confused, I thought Colbert was more of an Otter. Or DILF, which ever you’d prefer.

  • Space Force Commander 5 months ago

    The Good Dahmer, brought to you by the same producers of The Good Doctor, The Good Cop, The Good Place, The Good Fight, Good Girls, and Good Behavior.

  • name pending 5 months ago

    when you’re always broke it’s always a recession

  • Westley West 5 months ago

    The Bear was named “Colbert”. Ya’ left that little factoid out, didn’t ya’? 😅

  • New Message 5 months ago

    I know a place in Chelsea where you can see phat bears any day of the week.

  • John Browne 5 months ago

    In other words Biden doesn’t have a clue. What’s new?

  • Myrna Berry 5 months ago

    Please. The Harkles left the Royal Family because they are grifters and narcissists.

  • Drawn 5 months ago

    And the British public will be left to pay for multi-millionaire Charlie’s pageantry again… While millions sink into food and heating poverty.

  • Homer J. Simpson 5 months ago

    Bork bork bork 😀

  • Napoléon I Bonaparte 5 months ago

    No baby’s going to named Jeffrey for the next few decades.

  • Leonardo Araújo Hardman Côrtes 5 months ago

    You forgot to mention the fat bear was COLBEART.

  • fododude 5 months ago

    He always begins this segment with, “Let’s get to the news,” but then he ends it with, “That was the monologue!” So which is it? News or monologue?

  • Roger Moss 5 months ago

    “Inevitable but not admittable”

  • Jeff Perteet 5 months ago

    why is Congress on recess? We have a big war in Europe, production crisis, materials about to be a big issue, teacher shortage. Biden needs to get them back in session and tell them to stop passing pure symbalic bills or we’re sunk and even if those fascists take back over there will be nothing for them to fash on

  • alan carter 5 months ago

    Very slight”? 40% inflation,triple gas prices,stock market down 25%,A war he caused in Ukraine ,4 million illegal wondering around,A new housing crisis,Total dependence on oil to a Saudi Prince he called a murderer,Getting lost at the UN.falling asleep at the Summit,Confusing the pope and farting on the Queen.If this is” build back better” they need to pull his PERMIT.I need a cliff to jump off.


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