Bernie Sanders is Electable



  • KT Imagine 5 years ago


  • Kyle Wagoner 5 years ago

    Love love love love his answers.

  • New Jack 5 years ago

    #FeelTheBern #Bernie2016 #BernieSanders

  • Brian Hamilton 5 years ago

    #Bernie is my choice for president! #FeelTheBern

  • CDN salsa 5 years ago

    WOW. This man doesn’t deserve to live in the USA, he is needed in other
    countries that are sorely lacking quality leaders, instead he’s in a
    country that hates compassion and feel entitled to everything in the planet
    and would rather vote for same cookie cutter politicians.

  • Joseph Lucius 5 years ago

    Commie Bastard

  • annacoribioanna 5 years ago

    Please do the clip where he talks about religion

  • Larry Phischman 5 years ago

    Statistically, 56% of Americans want a president who thinks government and
    religion should have NOTHING to do with each other. So I say an atheist
    president is a lot more possible than political experts say.

  • Sam S (Silentmind100) 5 years ago

    This is the most politically correct answer I have ever seen any
    presidential candidate give, EVER!

  • Bill Bobson 5 years ago

    I wish they wouldn’t interrupt him, wouldn’t blame Bernie for being annoyed
    at that constant applause.

  • Larry Phischman 5 years ago

    #BernWithMe I’m a Whovian, and would like to get this going.

  • John Smith 5 years ago

    TRUMP 2016!

  • Kevin Tempel 5 years ago

    I think he knew it was dangerous to get into detail about religion. I only
    assume that because there seems to me that there might be a high chance
    that he is unreligious. Which would make sense to me but not to many
    others, Obviously.

  • Juan Madero 5 years ago

    Bernie is more electable than Hillary Clinton and the general election
    polls show that. He would also get millennials to the polls, which Hillary
    wouldn’t do. If Bernie Sanders gets the nomination he has like a 90% chance
    to win the general.

  • SyscoVids 5 years ago

    I love this guy he needs to be president

  • Bernie Sanders For President 5 years ago

    Electing Bernie Sanders is our greatest opportunity to get money out of
    politics and restore democracy. #FeelTheBern #Bernie2016 #HillaryIsAFake

  • ThacaOfficalStalker 5 years ago

    #feelthebern LETS GO SANDERS

  • Martin Cantu 5 years ago

    first jewish atheist president?

  • Omy -Bernie Sanders 2016 5 years ago

    This was an amazing response! Just wow. Bernie Sanders 2016.

  • Konstantin Gerolsteiner 5 years ago


  • howie3601 5 years ago

    These younger people are idiots for supporting this socialist old man.
    Seriously I am ashamed of people my same age. Anyone who supports Bernie
    Sanders needs to wake up! Brushing up on their history wouldn’t hurt
    either. Between Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump our country will be in the
    toilet… And I don’t want to see that.. I love my country to much for that
    to happen..

    **Warning the comment section is terrible**

  • Shredtilyouredead 5 years ago

    Religion needs Spirituality. Spirituality doesn’t need Religion.

  • Fritz Karl 5 years ago

    Love how the crowd went silent, when Bernie said he’s better against Trump
    than Hillary.
    But it’s just the truth.
    If we talk about electability or the lack of, then we have to talk about

  • stewart0312 5 years ago

    Vote for this man

  • excelerater 5 years ago

    Wheres my free stuff

  • Daniel Garcia 5 years ago

    i just noticed bernie say the SAME speech over and over again lol

  • Brufz 5 years ago

    I agree with what he said. religion should have nothing to do with
    America is a great country, but a young one too. it has a lot to learn.

  • TheRedCapitalist 5 years ago

    Good points in the beginning Jimmy, most useless candidate in US history.
    Delusional old fool with a band of delusional peasant cult followers

  • jim jimerson 5 years ago

    Bernie might be an atheist, but he is the only candidate propogating
    Christian principles in a very clear, very real way. The apostle Matthew
    would be proud of him.

  • Rene Lemus 5 years ago

    Bernie Sanders for president!!! :)

  • kulik03 5 years ago

    This guy is a joke, you need to vote for Donald Trump!!

  • Nikola S 5 years ago

    I’m not from USA but if you really want Barnie to win go to elections and
    vote for him. Don’t make same mistake as we did in my country where people
    talking trash about government but didn’t go to election and vote for
    someone else and now we are stuck with this uneducated, wtf are we doing,

  • Shawnus Cainius 5 years ago

    White House here we come. #feelthebern

  • ISLAPMONKEYS 5 years ago

    Feel The Bern!!!

  • Emma Wright 5 years ago

    cant wait to see Bernie Sanders autotune video

  • Lev Stambler 5 years ago

    what has this country come to. I mean he is a socialist

  • Matt Daniels 5 years ago

    What Bernie Sanders believes in is more in tune with Christ than what
    current day Christians living in the U.S. believe in. FACT.

