Bernie Sanders’ Rise Prompts Media Meltdown, Establishment Panic: A Closer Look

Published on February 24, 2020

Seth takes a closer look at some pundits and members of the Democratic establishment panicking after Bernie Sanders won the Nevada caucus in a landslide.

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  • byron p 2 years ago

    I liked Bernie in 2016. Nothing has changed. Certainly not Bernie. Think about it. I’ve been following politics ever since LBJ wanted to use me a fodder for his ‘war’. Bernie has been consistent since, well, around that time. And he’s always made sense.

  • The Canadian 2 years ago

    I love that Seth Meyers doesn’t bash Bernie, and actually shows him respect when he makes fun of him.

  • Eugenia Geneva 2 years ago

    Thank You! One late night show I LOVE! 💜

  • Madworld430 2 years ago

    Bernie better pick a extremely young VP.

  • War is Peace 2 years ago

    Desperately Seeking relevance the MSNBC drones ever on still cluelessly ignorant of how actual people feel.

  • ThE DuCk 2 years ago

    2016: Bernie was always bitching about primary states because Bernie loves caucuses not hard to figure out why he loves caucuses so much. Bernie won most of the caucus states. Clinton won primary states. Caucus states elect a person on very low participation rates. They take a lot of time which a majority of the people do not want to do. Bernie won the caucus (low participation) and Clinton won the primary (higher participation). Bernie supporters harped on crowd size at Sanders rallies. Crowds aren’t votes. Sanders forgot to let his fans know that.

  • Blazed Buddha 2 years ago

    Nice job, Seth. 👍🏿


  • Ms America 2 years ago

    The electoral college vote is just another fancier way of representing a dictator.

  • Frank Cantone 2 years ago

    I don’t know, James Carville definitely looks like a “Cult-y” person

  • Sambringit 2 years ago

    OMG….Seth Meyers didn’t get a memo from Comcast… were supposed to say Mike won in Nevada…

  • Gillie Michet 2 years ago

    Go Bernie go!! Also this is the most positive YouTube comment section in the history of YouTube. Kinda makes the Bernie Bro narrative seem like total bullshit.

  • Marshal Dunnik 2 years ago

    With your primary vote, you can try to usher in a socialist utopia or you can defeat Trump. You can’t have both. America is not ready for the Bern. Consider that even here in the People’s Republic of Canuckistan, Bernie wouldn’t have a hope in hell of forming a majority government. We already have universal health care, and much of the rest of his domestic policies are too far left for even our tastes. Choose wisely. Love, Canada.

  • Bartholomew Lunt 2 years ago

    There are certain accents that I hear that just switch my brain to “this person is a religious idiot”

  • Gaslit Masses 2 years ago

    In case of emergency, break class. Feel the burn, you moist bitches!

  • Jordan Stewart 2 years ago

    Carville has some tinfoil lining that hat of his.

  • Samsonian 2 years ago

    @5:00 I snicker when I think about Bernie in the exit row during an actual crash…”it’s these damn exit doors that have been keeping us from riding the slide down all this time! The fun rides are rigged, Delta is in on it, and even if I wanted to I couldn’t turn that damn handle to open the damn thing! We need Universal Government Exit Door Openers on ALL flights, it’s a disaster and a scam they haven’t provided them!”

  • Jeffery C 2 years ago


  • Eva 2 years ago

    WE LOVE YOU, BERNIE!!!!!! #NotmeUS #BERNIE2020

  • George Minton 2 years ago

    When Corruption is the order of the day in the Trump administration socialism is a breath of fresh air. It is time for the top 1% income earners to have their tax cut revoked and a new doubled tax added to accumulate the lost tax revenue the Trump administration gave away. What happened to the republicans who used to fight for fiscal conservatism? Oh, They are dead. The crook have arrived.

  • Travis LTE 2 years ago

    No! I don’t like it. We need Biden! Someone in the middle, and a female VP! I agree with Sander’s on a lot of stuff, but when you’re middle class and gonna to be ok, you don’t want a recession


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