Best of Kamala Harris and Sam Bee: Full Frontal Rewind

Published on February 24, 2021

Before she was Vice President, Kamala Harris was a frequent guest on Full Frontal and also Sam’s best friend. While we can’t confirm if the relationship was reciprocal, we CAN compile all their best moments together.



  • Calen Dennis 2 years ago

    And two years later became Vice President of the United States of America 🇺🇸✊🏽#we got next!

  • sanjuansteve 2 years ago

    Obama, Biden, HRC, Harris and the DNC all sold out all the way to right of center to take full advantage of citizens united for their own personal greed.

    The sold out, corrupt, anti-democracy DNC tried to force extraordinarily establishment candidate HRC in an extraordinarily anti-establishment election / era and now they did it again with Biden and Harris in the middle of the Black Lives Matter movement. The problem is people trying to convince others into voting for patently sold out, corrupt, war-mongering (for profit) candidates that the people do not support. But for corruption, Bernie would be our president now. #DEMEXIT #StillSandersPlatform

    Let’s not stop with Drumpf and the gang when investigating and prosecuting corruption, let’s clean house and history too while getting ALL money out. The BS job Biden’s son had was pure ”malarkey” (abuse of power or worse) and we should get ALL money out from controlling our politics / lives. #TransparencyRules

    Education is a good investment from an individual, family, community or national perspective and tuition free education will reduce the burden from the root on our medical expenses too for example.

    Healthcare for all is actually CHEAPER with the insurance industry off of the table along with most of the time lost due to billing among many other reasons.

    A universal basic income (UBI) is CHEAPER than all of the thousands of individual federal, state and local social safety net programs including things like Social Security and unemployment insurance, etc with all of their budgets, overhead expenses and inefficiencies eliminating the humiliating need for people to lose time to prove their poverty to qualify for aid.

    Internet for all is a great and necessary investment to give everyone the opportunity to study, search for work, work remotely, etc online.

    Solar power is CHEAPER and electric vehicles are soon to be CHEAPER to make and already are considerably CHEAPER to maintain and operate, especially if charged from your own solar power.

    What do you think will happen to crime rates, peace and equality in general after we launch a $15 min wage, education, healthcare, a universal basic income and internet for all, raising the starting point of capitalism from zero, we’ll let you die with no money, to a level of life with dignity, reducing societal daily fears on a massive scale and freeing us to welcome the automation revolution with open arms rather than with fear and great harm? 😀
    #EqualityMovement #NoCorporateBailoutsRequired

    Call me overly positive, but I think we’re leaving the era of ‘greed is good’ and celebrating wealth and entering an #EraOfAltruism and equality.

    We don’t / won’t support sellouts, bigots or credibly accused rapists into power over others. This barely even resembles a democracy. #DEMEXIT #NeverBiden #NoMoreSellouts #getALLmoneyOut #PopularVote #StillSandersPlatform

  • Miriyum1031 2 years ago

    Is it better to not look at the evidence…? Or to look at the evidence, know that it exists, yet hide evidence that would have freed people from death row…? Both are abhorrent any way you look at it.. This is public knowledge about Kamala. Gross

  • sanjuansteve 2 years ago

    Sam Bee has always favored HRC, Biden and the purely sold out DNC. Sam Bee is a WORTHLESS SELLOUT!!! FUSam.

  • Rob Liston 2 years ago

    *Biden / Harris 2020* 🙏 💙🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊💙 *Harris / AOC 2024* 🙏 💙🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊💙

  • speng 2 years ago

    my first time seeing this footage and lolololollll that face 0:58 🥰

  • Анна Фельд 2 years ago


  • Be Low Below 2 years ago

    C O P

  • Johnny Dez 2 years ago

    Kamala is a hoot 🦉 and tough.

  • Василий Антонов 2 years ago



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