Biden Repairing Trump’s Damage, Anti-Vaxxers Spreading Garbage Disinformation & Cicadas!

Published on June 9, 2021

President Joe Biden took his first jaunt overseas since taking office with plans to see the Queen and have a private meeting with Vladimir Putin, Cicadas are all over the place, the flu is set to make a big comeback this year, there are anti-vaxholes going around infecting people’s minds with garbage, and Jimmy and Guillermo learn how to fence on their journey to the Olympics.


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  • David Anderson 1 year ago

    Well, it’s no wonder that Jimmy was outscoring Guillermo. Guillermo has been Jimmy’s foil for years.

  • Nadia Voun 1 year ago

    OMG take a bath ya crazy fools. Keys don’t stick to humans nor to magnets.

  • Nicholas Robison 1 year ago

    The only revision needed is your career.

  • FOMO FUD 1 year ago

    The USA is full of crack pots 🥰

  • Mark Sipka 1 year ago

    The world is ready for a Guillermo stand-up special.

  • Adam Henley 1 year ago

    I saw some fencing 🤺 at the Atlanta Olympics – the US team lost their first match at 7.30 in the morning to about 1/10th of the audience

    90 minutes later the US won the next match to confirm their place into the 9th and 12th and all the US fans were going wild until they realised 😂😂

  • Matt Berry 1 year ago

    So Miles Teller is a fencer too?? Wow that guy is multi-talented

  • Vivek Kumar 1 year ago

    Aur ye liye kyu. Mai tumhe jeet ki khusi deta raha. Apke pass rahunga apke ghar saadi karunga. Aur yaha ki baat to chal hi rahi hai. Zara Gaur farmaao is pe.
    Three steps following and this thing must.
    And I think this thing is in your control bit havier than these guys. Havier than these guys.
    Chaliye. Jaldi jaldi. Cut exact dena hai. Pehle ye karo. Mana kaise kar diya. Na to backup loh jaldi. Nahi milega. I am sorry.
    Hame to elergy tha. Ohk. To aap log hue kon yaha. Thik hai. Khatam.
    Bacha kitna. Itna kisi ka care nahi kiya aaj tak.
    Bus yahi rehna hai ab. Aur ye kya hai.
    Kyu bhei lalit Tyler. Ye to bahut hua hai. Andar ka baat.
    Kaise kar lete. Yaha rahiye sabse pehle. Aaj ratwaate hai apko. Aim hai guys. Zara thora thinking me daaliye.
    Apka kaam karwate hai aaj.
    Let’s move on. Mentality hai ek world community ka bana hai aaj hi. Jab hai aap log these 5 teams and just opposite of hell hai. See it only don’t think anything cleared you. This thing you have to follow. This thing is cleared. Aapka bhi bahut kaam hoega yaha se. Ki monopoly hi khatam. Dekhiye sab inka strength. Rahunga to baat hi kuch aur hoega. Ohk now. Then this is the end and don’t forgett this. Rakhab yau gehra prabhaw Parrega. Tumhara bhi kuch hai. Sab khatam. Ohk. Inka apna hai exact point share kiya hoega. Aap nahi hoenge.

  • Thierry Mad 1 year ago

    It’s “Touché” [To-Chey] in French!! So called champions don’t even know that 😂

  • WHOAMI WHOAMI 1 year ago


  • great instrumental music 1 year ago

    Any doctors that get their “facts” from internet only cannot be trustworthy.

  • repeat defender 1 year ago

    Swashbucklers use cutlasses, and fencers are very uptight about which sword they train with.

  • Oso Del Osos 1 year ago

    “And it sticks to my neck too…..” can’t make it stick to her neck, because ….gravity, “ someone explain me that!” 🙄

  • Authentickidd 1 year ago

    Send the vaccine to countries who need and want them, don’t waste them!!!

  • Charlie Wilkins 1 year ago

    That was so funny

  • Stirling Fletcher 1 year ago

    The “magnetic” key lady is allowed to vote. Let that sink in.

  • graph drafter 1 year ago

    Maam, If that is true then you should know by now your poop has strong affinity to your reading glasses.

  • chappahx 1 year ago

    This is my favorite late night show! Hilarious.

  • Autumn Branch 1 year ago

    Now, all of sudden, we have an army of Magnetos. That should bring down defense spending. 😂🤣😂


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