Bernie Sanders’s Heart Procedure | The Daily Show



  • Hiba Ammar 3 years ago

    Our Voices Must Be Heard

    Hello #Americans We The Iraqi-American Citizens in America Demand for Supporting the Revolution in Iraq Peacefully. We demand for Freedom in Iraq, For a Better Life in Iraq, For getting Iraqi Rights. We Iraqi-American Citizens in America Demand for Dropping Bad Regime and we ask for a Loyal Government. #HelpIraqies #OurVoicesMustBeHeard
    #Congress #Freedomofspeech #CitizenRights

  • Drago Ninjay 3 years ago

    Bernie Sanders is the least deserving of a heartache man glad he’s good, Bernie 2020

  • 369 Rising 3 years ago

    The procedure Bernie had won’t help him. His artery obstruction is due to stress induced spasms related to his type A personality. The area above or below the stent will spasm and he’ll have a massive heart attack if he can’t learn to control his temper. It would be best for everyone if he died on top of his wife at home from emotional pleasure instead of in the White House due to emotional pain.

  • Sebastian Wilkey 3 years ago

    Oh wow…must be nice to be a Socialist politician and get help right away. That does not happen to a regular citizen or someone in Socialist Russia.

  • 4lottisintellect 3 years ago

    Bernie, the Trump of the left. Narcissist, egodriven, 80 year old in 2020, history of heart attack. Country deserves someone better and YOUNGER!

  • glennsteven 0917 3 years ago

    BERNIE 2020

  • Mandy Last 3 years ago

    ❤️❤️❤️. Bernie!!!

  • Alucard 3 years ago

    To hell with the lazy nurses, how about the hard working ME’s, CNA’s, and techs?

  • Pasha NASIR 3 years ago

    If trump had a heart attack the reaction would be the opposite

  • kellie M 3 years ago

    Wow..not a bad Bernie impression. Bernieeeeee is too strong tho?

  • THE Mithrandir09 3 years ago

    What’s with the communist jokes? Bernie never said higher education shouldn’t pay more. He said no job should be below a liveable wage…

  • kn tlt 3 years ago

    Bernie the Lionheart.

  • Pushkar Saraf 3 years ago

    its so sexist. they portray him as a hero. Hillary just felt weak and they went crazy

  • Schraubenhandel Online 3 years ago


  • Laura Bell 3 years ago

    You get Kamala LOL ? I’m ?

  • Phameful 3 years ago

    Could deepfried salads actually be a thing?

  • Will Stein 3 years ago

    He’s just such a decent human. Bernie 2020

  • Napes Weaver 3 years ago

    Bernie has already fought so many fights that most Americans don’t even know you can win.
    (edit) if Ttump had a stroke, who would even know ???

  • Serin9X 3 years ago

    I love Bernie. I want him to be the president. But I think this is probably the end of his candidacy. There were all sorts of things floating around about him being too old to be president (Joe Biden too), and this is showing his mortality. I still want him, I still want him fighting, but I think he’d be better off doing it as the Senate Majority Leader. In the mean time, support Elizabeth Warren.

  • The Villain 3 years ago

    Someone I know needs to have something removed from their heart , but they are an immigrant waiting to live here for a green card that hasn’t come in 4 years.


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