Beyoncé and Jay-Z Drama at the NBA Finals

Published on June 8, 2019

From Oakland the Golden State Warriors and Toronto Raptors are back for Game Night #4. Jimmy talks about the sideline drama from Game #3 with Kyle Lowry getting shoved by a part owner of the Golden State Warriors and Beyoncé getting annoyed with the wife of another Warriors owner when she was talking to Jay-Z. #Kimmel #GameNight #NBAFinals

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  • Natron Means 9 months ago

    2:56 *uuuuuugh! she looks like Cruella Deville..*

  • david rodriguez 9 months ago

    Just don’t invite them to games anymore

  • A A 9 months ago

    This is drama because black women are notorious for being hostile towards white women. They feel threatened by them or something.
    If this lady were black, this would have been a nonstory.

  • Prince Aaron 9 months ago

    ? ???? ? ???? ? ????

  • 1PrincessAyla 9 months ago

    Proves the point that Beyoncé fans are truly the dumbest of any fans out there… ??‍♀️

  • Jared Grunert 9 months ago

    Wait but why the bees?

  • masterofzobo 9 months ago

    Jumping into the crowd and endangering the crowd ?? if someone was injured by a flying NBA player out of control would there be criminal charges ? I am not defending the co-owner , I just think the ball player was out of control . I don’t want hit by A NBA player trying to save a USELESS out of bounds ball . I bet he landed on someone the co-owner cares about . Let me land 250+ pounds on one of your loved ones and see how you react .

  • JCTiggs 9 months ago

    Golden State are now underdogs because of injuries? Lol, Kimmel is such a homer. Golden State actually played better in their games this year without Durant.

  • Deeq Adan 9 months ago

    Beyonce so fine is ridiculous ???

  • WhyShock 9 months ago

    “She’s collected 2 infinity stones” lmao

  • My Dick In A Box 9 months ago

    why people acting like the Warriors only had Steph? Klay and Looney only missed Game 3 ??‍♂️

  • Othman Lahlou 9 months ago

    Love Kimmel

  • Isaac Rivera 9 months ago

    Jay z so ugly man

  • Chicago Critic Gerald 9 months ago

    While I got to say that being banned for a year, ejected from your paid seat and having to pay a fine just for shoving him is it bit extreme….. he’s a rich guy so screw him!

  • SAIF SHAIKH 9 months ago

    F celebrities

  • kevin n 9 months ago

    Kimmel hasnt been worth watching since The ManShow .

  • rollingcan 9 months ago

    That’s what you dress like when you have too much money and nobody around you said nothing.

  • d3ch3n s 9 months ago

    emilia was there too!

  • Tj Colvin 9 months ago

    And also I think Beyonce should not be attending Golden State Warriors game since she’s is a Rockets fan

  • Wendell Dillard 9 months ago

    Beehive behave


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