Biden Calls on Voters to Elect More Pro-Choice Politicians After Roe v. Wade Repeal News

Published on May 4, 2022

Seth Meyers’ monologue from Tuesday, May 3.

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  • doggyviscous 11 months ago

    They need to govern and stop asking us to vote

  • Samantha Marie Freeman 11 months ago

    ALSO, how are we to determine which people are in favor of Roe when even the SC nominees lied directly to our faces, while under oath during confirmation hearings?? It’s hard to vote accurately when the candidates are too cowardly to admit WHO they truly ARE, and say what they stand for and believe. DISHONESTY is now the ‘rule of law’

  • Kermit 2110 11 months ago

    America is slowly turning into all those extreme Islamic states that MAGA-land claim to hate so much. Perhaps they are Unknowingly much more closely aligned than they think!

  • steve conn 11 months ago

    This might be a good rallying point for the Dems in the mid-terms. They certainly don’t run on anything else based on common reality.

  • Katie Hettinger 11 months ago

    Seth it’s not like you blaming an intern, but you blaming the writers, with out their work you would have a much harder time doing your job. Just think if two of them were trying to make you sound boring. I’m looking at you Sinema and Manchin.

  • Mitch Arett 11 months ago

    Thanks for the DNC skit. Plenty of barbs to go around to those elected to help us, who always seem to get theirs, while millions of us go without.

  • Saul Shennan 11 months ago

    For years my foreign friends have asked me how it is the top court in the U.S. is entirely political. And they’re right to ask, because it really is kind of ridiculous.

  • Rhythm Magazine’s 11 months ago

    You would have thought, that the days of old men. Telling women what to do with their bodies. Had passed, at least In the western world. How they have the cheek to think the decision should involve them. They are on the wrong side of history. I believe an age cap should be in place for politicians and also a basic test on modern life. Why should the rapidly progressing society, be dictated to by those stuck in the past. That won’t be alive to live with the consequences.

  • Adam P 11 months ago

    Or just end the filibuster like the gop would. Stop being so weak

  • Jon Banning 11 months ago

    Exactly. Democrats are done with voting they have a single seat majority in the senate and 50% of American youth don’t vote- when are the politicians gonna step up!!

  • Gerugon 11 months ago

    As if the president had any control over house and senat ><, im only a spectator of american politics but one of the first things i learned in the obama era was that the president has little to no real power in the long term. Executive decicisions yes, but they can be easily overturned.

  • camelshit 11 months ago

    USA started to look like it was becoming “Idiocracy” when they allowed trump to run for the presidency.
    And now it has been looking for a while like a bunch of them Americans are doing their darnedest to turn their country into the real-life Horror version of same movie.

  • Christian Greaves 11 months ago

    Like we did with him and Obama. Wtf did that get us?

  • AntneyBo Mo 11 months ago

    B iden should try to keep his promises and maybe people will vote

  • dave williams 11 months ago

    I deeply regret voting for Biden, but I had no real choice. He’s done a horrible job. He should have known that the GOP was going to do this, that’s exactly what they said they’d do! FFS, when the GOP says they’re going to do something evil, freaking believe them and act immediately. Instead of focusing on student loans and giving money to morons who had kids they couldn’t afford, Biden should have been rebalancing the Supreme Court since both him and Obama couldn’t figure out ways to get their actual picks. Oh, and fire Garland ASAFP. He’s done even less than Biden.

  • Michael Rae 11 months ago

    Blame Machine and Sinema. The Dems do NOT control the Senate. The Dems message has been consistent and proactive. Blaming the Dems gives reason for people to choose other.

  • Kenneth Cummings 11 months ago

    I just don’t get. If you do not approve of a woman s right to choose, then you and yours don’t do it. Forcing others to bend to your will is NOT American. Why impose forced pregnancy on a woman? Most women do not have a problem having a choice if their voting numbers are any indicators so the problem is only with WHITE men. Think about it.

  • Don b 11 months ago

    were the joke writers paying attention to recent politics at all? control of the house? sure. control of the senate? ask joe manchin who controls that right now


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