Bernie Sanders Reacts to Trump Biden Debate

Published on September 30, 2020

Senator Sanders talks about the debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, Trump’s refusal to accept real science, Biden’s thoughts on the Green New Deal and plans to combat the climate crisis, Trump refusing to condemn white supremacists, whether televised debates are constructive, Trump trying to do away with coverage for pre-existing conditions, the hypocrisy of Lindsey Graham in respect to Trump’s Supreme Court nomination, Americans losing faith in the electoral process, Trump cheating the tax system, and what he says to people who are thinking about not voting.

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  • Paul the Audacious Bradford 2 years ago

    I love Bernie!

  • Pasquale Di Lorenzo 2 years ago

    Bernie was my guy 4 years ago!! Trump had no chance against him. America WTF have you done

  • Robert Seymour 2 years ago

    Im not a trump supporter, and i think trump definately interrupted more but your delusional if you think biden was super respectful and obeyed the rules and didn’t lie.

  • America Lost 2 years ago

    Would love to see Bernie debate Trump. He would bury Trump so deep he’d never be found again.

  • Bill Navarro 2 years ago

    Jimmy Kimmel stated that he could not believe Trump did not denounce white supremacists…did Biden denounce Antifa? I’m not a Trump supporter (don’t worry, not a Biden supporter either as I’m voting 3rd party), but Trump doesn’t receive a fair shake on this one

  • rockfoots 2 years ago

    I yelled at my tv the whole time and when the debate finally ended, I WAS EXHAUSTED!

  • Juhu Mamamam 2 years ago

    the comment section couldnt be a bigger circlejerk lmao.

  • Carlos Quintana 2 years ago

    feel the Burn!

  • Da Dah 2 years ago

    It’s nice to be able to decompress after that. Thanks Bernie I needed that.

  • jeffrey lee 2 years ago

    I was for Bernie, but I will support Biden because Trump will destroy the US and be the champion of ignorance, hate, fear, racism, sexism, ageism, classism, and white supremacy.

  • Yousef k 2 years ago

    He’s great

  • Frank Saenz 2 years ago

    There are 435 thumbs down for this interview. I can not even fathom how anyone would disapprove! Bernie is so objectively correct!

  • Eric Harrison 2 years ago

    I will NEVER stop feeling the BERN!!!!!!!

  • Jeremy Hutchinson 2 years ago

    I missed the sound of Bernies voice….

  • Andafer 2 years ago

    “moving away from fossil fuel”…. is he trying to lose Biden this election?

  • T T 2 years ago

    Fairly speak please

  • JStrong1980 2 years ago

    Joe Biden and the Democrats have been distancing themselves from Bernie Sanders since they laid one eye on them. Burning just gets paid enough to look the other

  • Robert Engman 2 years ago

    Great interview. Thanks to Bernie and Jimmy.

  • Renn Koopmans 2 years ago

    2016 election was rigged for mr T, people sent to jail ( & now pardoned ) now stating that 2020 is rigged with disgusting arrogance, this is beyond bad politics! its a sham!

  • Cecilia Darko 2 years ago

    I don’t know why Bernie Sanders Democrats choose Biden over him..


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