Biden Gives Putin Custom Aviators, New Jersey Named Best State to Live In | The Tonight Show



  • Андрей Васьков 11 months ago

    Putin quoted Lev Tolstoy, “there is no happiness, just its’ flashes” regarding relationships in a family.

  • GG Racer 11 months ago

    Сука, вздумал про Путина шутить, ЭТО НАШ ПРЕЗИДЕЕЕНТ

  • I like chicken Sausages 11 months ago


  • Cucci Cucci 11 months ago

    Butt implants and slides not a good combo. Maybe a gas leak at same time😂🤣

  • jluis90s 11 months ago

    Why does he need a joke after every sentence 😂 quality over quantity Jimmy

  • Anna Iorio 11 months ago

    Jimmy’s expression when people applauded New Jersey is everything! He’s like WHAT?

  • Blensreil ngthetarus 11 months ago

    Shit channel with shit MC

  • Akolma 11 months ago

    Найдите переводчика с Русского на Американский, вы полностью не правильно перевели слова Путина

  • Stephanie Gerson 11 months ago

    Why are Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers both making jokes about Applebee’s?

  • o 11 months ago

    Subtle bragging on the immense size of plentiful US bison to European leaders is one of Thomas Jefferson’s sly diplomatic moves to ‘prove’ America’s natural ‘superiority’. Uncle Joe has been studying his US history. i.e. bigger is better

  • Manda Blake 11 months ago

    I don’t know a lot about foreign politics I have noticed a lot of late night show mentioning how Putin is a murderer maybe after mentioning that he’s a murderer inform us what he’s done I’m not 100% sure what he’s done I’ve always just been raised to not like Russia

  • Hollins23 11 months ago

    Aviators, huh? Some thought really went into this gift. On one hand, it could be interpreted as favorable, as these are Biden’s favorite sunglasses. On the other hand, the gift is a backhanded “compliment,” as it shades Putin’s eyes. It is right on point for when Biden previously told Putin that when he looked into his eyes, he didn’t see a soul there. This gift masks those soulless eyes. What a zinger!

  • Linda Pinda Belinda 11 months ago

    I hope all of those gifts were checked for poison.

  • Buzz Killington 11 months ago

    Putin’s statement about no happiness in life explains alot about his endless greed for power, territory and money. No wealth on earth can satisfy a man that lack the ability to feel human emotions.

  • Ben Chow 11 months ago

    Yea? Well, Donald gave Putin an autographed copy of his biography, the pages are currently being used as toilet paper… Lol

  • Random G 11 months ago

    Airkgb 😂😂

  • ItsQtNate 11 months ago


  • Anil Achar 11 months ago

    0:32 Airkgb?
    No, it’s Airfsb now, Jimmy!


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