Bernie Sanders Tries To Say Something Nice About Trump



  • Ethan Worthington 10 months ago

    we love you Bernie! please run again!

  • Justin Riley 10 months ago

    feel the bern 😩

  • salvatornado 10 months ago

    Oh, captain! My captain!

  • Will Ritter 10 months ago

    Democrats need to refrain from collaborating with Trump now that he is fighting with the Republicans… I’d greatly appreciate it if some fellow concerned Americans would check out my ‘Tube channel for piano & vocal covers of 80s/90s classics. Real live acoustic with no autotune. Covers include Prince, Sting, Billy Joel, Counting Crows, the Verve, GooGoo Dolls, Earth Wind & Fire, Michael McDonald, Sarah McClachlan, and Phil Collins. Thanks and please excuse the promo.

  • Rashad 10 months ago

    This man should’ve been president, fuck HRC fuck the DNC!

  • OOOOOTHEGREAT 10 months ago

    He would’ve taken down trump.

  • Ęÿūį Æßñ 10 months ago

    Bernie 2020

  • BlackKnight03 10 months ago

    Sen. Sander’s answer is what gives the Democrats the moral high ground over Republicans any day of the week. Trump might be the worst President of the United States. But if has an idea that benefits the American people as a whole (Lowing prescription drug costs.) and it’s not some terrible Trojan Horse plan. The Democrats aren’t immediately going to reject that just because it came from Trump, because they have the best interests of America at heart. Unlike the Republicans who are willing to hurt and kill tens of millions of Americans for politic gain.

  • Irving Lopez 10 months ago

    Bernie Mac in the house! Bernie 2020!

  • Mr. Plinkett 10 months ago

    You done fucked it up America. You could’ve had Bernie.
    You got scammed by and idiot orange or you just supported Hillary because you wanted a woman in the white house.
    You fucked up AGAIN

  • J.J. Knight 10 months ago

    Bernie, you cock tease, run for President!

  • camelshit 10 months ago

    I think there would have been a lot less anxiety in the world right now, if this man was the President of USA instead of that trump thing.

  • Alvicbar 10 months ago

    Like if you think bernie would be POTUS right now if it weren’t for Hillary and corrupt dnc.

  • Geoffrey Gibson BSc 10 months ago

    Bernie is still fighting for the people and that’s why I’m still feeling the bern

  • pahul gill 10 months ago

    If Bernie Sanders doesn’t win in 2020, there is something really wrong with the Democratic Party! #BernieWarren2020 #SocialDemocracy

  • A Spoonie Journey 10 months ago

    *Bernie you’re doing great, sweetie*

  • einfach nur Leo 10 months ago

    Ey B. You know … We made a lot of money getting people fat … But if we spent that money on healthcare now … Whed be left with dept … That just won’t work 😉

  • Sam Bowmer 10 months ago

    We need healthcare for all yuman beans!

  • Tom Laveign 10 months ago

    What a fucking legend.

  • V 10 months ago

    That man belongs in the White House, instead we get the biggest liar in the free world. WTF!


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