Biden Has No Plans to Intervene in House Speaker Election



  • Edward Roche' 11 months ago

    Because he could get drunk as a skunk and roll around naked in the aisles, and no Republican would even b a t and e y e.

  • Michael Rexrode 11 months ago

    The idea that the head of the Executive branch of the government could “intervene” in the internal process of the legislative branch is just wrong and is the culmination of decades of power aggrandizement by the Executive (with the willing complicity of a lazy Congress.)

  • Debby McCormack 11 months ago

    That picture of Melania is the least flattering thing I’ve ever seen! Lol

  • Snoozerpoo 11 months ago

    Why would the Prez interfere? The Publicans would poop a brick and attack him violently, and you know the man needs a laugh after the last couple years.

  • thesylvan 11 months ago

    I can’t wait for the corretions episode where he has to explain it was Flavor-Aid

  • Steven Andreasen 11 months ago

    The only red wave that they are going to have is when bobert’s and Greene’s periods sync
    Those bitches b crazy queen

  • Sarah Dee 11 months ago

    Why would Biden assist the Repubs? They consider him a dishonest, dementia ridden fellow. and now they want his help with their juvenile infighting.

  • Jim Wind 11 months ago

    Yes pretty much sums up Floridugh

  • Grindhouse VR 11 months ago

    He has no standing to intervene. But people keep saying the government is shut down. Don’t threaten me with a good time.

  • Jimusmc0311 11 months ago

    Send Santos to Brazil before he gets sworn in.. problem solved.. do it now please

  • Metal Muumuu 11 months ago

    That jail cell was so bad. The purple onesie pajamas? It made no sense.

  • kilroy987 11 months ago

    Biden isn’t saying “if you can’t elect a speaker, you’re losers?”
    Sorry, got used to Trump.

  • Shannon Davis 11 months ago

    Come on Seth. It was Flavor Aid!


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