Ben McKenzie on Playing Jim Gordon and Gotham’s New Villains – Late Night with Seth Meyers

Published on September 25, 2015

The Gotham star chats with Seth about the new season.

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  • Shekhar Lakra 5 years ago


  • Voxelicus 5 years ago

    Show’s garbage.

  • viker77 5 years ago

    I hope he harps on about how Phil Sims didn’t do his job by announcing the
    game between the giants and the Redskins. Because that is his job. His
    job is to talk about the Redskins. If phil sims doesn’t like his job, he
    can quit his job. A job is a job. don’t pretend it’s not his job to talk
    about the Redskins. that is his job. Please, please, please do point this
    out.P.S. no one is fooled into thinking seth Meyers is straight.

  • Vastasiya 5 years ago

    I was like “Who is that? Looks like that guy from The O.C., but then it
    doesn’t…” He looks different, but I don’t know what looks different.
    Maybe the fact that he’s smiling a lot here.

  • EVE M 5 years ago

    Percy Jackson…

  • Jt Burton 5 years ago

    wish i didnt listen to random people criticize the Gotham. its legit and
    Bens an awesome Gordon

  • Zachary Ruiz 5 years ago

    He looks like Russell Crowe

  • jEsUsLoVeSmE87 5 years ago

    LOVE BEN AS JIM GORDON!! He does soooo good. love the show!

  • Leo Liu 5 years ago

    How many Batman fans actually are “very pleased”?


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