Ben Affleck’s Batman v Superman Is for Audiences, Not Critics

Published on March 25, 2016

Ben Affleck and Jimmy discuss Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and how the press tour for the blockbuster is a far cry from smaller-budget critical successes like Argo.

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  • Bj Bj 4 years ago

    im not the first.

  • bladeriders 4 years ago


  • Miguel Gaido 4 years ago


  • MrJokePool 4 years ago

    It was amazing! 8.5/10

  • The Hobosapian 4 years ago


  • teknon my 4 years ago

    so much damage control

  • rey skywaka 4 years ago

    Him and Wonder Woman were the best things about the movie

  • Josh Charlie 4 years ago

    It looks like shit to me…too much attention is paid to action. Meh, I
    will reserve judgement…

  • Mark Rider 4 years ago

    god i love this guy !

  • John B 4 years ago

    Ben Affleck was the best part of the film, I want to see him star and
    direct in the next batman film

  • TheBlackDemon1996 4 years ago

    The problem with that statement is that old saying, “Everybody’s a critic.”

  • Corzza025 4 years ago

    He speaks the truth

  • Akaash Darji 4 years ago

    I’ve not seen it but it’s shit

  • JaeRoar 4 years ago

    amen. You don’t write a review by comparing it to something that it could
    be. You write it based on what the product is & How come having multiple
    versions of a character in comics can be OK, but if the movie version is
    different it’s a problem? – SST

  • JAZZ 4 years ago

    A Dolby theatre I believe is one with Dolby’s Atmos system installed which
    has 7.1.4 surround sound. 12 channels!

  • Keshav Rai 4 years ago

    Going tomorrow. Hopefully it’s good

  • Awonddy 4 years ago

    he is

  • corecookies 4 years ago

    This movie was so good! He was super good! I loved it.

  • Jesse the Lawless 4 years ago


  • maddie nolan 4 years ago

    Ben Affleck <3

  • Jay C 4 years ago

    I like Ben afflict as batman. Wonder Woman is awesome too. But I don’t like
    the movie. I’m not a critic. I wanna enjoy the movie but I couldn’t.

  • Shimura Shinpachi 4 years ago

    Ben you were awesome, I can’t wait for your Batman movies and please feel
    free to take over the DCEU, Not everyone will love this movie like some DC
    fans but it’s not a bad movie at all.

  • Danny Unchained 4 years ago

    Batman v Superman is a phenomenal masterpiece and I enjoyed way more than
    what I thought I was going to enjoy. What the critics were saying really
    lowered my expectations but this movie over-exceeded my expectations. Screw
    critics and go see it!

  • Luap 4 years ago

    Ben Affleck is probably the best Batman we’ve ever seen on screen!

  • Pablo JET Silva 4 years ago

    Like in honor of #SadAffleck

  • ihate names 4 years ago

    you can make a crowd pleasing movie that is a critic pleaser, i personally
    never had high hopes for it but good or bad, everyone is still going to see

  • Ayush Dabral 4 years ago

    Loved the movie….dont know why critics slamming it

  • The Korean Jesus 4 years ago

    Last time I came this early, my gf left me.

  • Daskaar 4 years ago

    i love ben. but this movie is a mess, it deserved so much better.

  • yannmac7 4 years ago

    I just watched Sad Affleck before this video ^^

  • Nathan Serna 4 years ago

    Who caries what critics say, I enjoyed this movie and planning to see it

  • Krispy Kreme Ceja 4 years ago

    This is what I’ll say about the movie. Ben was amazing as Batman!!!!! But
    it’s riddled with problems, and becomes a mess. If your a hardcore DC
    fanboy you won’t see it because your a fanboy. But for me a regular DC
    fanboy I see all the problems with the movie. Especially that I didn’t get
    emotionally attached at all because of the editing. Plus the Plot was
    everywhere. I watched it for a second time, and am still confused on what
    the hell I watched. Not to mention some parts being boring as hell. Was it
    as bad as Man of Steel? I don’t think so. Hard to tell now.

  • thekevinjc13 4 years ago

    the movie was okay. affleck was great, but the plot was kind of stupid. It
    felt rushed and i didn’t really care about any of the characters… i
    enjoyed the movie nonetheless, all these critics are being extra snooty
    stick up their ass cunts for this film though… it was a typical
    blockbuster superhero movie with great cinematography, pretty good acting
    (for a superhero film), just some mediocre writing. It was fun, you’ll
    enjoy it, but all this hype kind of gave me expectations that were let

  • Luis N. 4 years ago

    Thank you Zack Snyder and Ben Affleck for giving us this amazing movie!!
    I’ve seen it twice already and I liked it even more the second time :)

  • Damien Johnston 4 years ago

    its a shame that half the good stuff was shown in the trailers

  • Alex Duper 4 years ago

    And noe everybody loves the Batfleck… where all the haters at huh???

  • Luis Sonim 4 years ago

    Ben Affleck, the man who belives criticising Islam is being a racist.

  • ZaydL 4 years ago

    all problems in the film came from the studio.

