Bernie Sanders on Raising the Minimum Wage, Big Lies from Republicans & Biden’s Health Care Plan

Published on February 24, 2021

Bernie talks about Ted Cruz’s Cancun trip, being the chairman of the Budget Committee, trying to raise the minimum wage to $15 and the incredible amount of people in America living on starvation wages, budget reconciliation, getting vaccinated, working with President Biden on health care, the need to transform our climate change policies, and how he deals with Republican colleagues spreading big lies.

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  • David ZZ 2 years ago

    FEEL THE BURN!!🔥🔥🔥

  • Cody Tietje 2 years ago

    What!!! I wish

  • PalleRasmussen 2 years ago

    This old guy is a fighter like few others.

  • LPjan 2 years ago

    If a genie granted me three wishes, I would 1) make the pandemic go away, 2) stop climate change and 3) make Bernie 20 years younger so he could run for president again

  • Lasse Givoni 2 years ago

    3:29 “that’s absurd!”
    Wall Mart will remind is for the rest of history, what could be the meaning of

  • Sam Fuentes 2 years ago

    Americans will regret rejecting this man. We love voting against our best interests.


  • sandias2005 2 years ago

    my daughter has long been a member, now, i’m joining COSCO, caring for their people.
    long ago quit the RED walton family fraud’s fascist-wealthfare fund. i BUY ON AMAZON, better selection, quality, price, much higher satisfaction than old man walton’s spoiled dream.

  • Rebecca Dolashewich 2 years ago


  • Nick Konstatinou 2 years ago

    Minimum wage should be $26 an hour at $15 an hour it’s still $11 an hour under. When the businesses made out for years without complaining now that reality is hitting them in their face their whining again as they always cry when it’s time to pay.

  • panic buyer 2 years ago

    The democratic party establishment went against the will of the people to conspire against Bernie. I will never forget that.

  • Helen Patterson 2 years ago

    Here in Arizona mind feels like it has been turned inside out. After working for Sinema and being so proud to have her representing Arizona in DC I’m totally at odds how she can be opposed to the minimum wage raise. Here in a state that doesn’t even pay waitresses the going minimum wage claiming that they make it up in tips (which they have to pay taxes on whether they actually get them or not) the wealth gap is glaring.
    What am I to think? It’s not enough that she was the candidate that didn’t disrespect John McCain, she needs to remember the people of Arizona.
    She seems to have contracted what Barry Goldwater referred to as Potomac fever. Something in the water in DC that gives the people who drink it a condition that interferes with their thinking.

  • Underfighter73 2 years ago

    I love this man!

  • beez. 2 years ago

    Canada loves Bernie just a good Man…👍

  • Brandon M. 2 years ago

    Bernie is basically Costco and Republicans are the Walton Family. Both just have different views on the American people and their value as humans.

  • Big dada Dada 2 years ago

    Back in the day when people cared about each other and not what political party you were affiliated with when ” we the people” felt WE were being treated unfairly WE used to BOYCOTT things that were not in our best interest. However that was a long time ago when the saying was “us against them”!
    Us being the united citizens of this country and them being the establishment. “Them” have unfortunately succeeded in dividing “us”……🥺🥺

  • M J 2 years ago


  • Buckin 2 years ago

    Its too bad Bernie cant just run everything. He gets it.

  • Matthew Smith 2 years ago

    Should of been president, world would be a better place now.

  • Jason Swift 2 years ago

    So in 1982 as a teenager (15) you would have been paid $3.35/hr?

  • Jaz Min 2 years ago

    Yes, we all love Bernie but let’s also love his ideas, focusing on what he says ? Like health care being a right, not a privilege or why should taxpayers subsidize Walmart??


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