  • sasan n 5 years ago

    Have a lot of respect for this guy but please don’t compare your future
    view of US with Denmark. Yes we have a free medical system and education
    BUT racism and intolerance is even higher than US. The current Danish
    government is doing its best to exclude ALL FOREIGNERS, whether a highly
    educated ones or uneducated refugees. Please use Austria or Switzerland for
    your future comparisons instead.

  • Eric Antokal 5 years ago

    Feel the Bern

  • jmiester25 5 years ago

    Notice how they clapped at every line he said. The people want him. So go
    out and vote.

  • Atemporal 5 years ago

    your main argument for electability is that you’re doing better in
    hypothetical general election match-ups one year before the election and
    against TRUMP? not good. Secondly you may incite vote turnout with the
    white progressives and the young but America is definitely more diverse
    than that.

  • The God Emperor 5 years ago

    Nice to see you didn’t disable your comments to hide discussion about
    Bernie like Ellen.

  • milo mookw 5 years ago

    Bernie is a true inspiration for the people of this nation!! He has my vote

  • danieljohndeluca 5 years ago


    daniel john de Luca
    will be the next president of the United States

    semper fidelis
    daniel john de Luca

    ps. God & ♡ is all there is

  • thereaISIimShady 5 years ago

    anyone in this comment section over 18 needs to go vote. honestly even
    though Bernie is more popular with younger adults than older ones, us
    younger voters out number older ones BY ALOT. if we all vote Bernie will

  • rockhard23 5 years ago

    he probably might just get my vote ?

  • Jeremy S. 5 years ago

    You know what I realized, no candidate actually has any real plan to
    implement anything they say. Trump and Bernie are kind of opposite sides of
    the same coin. Both have huge ideas that most people agree with, but making
    ideas reality is a whole different story. I think the truth may be that
    nobody really has any idea how to actually make a major change in this
    country that will really make a major difference. Ask yourself, whatever
    the candidate says they will do, ask HOW will they do it?

  • Lauren Hartnett 5 years ago

    Bernie Sanders is my POTUS.

    It’s starts on the block, y’all. Talk to your friends, neighbors and
    family. Tell them about Bernie. Get out on foot and handout flyers. We have
    a chance to elect a man who could bring about some meaningful change in
    this country, be we have to work for it. Go team! USA!

  • xBradsrucax 5 years ago

    Bernie Sanders for President! He’s been our voice for so many years. Let’s
    stand up for him the way he stands up for us! #FeeltheBern

  • AA2 5 years ago

    What Do You Believe in? I believe Greed is Bad, Excessive consumerism is
    bad, Superficial displays of wealth are evil. I believe we are all in this

  • KnightOneDark 5 years ago


  • Bernie's Friend 5 years ago

    Is it normal to fall in love with a politician. Join the Bern at


    He’s not electable. That is a fact. And just like every other politician if
    he ever did win he wouldn’t change a thing. In fact you could give every
    poor person a million dollars cash and just like lottery winners they will
    be broke in no time. Education is the key

  • PaulosTheGamer 5 years ago

    If only more political figures spoke the way Bernie would and believed in
    it- but I gave up on the political process long ago.

  • Jake Smith 5 years ago

    He didn’t say he believes in God… :)

  • Bernie's Friend 5 years ago

    If the young people and the working class get off the couch and vote, then
    Bernie Sanders can be our next President and there is nothing big money
    billionaires can do to stop him. Not even the bought and paid for main
    stream media can prevent Americans from standing up and making their voices
    heard. Let’s move mountains together.

  • Caleb Anderson 5 years ago


  • Trever Frank 5 years ago

    one concrete thing Bernie has proposed to do it tax every Wallstreet
    transaction over $100… Brilliant idea!!!

  • Johan Öberg (Protoman85) 5 years ago

    He dodged the religion question, most likely that means he’s an atheist
    which of course is a death sentence in politics.

  • randalloid3 5 years ago

    His supporters do NOT say he’s not electable. Those are the people who fear
    words like “socialist” and “free college”.

  • NigelUno ™ 5 years ago

    #Trump2016 !!!

  • deadzen 5 years ago

    if clinton or trump wins over this guy, i will officially have lost all
    faith in america.
    All of you who say “dont jugde all of us because of some stupid
    individuals” Then for crist sake get off your ass and VOTE on bernie

  • NigelUno ™ 5 years ago

    Socialism will destroy america. we dont need a woman in the white house
    like Hilary Clinton because she will get Periods and start wars with other
    countries. We need Deez Nuts in the White House !!! #DeezNuts2016

  • Lavonn Ambrecht 5 years ago

    That was a great interview. VOTE FOR BERNIE SANDERS FOR A BETTER AMERICA

  • Kovalenko 5 years ago

    mannerisms like Larry King

  • Sweetdannimoff 5 years ago

    He just really has no idea what he’s talking about. America is far from the
    country with the highest amount of starving people…. Everything he said
    at the end was ridiculous and not true. He just says what he thinks people
    want to hear. How will you make colleges free? If college is free, what is
    a diploma worth? Who pays for the professors and teachers and buildings for
    people to learn in. It’s smart in theory. But no way practical

  • Yamil Ortiz 5 years ago

    I don’t know if he’s just a good speaker with a good PR team, but whatever
    he’s doing, he’s doing it right.