  • ReadyOrNot 4 years ago

    Maybe it’s the Gotham City in me.. but I can’t wait to see Batman kick some

  • Amina Il'yasova 4 years ago

    Batman v Superman is definitely a movie for audience, for comic books fans
    and geeks, who waited for this movie for 3 years and most of them enjoyed
    it. In this case, the opinion of people, who know everything about comic
    universe and every single hero, is much more valuable, than opinion of

  • Rigsby 1 4 years ago

    Affleck killed it, but the film was a mess. Cannot wait till he gets hold
    of Batman on his own and nails it

  • Jerome Peries 4 years ago

    It just shows that sometimes there are movies that we as an audience love
    but critics hate, or when critics love and the audience hate

  • Harmeet Bharara 4 years ago

    superman dies.

  • efnarios 4 years ago

    1:29 When he almost said Rotten Tomatoes

  • Some guy named Mike 4 years ago

    The 2 reviews I’ve seen of the movie really praise Affleck’s performance as
    basically the highlight, pretty ironic as people were very unsure on him
    but apparently it is a mess & sounds like a people’s movie that you’ll get
    your money’s worth out if but will have pretty poor reviews. Hope it’s good
    as I’ll be seeing it tomorrow, can’t watch Jeremy Jahns’ spoiler review yet

  • daaarrell15 4 years ago

    is that code that its going to be shit, in the same way transformers is not
    for critics but audiences, the same way awful pop artists are for audiences
    and not critics.

  • kris tiana 4 years ago

    Idk wether to listen or look at Ben like daaaamn Ben back at again with
    that look

  • Sterbin 4 years ago

    I thought the movie was amazing, slow start but at the end the waiting is
    all worth it. It is diffently a movie to watch with a group of friends and
    a large crowd.

  • SerenityReceiver 4 years ago


  • Helene Naicker 4 years ago

    He has something about him that’s creepy…. I like it? idk maybe it’s his
    smile lol ??

  • UberInfiniteGaming 4 years ago

    Superman ded.

  • UberInfiniteGaming 4 years ago


  • mjalil9823 4 years ago

    pretty good movie

  • farzadtheviper 4 years ago

    Poor Ben. He must feel sad as fuck. Worked his ass off for the movie and is
    easily the best part of the movie. Then this happens to the movie.

  • captainpole 4 years ago

    In other words, this movie was just really average, but people are making
    it worse than it really is

  • CJayin TV 4 years ago

    When you’re trying to hype a shitty party

  • A Little Bit Older 4 years ago

    So, in other words, it’s stupid, poorly executed, and poorly edited… but
    it has explosions and fightey fight scene

  • Matias Flores 4 years ago

    It is a bad movie, the plot feels nonsensical and rushed, Superman (still)
    has no personality and just like it’s predecessor there are pacing
    problems. The only good part was Affleck’s Batman.

  • Geert Matthys 4 years ago

    The damage control is as big as Supermans collateral damage

  • Glori Castillo 4 years ago


  • John Costa 4 years ago

    Such a cop out statement

  • Pan Peter 4 years ago

    Only few actors near their 50s in Hollywood can look both hot and young as
    Ben Affleck …

  • JetModz 4 years ago

    The critics were a bit harsh, although I do see the problems they had with
    the movie. At the end of the day, I still enjoyed it.

  • SWEATSHIRT 4 years ago


  • Star Wars The Force Awakens:Episode VII 4 years ago

    I enjoyed the film,I give it a 8/10! Tell it to them Ben!

  • Owen Bradley 4 years ago

    then civil war drops ? ?

  • DipoM 4 years ago

    tell them benny!

  • Jose Roberto 4 years ago

    This film is so epic

  • The Critical Geek 4 years ago

    Oh god this is sad. I mean, I get it, you make a movie and you try your
    best. But people, don’t take a dump on critics, please. Critics, weirdly
    enough, *are movie fans*, they’ve dedicated their life to movies and
    filmmaking. And you don’t tell a doctor to go screw himself when he tries
    to tell you you’re suffering from a terrible disease, do you? So why all
    the sudden does everyone think of himself as an expert when it comes to
    movies. If you like it, that’s fine, all the marbles to you, but that
    doesn’t make the movie worthy of a 10/10.

  • Felix Gijón 4 years ago

    The movie was lengthy and it still felt underdeveloped. The team tried to
    best to establish a cinematic universe within 3 hours. Sadly, I could care
    less about the heroes. Maybe if each had their standalone film, then maybe
    I could have been more invested.

  • The Killa Films 4 years ago

    I loved Ben Affleck’s take on the Caped Crusader. However, I really didn’t
    like how the *SPOILER* writer’s chose to ignore Batman’s moral code of “no
    guns, no killing”. Just because of that, he doesn’t seem completely like
    Batman, I think.

  • SuperUltraPepperoni 4 years ago

    If you want to see the full movie in HD… Search for the trailer 2… Your

  • Bates Norman 4 years ago

    It’s a really awesome movie !!!!! Yes I said it

  • Truth Hearer 4 years ago

    in other words: it is meant to bring in cash, not to be a good movie that
    slave sheep will actually enjoy

  • MattyFizzle04 4 years ago

    The movie also isn’t for audiences either…its only for people with low
    I.Q. The plot is incoherent and the the editing is jarring, the movie
    overall is terrible. Thanks for ruining D.C.’s cinematic universe DC. Y’all
    fucked it up. EPIC FAIL.


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