Biden Announces New Guidance for Wearing Masks Outdoors

Published on April 28, 2021

Seth Meyers’ monologue from Tuesday, April 27.

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  • Hannah Dyson 2 years ago

    If you don’t want to wear a mask look at India. And for the kids on the beach last year .

    Its killing healthy twenty year old over there

  • Senza Senso 2 years ago

    Grampa also said it’s you bedtime Seth.

  • AtmaDragoon 2 years ago

    That “None of the above” voice really got me; felt like there was some real Homestar Runner energy there. XD

  • Zesty 2 years ago

    3:03 Traditionally, the volcano requires virgin sacrifice, but it’s willing to make an exception.

  • Jonathan Matthews 2 years ago

    I genuinely applauded the pony gag. Nice.

  • Tom Johnson 2 years ago

    Hellooo and welcome to Moviefone! You have selected.. Hot.. Air!

  • Jared Payne 2 years ago

    I actually played the interactive mono joke expecting the punch lines to have already been told starting at the 10, 20, and 30% marks on the YouTube player.

  • Collin McLean 2 years ago

    Ok while impressive he caught a football from a Helicopter, I certainly question whether or not I could do it. Once a record gets that specific it ceases to be amazing. Under what other circumstances would you catch a football thrown from a helicopter? That’s the kind of record you set when you’re specifically trying to break a record. Like setting a record for dunking your nuts in the most bowls of gazpacho during a Friends rerun.

  • Rafi Raihan 2 years ago

    Holy mountains, Indonesian news reached Seth’s monologue

    Ssst, it was a Russian woman that made the 30 minute porn in Batur Mountains, in Bali

  • Jardel Felisberto 2 years ago

    Is there any way to watch the full episodes outside the US? Even the services that stream NBC are area restricted

  • INDELIBLE FAECES 2 years ago

    Freaking chin diapers, smh

  • Fantasmister 2 years ago

    The tornado and rainbow item was all teed up for an easy Wizard of Oz / Ted Cruz joke. What happened?

    Though I do appreciate the lack of his name or face appearing to provoke my gag reflex.

  • Drawn 2 years ago

    It’ll be interesting to see if NY voters do the right thing at the next election…

  • Evelyn Okay 2 years ago

    1:48 he says “Academy Awards” instead of The Oscars lol #corrections

  • Gary Sinnott 2 years ago

    _”a little…”_ – groaaaaaaaaaaaaan. Good one.

  • KishCom 2 years ago

    This was brutal. I can’t believe people got paid to write those jokes.

  • Fred Hoffman 2 years ago

    rob screams in his best arnold voice .”to the choppa”

  • no3namesalike 2 years ago

    Oh no, I have one for Corrections, albeit a super minor thing: Chincoteague is pronounced with a hard “ch”, as is ‘church’ or ‘cheese’. Your pronunciation with a soft “ch” is incredibly sweet though, because it reminds me of my best friend’s mom, who is very German and who used to take her daughter and I to Chincoteague in the off-season when we were kids. This kindly woman would clap her hands and say in her thick German accent “Girls, girls! Shall ve go to Shincoteague next veekend?”

  • SpicyHotPot 2 years ago

    Pong gag was nice, Scollins has competition

  • John Martin 2 years ago

    Biden wore a mask when he came out and took it off when he went back. Sooo crazy! He should know not to use symbolism in front of fox news. The aren’t deep enough for such antics. Lol.

  • Dahn 2 years ago

    I nearly sprayed lemonade all over everything at the “grog caught bird” joke! 😀

  • Annie Warbux 2 years ago

    Looks like the weak jab at Gov. Cuomo didn’t go over well, as if it ever does…
    This show is getting more and more Lame!

  • Primrose Bizardi 2 years ago


  • Goatcha 2 years ago

    Tornado + Rainbow = Oz.
    Rapture? Really?

  • Peter Symington 2 years ago


  • Nick Barbee 2 years ago

    @2:27 Its pronounced SHINK-uh-tig but you gotta say it faster with a little a lazier

  • Grandma Rose 2 years ago

    Chin mask guy perfectly sums up the new mask guidelines.

  • Shawn Hawkins 2 years ago

    GRONK is a unit, but put him up against the 1970s steel curtain and you’ll see just how woosified NFL football has become.

  • Constant Chaos 2 years ago

    That is not how you pronounce the name of the islands lmao

  • seentake1 2 years ago

    Lots of really good thinking jokes. Should have had an audience for that monologue. Nice job. However, “a little horse/hoarse?” That one was written by the guy who thinks that Sammy Hagar was good for Van Halen.

  • Insignificant360 2 years ago

    3:50 The Incredible Gronk

  • irdeaner 2 years ago

    A rainbow and a tornado appearing at the same time is what happens when the portal to Oz is opened.

  • Jessica Ball 2 years ago

    Are you doing your own bronzer or is the makeup person trying to make you not look like mega mind the super villan. I mean I’m not forehead shaming…I’m just concerned. Love you !

  • Chimayosa 2000 2 years ago

    The Carson joke!

  • miss miou 2 years ago

    ”bird ate people”

  • Stephen Eee 2 years ago

    Main reason we’re completely FkD as a nation, people vote in political families like Liz Cheney and keep the incumbents….
    Seriously if your government is so awful, how or more over WHY do you keep voting in the Same people and expect anything different?

  • USugo 2 years ago

    vaccinated people don’t have to wear masks outside and in small gatherings?
    Surely, that is not going to be abused by anti-vaxxers and a-holes alike pretending of being vaccinated.

  • Newbonzy 2 years ago

    I predict seth winking more in our future

  • Sherry Sink 2 years ago

    Okay, I laughed at the “little horse” joke. 😀

  • bible waters 2 years ago

    Car exhaust pollution accumulates behind the mask, which causes the atmosphere behind the mask to be uncomfortable to breath for a while, whilst the pollution dissipates. That is why I walk around outside with a half-mast mask, when I am not immediately in the presence of others.

  • Irina Phoenix 2 years ago


  • William O'Reiler 2 years ago

    You’re welcome! I often play the home version of interactive mono joke still, even though the box doesn’t have all the playing pieces anymore.

  • nedomedo 2 years ago

    A little hoarse. Nice!

  • Paul Kautz 2 years ago

    I pressed 5 (“They were shooting ‘Spermageddon’!”) but nothing happened!

  • Jesse Lind 2 years ago


  • BigMug Bob 2 years ago

    Damn, got to reelect Trump, writing random jokes is not working.

  • Lauren Ashley Scott 2 years ago

    Really missed your chance for a Wizard of Oz joke, there, Seth.

  • Jennifer Robinson 2 years ago

    I wanna attend the pony swim!!

  • Arosukir6 2 years ago


  • Dino Steaks 2 years ago

    It’s hilarious that late nigh shows have dropped the facade of being a comedy show and now stick to promoting oligarch propaganda. Finally you made yourself funny!

  • Gerhart Sasman 2 years ago

    biden can role up the mask and stick it

  • Guilded Talleywacker 2 years ago

    What, no rim shot for “A little Horse”??????? Disappointing.


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