Bernie Sanders is Ready to Defeat Trump

Published on July 26, 2019

Senator Sanders talks about Robert Mueller’s testimony, the United States being owned by the fossil fuel industry, why Medicare for all is the only option, receiving support from Cardi B, defeating Donald Trump, the upcoming Democratic debate and Jimmy shares some very special Etsy items made in honor of Bernie himself.

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  • Jessica Hillman 2 years ago

    Thank you everyone for supporting Bernie so much. We volunteers are working hard on getting him his office and your support is very motivating 🙂

  • Ky'lan Criddellggrg 2 years ago


  • NirvanaFan5000 2 years ago

    Please DONATE to Bernie’s campaign … He’s not taking corporate pac bri– “donations” and really needs the people to step up…. if we don’t, we might get stuck with biden (咒)

  • lady 214324 2 years ago

    I’m feeling the Bern again!! Kind of a weird thing to say :/

  • Valente Ramirez 2 years ago

    Kanye west 2020 oh wait nah nah NVM Bernie Sanders less get it this man

  • Ксения Ковалевская 2 years ago

    He will win as long as he just keeps doing name-calling to Donald Trump and keeps promising all the young people free things. He’ll have my vote if he gives me free college and free healthcare and free money and free food.

  • Nx Doyle 2 years ago

    It should be the first stumbling block for a candidate. Do you take donations from corporations/Super PACs/lobbyists/special interests. If the answer is YES, bye bye.

    It’s very simple. If the corporations get the candidate elected, the elected candidate will represent the corporations. If the people get the candidate elected, the elected candidate will represent the people.

    And don’t you be fooled by Prezident Dickhead. Not only did corporations help to elect him, his cabinet is full of corporate puppets and he spends your money to play golf at his own resorts, acting as a semi-live advertisements to gauche rich people.

  • Video Vortex 2 years ago

    It’s funny why do Americans vote for rich spoiled brats and not those people that want to make change where everybody benefits from. Idk

  • Jo Zapien 2 years ago

    He has my vote!!!?

  • Muse Artan 2 years ago

    The people vs united snakes ?

  • Twostones00 2 years ago

    One thing about Bernie. Bernie will get people to the polls on Election Day like no other candidate can.

  • Raptur Jragon Producing 2 years ago

    I hope he does but he doesn’t touch gun laws.

  • Billy Trespassers 2 years ago

    Electing Bernie is just the first step. After the election, the real work begins. That’s why he’s the best choice – we don’t just elect him and forget about the presidency – we begin building the foundation for a better future.

  • Ty Money 2 years ago

    Bernie won’t beat Tef Lon Don… NEXT! TRUMP 2020????

  • Keshmirian Farshid 2 years ago


  • ChuckE Cheese 2 years ago

    trump still owes Bernie a debate

  • Benjamin Sergeant 2 years ago

    ONLY BERNIE2020!

  • Steven7 2 years ago

    Tulsi Gabbard should be Bernie’s VP

  • Mike Rincker 2 years ago

    He’s a dreamer Obama talked that health care crap also look what happened insurance went up and if u didn’t have health care we got fined out of our federal returns every year u didn’t have it and he talks student debt they chose to go to school to better their lives simply pay your bills just like a credit card or a new car what about teachers salaries they’re under paid but yet they rather build new prisons

  • Man Bro 2 years ago

    Why don’t you have trump?


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