Biden Accuses Social Media Platforms of Spreading COVID Vaccine Misinformation

Published on July 20, 2021

Seth Meyers’ monologue from Monday, July 19.

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  • Zulu Bunsen 11 months ago

    My first thought was that Bezos hopes to be changed by his space flight in the same way as the Fantastic Four. But instead of Mr. Fantastic he would become Mr. Even-more-Fantastically-rich.

  • Emerican Bigot 11 months ago

    ROFLMAO. The guy who misinformed G7 and NATO is complaining about misinformation.

  • Mathias Pedersen Gaming 11 months ago

    Joe Biden- “Your spreading misinformation that makes it so people dosen’t take a life saving vaccine! Come on man!” Sorry i had to 😅

  • directfunebru 11 months ago

    Zuckerberg is conscienceless. The only solution is to quit Facebook.

  • DragonSheep 11 months ago

    I can only assume that Sega consoles is s GrayStillPlays thumbnail somewhere.

  • Lu Woods 11 months ago

    My 78 year old Mom wants to know why the media seem afraid to call lies as lies,
    …”Misinformation” just doesn’t cut it.

  • jzilla1234 11 months ago

    Bezos rocket looks like a dild oh

  • Dragana 11 months ago

    Here comes nine minutes of Meat Loaf ‘

  • Half Flash 11 months ago

    Seth. My National Tumbling Champion Fiance wants you to know, Balance beams are 4 inches wide, not 3.”

  • Hannah Dyson 11 months ago

    From England please becareful guys. The delta varriant is affecting younger people and making them more unwell . If you have a cold then get tested as it could be covid , I kid you not it can present itself as a cold .

    Please don’t do what we have done over here. 🙏

    And on another note Facebook is a menace . And well done Australia for deporting Katie Hopkins .🇦🇺

  • Napoléon I Bonaparte 11 months ago

    Bezos’s rocket just had to look like his head…

  • Werbna Right 11 months ago

    Correction: Paradise by the Dashboard Light is only 8:28, not 9 minutes. Unless you’re talking about the radio edit which is 5:32.

  • Melesniannon 11 months ago

    Maybe people should, oh I dunno, not get their information from social media to begin with?

  • kinseliplier 11 months ago

    of course he’ll say that. He’s a democrat and a criminal. their not spreading vaccine missinformation their spreading the truth.

  • lch jr 11 months ago

    Did nobody have the courage to tell Bezos his spaceship looks like a female marital aid!?

  • 525Lines 11 months ago

    Aren’t all arcade games set up to kill you before you’ve spent more than a quarter’s worth of electricity?

  • IA1 11 months ago

    Correction: Scollins is not German. I think.


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