Beto O’Rourke – Running for President in 2020 & America’s Incarceration Crisis | The Daily Show

Published on November 4, 2019

Beto O’Rourke discusses his campaigning efforts during the 2020 Democratic primary and weighs in on the future of military engagement. #TheDailyShow #BetoORourke



  • Virdin Barzey 11 months ago

    He would make a good Vice-President

  • Anthony Lakas 11 months ago

    he dropped out

  • Carson Brandt 11 months ago

    Because he lost his senate race, and dropping out of the presidential race—I watch this in tribute to Beto himself. I hope he will amount to something just as important.

  • Egg with 50,000 subscribers 11 months ago

    This is the same guy who got arrested for drunk driving

  • gina delsasso 11 months ago

    Well…. He already dropped out so this should have been uploaded a long tine ago

  • S3m 2005 11 months ago

    I have no hope in improvement after Trump’s era we need 100 years to recover

  • Leroy Ashley 11 months ago

    The polls are worthless pieces of shit and also lie and mislead the people. It’s bullshit

  • Wairimu Mukuria 11 months ago

    Alah. Are we in a time capsule?

  • Locust Swarm 11 months ago

    It’s a good thing he dropped out. Him and his buddy’s, George Zorro, plan to make American kids addicted to weed so they can make the country poor and dumb isn’t gonna work. We know you work for the international cabal of neo-hippie communists lead by the world’s wealthy elite like George Zorro.

  • A G 11 months ago

    It’s just weird how all the people running and getting popular are all 70 and over. One even had a heart attack on the trail. Why the hell are people not looking at the younger candidates as well and supporting them too?

  • Mr. White Dog 11 months ago

    Ah, Señor Beto.

  • tomb613 11 months ago

    The drug war is the new Jim Crow……… put these dangerous drugs in the hands of responsible companies and take them out of the hands of criminals and terrorists who currently are in charge of manufacturing and distributing these drugs. Oh by the way criminals don’t ask for an identification to prove their customers are adults. I first used drugs when I was 11 years old and I bought them in my middle school. I wasn’t able to drink until I was 21 but drugs there’s no age limit on them……

  • Flash93933 11 months ago

    *Curb your enthusiasm theme*

  • Ali Alghail 11 months ago

    Very nice and practical ideas in jail reforms. Hire him. Vote.

  • Rishi Krishnaswamy 11 months ago

    He wasn’t ready.

  • 296jayce 11 months ago


  • Monique Geritz 11 months ago

    He had 2 interviews last week, this one at at the Breakfast Club, probebly looking what black ppl think of him, they poll every interview, esp Buttigieg, his camp polls everything he sais or does and how ppl received it, someone you can’t trust, coz he keeps changing his policies to less progressive routes, Medicare for who wants it, that’s not a plan, same with the environment, no loss here, both are talking a good game, but Beto is all talk and Polling Pete is a moderate, dressed as a progressive. But with Biden losing bigly?Polling Pete will get a lot of his supporters, the rest Warren and Sanders, my choice, like last time. Beto just said what Bernie already has in his legalization bill he will pass as our President. He atleast knows how they operate and where to start and what to do about it.

  • Kal Swanson 11 months ago

    Loooool what a gaff!!! The people in charge of the channel appear to be a little more fools in a carnival

  • Nikki Tea 11 months ago


  • huskyrooster 11 months ago

    he’ll never be president in any term he’s running for. 2020 it’ll be Yang or Trump…


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