Biden Prepares to Punish Russia for Breach of U.S. Government

Published on February 25, 2021

Seth Meyers’ monologue from Wednesday, February 24.

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  • YepX 2 months ago

    Sanctions are nothing but economic warfare. Moreover, Biden is NOT doing anything for the people, he’s a liar.

  • Emblemed fate 2 months ago

    I was hoping win trump lost the russia conspiracy theory would finally end. Trump ended nuke deals with russia bombed their allys and destroyed their gas deals to prove he wasnt a russian puppet. Trumps and idiot not this evil mastermind russian agent get over russigate its just q anom for blue idiots

  • joe47771 2 months ago

    Russia’s joke is that they are showing how they can play with American Democracy

  • Unfolding Ideas 2 months ago

    Totally nailed the Mitch throat laugh. LTL

  • moonmoonbirdcpt 2 months ago

    like how my clown meme scout punishes the mobs in #TreeOfSavior? :^)

  • MOTHER RUSSIA 2 months ago

    Damn… look how tables have turned. Now communist states of America is trying to punish imperialistic and capitalist Russia 😂👌

  • DIANA SAYSON 2 months ago

    I protest! Stefon is rarely on frame for months now. Give me Stefon if he’s not starring anymore? 🙏😉

  • Krystof Dayne 2 months ago

    Lol yeah, Illinois, sure, blame an 8-year-old video game for a rise of carjackings 😂 could they be more desperate for an easy scapegoat?

  • Andrew Buckley 2 months ago

    Scary endcard is scary, looks like a 2d photoshop demented 5 head puppet came back to life to become the third way I get my America news

  • Mark Chippendale 2 months ago

    Hey Seth – just so you know: – soldiers are in the ARMY and SAILORS are in the Royal Navy! That’s just how we roll over here!!

  • Malgorzata Miroslawa Kim 2 months ago


  • Napoléon I Bonaparte 2 months ago

    Garland: McConnell, at last. We see each other plain. Mr. Turtle, you wear a different chain…

  • Dedier 2 months ago

    Trump slapped Russia with increased sanctions almost immediately after taking office.

    He then threatened the U.N. nations to increase military spending and then bullied them to amass more troops on the western Russian border.

    Trump then negotiated weapons to Ukraine, which is fighting Russia for independence.

    Trump then escalated the proxy war with Russia in Syria and tried to strong arm Angela Merkel into shutting down the new Russian LNG pipeline coming into Europe.

    All the typical things you do to your best bud.

    The only question is, does Seth not know these easily searchable facts, or is he still gaslighting. It’s the media and late night pundits that won’t let go of Trump.

  • Zahaqiel 2 months ago

    Banning GTA to stop real-life car jackings is like banning the movie Identity Thief (starring Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy) to stop people stealing credit cards. Neither has been relevant since 2013 and you can pretty much guarantee that nobody engaging in either crime were thinking about them at the time.

  • Alex Stauffer 2 months ago

    That’s a good McConnell impression. It really felt like he was almost thinking about maybe smiling.

  • anthonyt4154 2 months ago

    The Animal Crossing joke was good

  • Sir Smokee Fortwence 2 months ago

    We need healthcare. We need infrastructure. We need education. We need to help Americans.

  • shdw787 2 months ago

    If anything has shown me in the past 4 years it will be with a harsh finger wag


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