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Published on December 22, 2021

Who would Sara Bareilles put in her ultimate girl group? How would Candace Parker change the WNBA? What’s in Eddie Murphy’s musical vault? Here’s some extra fun with guests from our favorite Bonus Tracks. #DailyShow #BonusTrack

00:00 – Barack Obama
04:16 – Sara Bareilles
07:00 – Arsenio Hall
09:19 – Amanda Gorman
11:10 – LeVar Burton
13:04 – Candace Parker
15:38 – Eddie Murphy
18:14 – Richard Antoine White




  • A P 2 years ago

    You think Trevor would ignore Eric Trump calling Obama the N word like he does for Hunter Biden????

  • Smallmouth Comedian 2 years ago

    mr president

  • Istdoch Allesegal 2 years ago

    Roses are the odds of a child that will help the company decide which vehicles should be shipped to which European countries.

  • Magdalis Almodovar 2 years ago

    Travis is hilarious. I love the clip of president Obama.

  • Ramzi zuraikat 2 years ago

    Very decent honorable man, I listen to all his speeches and read his book. Very intelligent and great human be

  • Summer Rose 2 years ago

    I wonder has Trevor interviewed Eminem? I’m curious how that interaction would go.

  • ketevan davitashvili 2 years ago

    Are we doing the poem thing or what?

    Roses are the most beautiful and beautiful beaches in the world and I am very happy to be a part of this team and I hope you have a great day

  • Party in Ukraine 2 years ago

    As an azerbaijani I hope Azerbaijan and Armenia won’t fight anymore and live like normal neighbours.

  • helu ye mariyam 2 years ago

    Wow Obama voice is killing me


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