Biden Inherits the Mess of a Lying Madman

Published on January 21, 2021

It was our first full day of Trumplessness here in the USA and there were no crazy tweets from the POTUS accounts, Tom Hanks hosted a star-studded “Celebrating America” concert for the Inauguration, President Biden hit the ground running by signing many Executive Orders, Dr. Fauci returned with lots of information about the COVID-19 response, Trump plans his return to the political stage while Lindsey Graham continues to butter him up in Washington, the prophecies that the QAnon crowd has built their life around did not come to fruition, Trump’s final lie tally was 30,573, and we take a trip down memory lane with a 41 pun salute to the many nicknames we have given Donald Trump over the past four years, brought to life in a song by the great Rufus Wainwright.

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  • Foxplayz 3 years ago

    Where going to get erased Lindsey? sounds like a threat…..

  • James Mills 3 years ago

    Really. To heal America you call Americans mad man. Sad person you are

  • Stephen Latimer 3 years ago

    Oh my god the Rufus song was absolutely Brilliant! Thank you for keeping us sane over these past four years. You, Stephen, Seth, and Samantha and John O too. Special place in Heaven for all of you. You and your team are a million bucks. “SPREADY KRUEGER” GIVE THAT WOMAN A RAISE!

  • Bryce Carter 3 years ago

    jimmy kimmel the liberal

  • animals are love and happiness 3 years ago

    So happy for America and the world.

  • Lena Granter 3 years ago

    He look like he’s lost Jimmy…oh poor old Joe …dementia is kicking in.

  • Kerri k 3 years ago

    I agree Jimmy, trump has something on Lindsey Graham. Mmmm wonder what it is????

  • Javier Alvarez 3 years ago

    Trump = Hate!

  • Marc Louie C 3 years ago

    664 dislike we accept you 🙂

  • Jean Duffy 3 years ago

    Suck it Qaon! Come on, call your Doctor and get some help! Please you did get Con!

  • somosgenel 3 years ago

    03:03 ” He told us about a NEW STRAIN OF THE VIRUS IN South Afriker” in other words, or in the words of Pearl Jam : “It’s EVOLUTION, BABY”… Evolution a process by which an organism changes through time to better adjust to its living ENVIRONMENT…. Take that EVOLUTION deniers…

  • Brendalicia Turn's Musings 3 years ago

    Yes its been kind of quiet. I felt like listening to music again. Our country does not know what to do with “Normal”.

  • MJ 3 years ago

    Graham is the biggest hypocrite

  • Zippy Ustar 3 years ago

    Bub bye cheezie


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