Between the Scenes – Philando Castile & the Black Experience in America: The Daily Show

Published on June 21, 2017

In response to the police shooting death of Philando Castile, Trevor shares his own experience as a black man facing law enforcement discrimination in America.

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  • Muzikrazy213 3 years ago

    Can’t hold Trevor and the truth back. FUCK YOU, YOUTUBE!

  • Stikibits 3 years ago

    “Our inequality materializes our upper class, vulgarizes our middle class, brutalizes our lower class.” –MATTHEW ARNOLD, ENGLISH ESSAYIST (1822-1888)

  • Jorrin Nolan 3 years ago

    This is why I’ll never own a gun. This scares the living crap out of me.

  • T Cat 3 years ago

    The cop almost killed the child too. One of the bullets hit inches away from the kid. How is that acceptable in a situation? I don’t care if he had or gun or not, its insane to shoot up a car like that with a kid in it.

  • Jennifer Chavez 3 years ago

    Love the Between the Scenes videos, Trevor’s personal commentary is so genuine I love hearing his thoughts, he’s such a smart and experienced being.

  • Fight Central 3 years ago

    Police training needs reforms

  • Another Made Up Internet Subculture 3 years ago

    the man had his little baby daughter in the backseat, what danger could a father with his daughter could be? obviously theres a black man problem in this country, people are so scared of black men that even a father with his daughter who is a legal gun owner who has the constitutional right to own a weapon is seen a potential threat.

    dylan roof who is a terrorist was armed up the wazoo when he shot 9 people and he wasnt shot and killed, a Jeremy Christian was wielding a knife on a train when he killed 2 people and wasnt shot by police, Philando Castile’s only crime was having a broken tail light and he gets shot for reaching for his ID. a normal routine stop turned into a bloody scene for no good reason.

  • somegabriel 3 years ago

    As I see from Europe the police in us are really stupid and agressive. The police here have to protect and to serve they dont allow to use a gun only in dangerous situations. not in every second.

  • kwanda Ngubane 3 years ago

    WHITE AMERICA your fellow Black Americans are crying to you.

  • valdir bruxel junior 3 years ago

    There is the case of the black psychiatric laying on the floor next to an autistic white guy, hands in plain sight, explaining the situation, and yet he got shot anyway. Luckily he survived

  • Sophia N 3 years ago

    Greatest country in the world … yes if you’re not black.

  • maistromann 3 years ago

    I’m so glad I’m not American or live in the United States

  • eschatological 3 years ago

    As a minority in this country, I tell all the kids I mentor and all that that we don’t have the right to act a fool. Go to a bar and get drunk and decide to walk home? Can’t do that. Pick up a toy gun in a Walmart? Can’t do that. Go out to the corner store to buy skittles and an ice tea in your hoodie after dark? Can’t do that. All things that a young, white man could do without even a second thought.

    I grew up in a mainly white town, and there were a handful of times my friends and I would be walking home from the local bar, goofing off, roughhousing, etc – only for cops to stop us and make sure I wasn’t robbing my white friends. If I was walking home alone, in the mainly white suburbs, and I showed the least bit of swaying while walking while a cop drove by? Got stopped the few times that situation came up as well. I stopped drinking when I was 25 because I didn’t need the hassle of every (predominantly white) stranger wondering if I’m sort of menace when I’m out in public and having a good time.

  • Michael 마익흘 Aronson 3 years ago

    Today, Trevor became a little more Jon Stewart.

  • Cliff Mwawa 3 years ago

    trevor said exactly what i thought yesterday, its not white on black, its american police on black. granted a reasonable number of said people are engaged in some dodgy shit every now and then but thats just a spec compared to the millions trying to get by hustle free. they are no better than trump.

  • Stephen White 3 years ago

    When I watched the Philando video I was so hurt/ angered that it brought me to tears. It’s hard not to feel as if our humanity is diminished when I see such horrendous things going on in our country. As a black father it’s hard not to fear for the lives of my children and myself. The worst part of it all is that we all know that justice will not be served that something far worse will occur within the next month and cycle will continue. So what do we do now to make a change without turning into racists? We should always try to enlighten without inducing hate. SO WHAT NOW! I ask this because I am scared, lost, & losing faith.

  • Steve 3 years ago

    Here’s my experience as a white man in Minnesota.
    I used to live in a crappy neighborhood which was mostly black. At first I didn’t like them (still don’t in that area) because they were gruff, used a lot of profanity, and were just different. That doesn’t really matter, but it’s how I feel. My first car was a Pontiac and I would get pulled over all the time. The police would even act confused or hesitant once they saw me as they would usually bark commands and intimidate before they even came up to the window. The Pontiac was the car of choice for black’s in the neighborhood, that’s why I got pulled over. I moved to a better neighborhood, never got pulled over. My friend who lived in the same city drove a Crystler, was white, never got pulled over. So driving the car preferred by blacks got me pulled over (I have no crime record, either violations of statutory). My other friend became a cop, showed me the manual they used as reference and I read the “table of encounter protocol” In all situation if they show the slightest of aggression i.e. are even talking loud, you escalate the threat level *for your protection* and the safety of all officers. You mix this escalation of violence protocol with the perception that blacks are hunting down police (which my police friend says is true and other people I would call conservative who watch Fox says is true, but the UCR from the FBI says it’s not) and you get a paranoid, jumpy, escalating violent situation. This is from a pretty liberal State. Now that I have lived it within the black community I can say thank god I’m not black because I would most likely be dead by now. It’s an institutional problem on the violent part which effects both white and black, but media presentation and perception make it a far more black problem that white. They are separate issues but have culminated in gross over representation of blacks being in danger for being black.

  • gusmonster59 3 years ago

    I am a white woman. I was pulled over for having black people in my car. The officer wanted to make sure ‘everything was okay’. We were on our way to class (college). Did he think they hijacked me and forced me to drive them to class with me? It was weird and awkward.

  • Coe Hart 3 years ago

    Looking at some of the comments is disheartening. There are many offers of what to do to decrease your odds of getting shot. To me, that’s like teaching girls how to try not to get raped. No one should have to change their lives and live in fear that today is the day they didn’t do it well enough. To pretend that this isn’t a real problem that is obviously systemic is beyond ignorance.

  • Tolyngee 3 years ago

    seven shots. A true crime scene detective will tell you that that’s overkill… a crime of passion. The killer knew the victim. Seven shots is an emotional overreaction, not a rational decision.


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