Between the Scenes – Guest Edition: Pete Buttigieg | The Daily Show

Published on April 30, 2019

Pete Buttigieg sticks around for a Between The Scenes audience Q&A on domestic and foreign policy, his meeting with Rev. Al Sharpton and how he defines economic success.



  • Zorak0515 10 months ago

    Buttsex in the Whitehouse. Naw. Trump 20/20. Buttsex with pornstars 20/20. MAGA.

  • Richard Franklin 10 months ago

    Please, Please, Please do not be fooled by this guy, ANOTHER FAKE PROGRESSIVE! Pete Buttigiege who apparently qualifies as a progressive by simply being intelligent and in a same sex marriage was recently in secret meetings with other corporate Democrats ( Pelosi, Schumer etc) to figure out how to derail Bernie Sanders campaign, what a douche ! Take that corporate cash and choke on it.

  • Marquis Gittens 10 months ago

    As a child in the Caribbean I remember going to functions where some important person had to speak, and at the end if there was any singing or dancing I would have my eyes on the important person and my thoughts would be critical of that person if I felt he/she missed a note/beat.

  • Steeldancer 10 months ago

    I love this guy. He has my vote.

  • R. McBride 10 months ago

    Mayor Pete is a very sharp guy. He’s emerging as one of our top 3 choices.

  • Tijo Thomas 10 months ago

    He did not go into detail about policy for a single question. He speaks well…but lacks substance

  • Rio Varghese 10 months ago

    So black churches and LGBT community should work together because they are both minority?

  • Bill 10 months ago

    The standards for president have fallen to “speaks in complete sentences” , “responds to questions” ” Speaks intelligently” smh . Everyone had forgotten about reforming government to make it work for you and all the specific issues and solutions behind that.. The only thing you guys want out of your president now is the bare basics of humanity and that’s sad.

    Pete Buttigieg has zeros specific solutions to anything. He speaks about morals and feelings but that literally means nothing because without hearing the actual policy plans you have no idea in the execution what he means. The devil is in the details.

  • PurpleCake 10 months ago


  • Aslan 10 months ago

    Bernie is America’s only hope. Mayor Pete can try again when he’s been consistent in his views for more than a few years.

  • Cesar 10 months ago

    Pete Buttigieg is a corporate tool and a phony who gets in bed with the establishment and plots with the alt-left to sabotage the progressive movement. This guy not even having a plan is the biggest red flag, NOT a characteristic to be praised.

    Shame on you Trevor for promoting this phony establishment hack. Much respect lost.

  • velli'e e 10 months ago


  • BlowItOutYourCunt 10 months ago

    I don’t want or need reparations even though my family definitely Harkens back to the slave trade on both side African and Puerto Rican, instead I would like all Confederate monuments to be replaced by monuments in memory of slavery – to those that were kidnapped from their homelands, beaten, branded, sold who lived and died as slaves!

    For every Confederate Memorial monument there should be a monument right next to it memorializing the slaves who built this entire country and its economy and have received no thanks for it!

    Truth and Reconciliation committees couldn’t hurt either!

  • Mohamed Hamzah Mohamed Osman 10 months ago

    Buttigieg is a corporate boot licker. No policies mean he will sit on his ass on healthcare, student loan and other real issues for his donors.

  • Hentai Samurai 10 months ago

    This person talks properly if not as maturely and to the point as Bernie Sanders. But if logical minded people like him are elected, instead of idiots and retards *cough* trump *cough* , than America will move further than ever. In a good way.

  • Frieda A 10 months ago

    It’s so refreshing to hear straight answers to “yes” “no” questions. Finished the question however you want, but just answer “yes” or “no”! Thank you, Pete Buttigieg!

  • Anna 10 months ago

    He is nice and smart, but… this is a presidential race, not a blind date. People deserve to know what exactly they are voting for, so Mayor Pete, please present actual policies.

  • Tobias Hørsted 10 months ago

    2:31 good point! The black community is the most homophobic of them all and it needs to change

  • She foreal 10 months ago

    Lol ??Seriously. Staying on beat = Higher poll numbers.

  • Walter Williams 10 months ago

    Straight talk and he actually answers questions, it’s weird


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