Ben Affleck: ‘I’m Not A Superhero’

Published on November 17, 2017

The actor addresses what men in Hollywood can, and need, to do better.

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  • Andrew Chrysostom 3 years ago

    Don’t be so mean to Ben!

  • adamisphat 3 years ago

    im batman

  • Fractee 3 years ago

    that deniro face tho LMAO

  • Matthew Williams 3 years ago

    video of ROID RAYMOND on my channel

  • Scott Boyd 3 years ago

    It’s the car, isn’t it.
    Chicks dig the car.

  • Sheila Dey 3 years ago

    Mr Ben Affleck seems to be nice person

  • That guy you may or may not know 3 years ago

    Jesus fucking Christ, that took a turn

  • Bruce Wayne 3 years ago

    He’s such a fucking godlike Batman. He shouldn’t leave.

  • maeve quinn 3 years ago

    I wish he had owned being part of the problem a bit more directly, and without the squirms, but I am still hopeful he will turn over a new leaf.

    I bet he knew a lot more than he’s letting on about Harvey!

  • Nam-Ek 3 years ago

    wow he handled that pretty well, i’m actually impressed. I didn’t think he would even address it

  • Jonathan Soler 3 years ago

    Superhero – no
    Alleged sexual predator – possibly
    Total douche – ?

  • Thraazon 1976 3 years ago

    4:53 onwards
    I think he spoke for most men (i hope).

  • MRTN13 3 years ago

    this #metoo accusations are going way to far. C’mon, he touched her breasts by accident. And even if he did that on purpose, what’s wrong with a slap in the face? Rape and assault are obviously criminal but a lot of woman (and man) are overly victimizing themselves. Can’t they stand up for themselves or something

  • GD-Lord 3 years ago

    he is a bad actor … should have been someone else be batman justice league will not be good as long as he is in it ..

  • BonbonausWurstCOD 3 years ago

    Respect to Affleck talking so openly about that

  • muktherock 3 years ago

    Did anybody see the video where someone accused him for groping? It looked like an awkward hug to be honest. But nevertheless this guy apologized. He maybe a drinker, gambler but never for a second i think he is a sexual harasser.. He’s a good guy by heart.


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