  • poopyrakakas ll 5 years ago

    hope he wins…

  • Luis Jacome 5 years ago


  • Jacques Nomdefamille 5 years ago

    Bernie would do better against republicans in the general elections than
    Hillary and that is a stone cold FACT. Not electable my ass. So vote in the
    PRIMARIES and make Bernie Sanders the Democratic candidate.

  • CapitalJ2 5 years ago

    hey it’s Larry David, “Ahhhh”

  • Colin McNamara 5 years ago

    what’s bernie like 5 years older than hillary? maybe give him some of
    hillary’s highlights in his hair and he’ll look young like her.

  • Tina Harvey 5 years ago

    Someone from his campaign was in Indy last night. Time to start working on
    ballots and registration for primaries! Don’t forget to vote in your states
    primary. Some states require you to register as a D or R, so be sure to
    check, register, and vote! Remind your family! #bernie2016

  • chickendinner2012 5 years ago

    Great Interview! Bernie 2016

  • DEZMO NYC 5 years ago

    Vote for #Bernie

  • Chris Norlund 5 years ago

    Just listen to Bernie, he’s awesome! As he says, more voter turnout
    basically means easy win. Tell your friends to vote, its’ as easy as that.

  • traydevon 5 years ago

    He’s also doing better than Hillary Clinton against other Republicans too
    in many cases.

  • Michael Strong Arm 5 years ago

    awesome. i love u bernie.

  • Jonathan Jensen 5 years ago

    Bernie has been elected 14 times for 34 years,where he has been consistent
    and trustworthy, as an elected American official. Hillary has been elected
    once and merely elected only 8 years, where she has flipped-flopped a lot,
    as an elected official. Bernie Sanders for 2016 is the right person to be
    our President in 2016, whose values exactly match the values of the 21st
    century and millennials. All the republicans and Hillary are corrupt and
    only respresent corporate domination and wars to serve corporate greed,
    regardless of our long American term future.

  • SlowassSlothCharlie 5 years ago

    I’m really glad he dismissed the religion question and brought up something
    that’s actually important. His religion is his business and his alone. It
    doesn’t affect you as a person whatever he believes in and he knows that’s
    not what needs to be to talked about.

  • Megan Lynn 5 years ago

    This guy’s a socialist! You realize that’s like 1 bend from communism,

  • Luis C 5 years ago

    #BERNIESANDERS2016 !!!

  • Miguel Sanchez 5 years ago

    Proud of my fellow atheist… :)

  • robsan21 5 years ago

    Its not that only millenials like Bernie, but rather, its mostly millenials
    that know him. Most older Americans only get their news from TV…
    Establishment media wont talk about bernie.

  • robsan21 5 years ago

    If Bernie is known like Hillary is known he wins hands down.

  • Gareth Cook 5 years ago


  • Jaime Uh 5 years ago

    And to think, half you Starbucks drinking instagram using motherfuckers
    would vote for Kanye west

  • planesrift 5 years ago

    well, without biden in the race, it is even less likely for him to get

  • Isaac Bradford 5 years ago

    My question is WHO is going to pay for a “FREE life”?? The answer is NOT
    the government…It’s going to be the hard working, smart Americans who
    work hard everyday to become a success, and Bernie believes that THOSE
    people should be penalized for working hard…EXCUSE ME!? No! Everyone has
    a RIGHT to become a success today…the REAL problem is, that it’s easier
    to sit on a couch and ask for a hand out. And since when did working hard
    for your money become a “sin”? ALSO!!! one more FACT: Did you know that
    American, Republican, Christian people are the largest donors, IN THE
    WORLD, to charitable organizations, GLOBALLY, fighting hunger, sickness and
    poverty as well as supplying fresh water for disadvantaged people?? If you
    only watch nightly comedy to get your “facts” then probably NOT…Sad thing
    is, MOST do! #food4thought #ignorant

  • MonkeyboneTV 5 years ago

    Bernie for prez

  • Nathaniel McConnell 5 years ago

    Why say “Some supporters say you’re not electable” ? How about “Some people
    say” instead! OMG, no Bernie Supporter has ever said, “he’s not

  • Sophovot 5 years ago

    what exactly is a “major country”

  • dayinthewonderwall 5 years ago

    Imagine that, a president with common sense!

  • Warrior Son 5 years ago


    Damn…he sidestepped Jimmy’s trap like it wasn’t even there. 

  • Brent Kaage 5 years ago

    Trump 2016


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