Beto O’Rourke | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on March 17, 2018

Congressman Beto O’Roure joins Bill to discuss his campaign to unseat Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

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  • Cody Holleman 1 year ago

    Man I hope he beats Cruz

  • CTCS 1 year ago

    This guy seems on the ball and very square(in the good square way). Now only if TX voters will too.

  • Dan Hull 1 year ago

    Didn’t know Cruz’s term was ending.

  • Andrea Carrizal 1 year ago

    El Paso, Texas! 💗

  • Alex 1 year ago

    I’m voting for Beto O’Rourke because his dad didn’t murder JFK.

  • Hhla8485 1 year ago

    Beto” the HUGE middle finger to the NRA” O’Rouke

  • Ben Wasserman 1 year ago

    Beto O’Rourke will make a fine progressive candidate. I’m surprised groups like Justice Democrats haven’t picked him up yet

  • fredreick weaver 1 year ago

    He good.

  • helloohhi 1 year ago

    This guy looks like a love child of Napoleon Dynamite and Ryan Gosling. Cool cat.

  • Lauren Woodhouse 1 year ago

    He is very well spoken and I hope that he beats Ted Cruz because WOW

  • b 1 year ago

    He’s AMAZING!!D

  • R3drift 1 year ago

    Oh wow… He won me with doesn’t accept corporate bribery! Hell yes

  • Trevor Van Loon 1 year ago

    Bill Maher trying to suggest Russia should be one of Betos top 3 issues when people are literally dying in this country shows how out of touch he is. It’s sad.

  • E_Ville DvLnDsGyZ 1 year ago

    Independents are going to mess this up for Beto.

  • card hutt 1 year ago

    ​In 100 years we’ll all be dead and the world will still be having the same conversations

  • Melissa Denbo 1 year ago

    I could kiss this guy. I know there is a GOD, when I see and hear people like Beto. Its ie for people to stand up. Politicians have been collecting votes and selling to the highest bidder for the last 30 years. We must stop selling our votes to the highest bidder. The only way to do this is to vote for people that say no to PACS and billionnaires that buy your votes and then use your vote to benefits themselves.

  • Whitney Mohrhauser 1 year ago

    I met the Beto O’Rouke he was there at local elections. In Texas there are town halls he attends them. Cruz has done very little for Texas.

  • Cristal Spradling 1 year ago

    Beto is showing why El Paso is a good city. I’ve already voted for him in primary.

  • Nikola Tesla 1 year ago

    Fuck Ted Cruz

  • LichenAndMoss 1 year ago

    Sold me. This guy should run for Prez someday regardless of the Senate race outcome.


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