Biden and Democrats Move Fast on COVID-19 Relief Despite GOP Obstruction: A Closer Look

Published on January 28, 2021

Seth takes a closer look at Republicans getting upset Joe Biden won’t work with them after signaling they were willing to do anything to sabotage his agenda.

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  • Steven R 3 years ago

    Nice to see a man doing his job. Biden is a breath of fresh air

  • bigcrazewolf 3 years ago

    Bernie is the POTUS we needed.

  • bigemugamer 3 years ago

    1 million vaccines missing?? at a dollar a piece that’s a cool mil in trumps pocket. not bad.

  • Debbie Gross 3 years ago

    It’s amazing to me that an average American can see what trump and the republicans have done to this country, the massive, massive damage they’ve done to this country and still back them. There’s something seriously wrong with them.

  • Your Big Head Cousin 3 years ago

    What’s with the Latin in the faux Art of the Deal? “Dolor sit Amet” “No one pursues pain bec it is pain.”

  • Noobkiller 3 years ago

    Is this show now official a democratic anti GOP show?
    I dont say its not true what he says, but every show is just “Democrats GOOOO” “GOP boooooo”…
    its get kind of boring

  • Maxx Murrder 3 years ago

    Bernie is the gangsta we need

  • masters8610 3 years ago

    Republicans: Trump made America great again!
    Also Republicans: why hasn’t Biden fixed this s*** hole!

  • sargentrowell81 3 years ago

    People said there would be no one to make fun of once Trump was gone. Congress people like Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham and plenty of others are still there to give a ton of material away for absolutely free.

  • ムーコ 3 years ago

    “just beans” is a cool way of saying how you’ve been doing (how’s your road) in yucatec mayan and i would also like to endorse a diet of just beans (this includes coffee, vanilla, chocolate, red bean, etc woohoo) big ups to beans and Burlington

  • Mitchell Castillo 3 years ago

    Love how rep. Can’t understand “but that’s exactly what you did to us.” Always playing the victim but they call other people that actually are victims snowflakes

  • KCs Funhouse 3 years ago

    There was an EMT that was arrested today or yesterday for stealing vaccines

  • Kory Mulanax 3 years ago

    Ted only grew that beard, because he got tired of being told he looks like Kevin from The Office.

  • Jerald Ehlert 3 years ago

    Our tax code is deeply flawed. We can balance the budget by imposing a booger tax on Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz, and we can close the loophole where Ted gets to eat his.


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